VetEvaluated Raises Bar with Groundbreaking Certification for Veterinarian-Evaluated Products

By Pet Age Staff//February 7, 2024//

VetEvaluated Raises Bar with Groundbreaking Certification for Veterinarian-Evaluated Products

By: Pet Age Staff//February 7, 2024//

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Press release: VetEvaluated

VetEvaluated, a pioneering company dedicated to advancing pet health and well-being, proudly announces the launch of its innovative certification program for pet products. Designed exclusively by veterinarians, this certification ensures that pet products meet the highest standards in digestibility, purity and caloric content for consumable products. Although the current certification is available only to consumable pet treats and chews, VetEvaluated has hinted at the fact that additional certification categories will be available later in 2024.

In an industry where pet owners seek the best for their furry companions, VetEvaluated emerges as a trusted authority, offering a rigorous certification process that involves expert evaluation by experienced veterinarians. The certification is a testament to a product’s superior quality and its alignment with the specific health needs of pets.

Key features of VetEvaluated certification:

1. Digestibility Assessment: Products undergo thorough evaluation of digestibility, utilizing a 24-hour in vitro test that helps to ensure that a product will be able to be broken down by gastric and enteric fluids once swallowed by a pet.

2. Purity Standards: VetEvaluated sets stringent purity standards to certify that pet products are free from pathogens and contaminants, providing pet owners with peace of mind regarding the safety and quality of the items they choose for their pets.

3. Caloric Content Verification: The certification process includes an analysis of caloric content to ensure that pet products contribute to a balanced diet, without having egregious caloric density or recommendations on the packaging.

Dr. Stephanie Malmquist, chief veterinary officer at VetEvaluated, expressed enthusiasm for this groundbreaking initiative, stating, “Our certification program elevates the pet product industry by engaging veterinarians and providing transparency in a way that encourages and highlights the production of quality products for pets. By focusing on digestibility, purity, and caloric content, we aim to improve the overall quality of pet treats and chews while also helping to prevent some of the most common problems we see clinically in patients as a result of poor treat selection.”

Pet owners can now confidently choose VetEvaluated-certified products, knowing that their choices are backed by expert veterinary evaluations. VetEvaluated’s certification mark serves as a symbol of excellence and commitment to pet health, guiding consumers to make informed decisions for their beloved pets.



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