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Walkin’ Pets Gives Paralyzed Rescue Puppy a Christmas Miracle

Glenn Polyn//December 29, 2020//

Walkin’ Pets Gives Paralyzed Rescue Puppy a Christmas Miracle

Glenn Polyn //December 29, 2020//

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Press release: Walkin’ Pets

When Tina Marie Lythgoe first saw Jonathan’s face, she knew she had to save him. The rescue who had taken him in were unequipped to care for a special needs puppy, there only options were to find another rescue to take him in or put him down. Her rescue team Josh and His Critters jumped into action. Organizing transportation, bringing him to his new foster home, and making plans to get him medical care as soon as possible. The next day Jonathan arrived, when they looked into his eyes everyone’s heart broke. The damage to the 5-month-old, paralyzed puppy went beyond just physical, he was clearly broken inside and out.

Very sweet, but scared the tiny pup visited his new neurologist Dr. O’Neill at Access Animal Hospitals. Where it was discovered that he suffered from an old spinal fracture in between the neck and the middle of the back. It was an old injury, already healed, but he still maintained a little bit of feeling in his legs which was a good sign. With medication and gentle therapy, it’s possible that he may walk again someday. But first, Jonathan needed to be able to stand and to get him on his feet he would need some help.

Walkin Jonathan Before RescueLuckily, Walkin’ Pets, a pet mobility company based out of New Hampshire, had been following Jonathan’s heartbreaking story unfold from the moment he was saved by Tina and knew they needed to help. Reaching out, they offered to give him the support he needs with his very first Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.

Although his front legs are strong, his healing spine needs the extra support of a four-wheel or quad dog wheelchair during his rehab sessions. Additional spinal support is provided by the neoprene belly support that helps to keep his spine secure with every step. Jonathan’s caretakers are using the rear wheels only, just for now as he adjusts to a live on wheels.

In just a few weeks, Jonathan has gone from a depressed puppy who didn’t know how to trust anyone, to a happy pup who is playing and finally able to walk on his own. Although he still has a long way to go to heal, Jonathan has taken his first steps to finding his forever family.