February 4, 2020

Dietary Needs

As we enter 2020, the issue of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) continues to be a dark cloud that hangs over the dog food sector. And while U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigators have been unable to find a causal relationship between DCM and dog foods rich in legumes or potatoes, the DCM impact will not likely to go away any time soon.

As scientists search for answers, dog food manufacturers are doing their own research on recipes and how to give consumers what they want in a diet that delivers proper nutrition to their dogs. And that’s something that crosses all pet categories; balanced nutrition.

Whether the pets in question are corgis, collies, goldfish, gobies, hedgehogs, mice, cockatiels, finches, bearded dragons or turtles, diet is of optimal importance to their well-being, and not all animals are equal when it comes to nutrition. Thanks to transparency and the clean label trend, today’s consumers want to know specifics on the sourcing of ingredients. They’re looking for such terms as “human-grade” and “organic,” and they’re gravitating toward foods that are free of artificial additives and preservatives.

While there is a lot of variety to diets for dogs and cats, those for reptiles, small animals, birds and aquatic livestock are more specified based on the specific species of animal. When it comes to reptiles, brands are offering specially formulated diets, including commercially raised insects that are fed a high quality diet—known as “gut-loaded”—before being fed to the companion pet to ensure its dietary needs are being met.

Among small animals, rabbits and chinchillas are fibrevores while ferrets are obligatory carnivores, so consumers obviously cannot expect them all to flourish on the same diet. And the lifestyle of companion birds are far different than that of their wild brethren, thus their diets should not be identical.

And the diets among aquatic livestock might be the most complex of all, as there are thousands of species being kept as pets. Not only does a fish require certain nutritional needs to be met for it to remain healthy, its diet will determine whether it will be able to reproduce.

StellaChewys Freeze-Dried Dinners DogStella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dinners

Formulated to mirror the best nutrition for pets. Stella & Chewy’s starts with responsibly sourced animal proteins (cage-free poultry, grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish), with no added hormones or antibiotics, and add wholesome fruits and vegetables. These freeze-dried dinners are complete and balanced, and they are 90 to 95 percent meat, organs and bones. They are made with no grains, are gluten-free and include probiotics to support digestion.





Wellness Core RawRev (1)Wellness CORE RawRev

Wellness CORE RawRev recipes give pet parents a convenient way to add raw protein to their dog’s diet. Available in four recipes: Original Deboned Turkey, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal; Ocean Whitefish, Herring Meal & Salmon Meal; Small Breed Original Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal; and Puppy Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal.






versele-laga small animal foodVersele-Laga Complete Small Animal Food

Containing all nutritional elements, this complete, high-tech all-in-one extruded small animal food has an industry-leading palatability and prevents selective eating. Based on advanced scientific insights, the composition is tailored to pets to keep them in top form. Available for rabbits, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, degus, ferrets and more.




ZIWI food lineupZIWI Peak Pet Food

ZIWI Peak all-natural recipes use a slow and gentle air-drying method to eliminate pathogenic bacteria which preserving the nutrition of the raw ingredients. ZIWI Peak’s proteins are 100 percent free-range, grass-fed and grass-finished, ensuring the company’s recipes are free from added growth hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.




purina oyster strong systemPurina Oyster Strong System

Purina’s Organic layer feed for chickens now includes the exclusive Oyster Strong System, meaning all the calcium hens need to stay healthy and lay strong-shelled eggs is included in the bag—no supplements needed. Purina Organic layer feed is available in crumbles or pellets.






Tiki Cat-Raw Cat Food LineTiki Cat Raw

Tiki Cat Raw offers cats complete and balanced nutrition with the soft texture cats prefer. The single-protein formulas come in hermetically sealed food-safe tubs and are available in ground chicken or turkey plus liver options.



Hill’s Science Diet Youthful VitalityHill’s Science Diet Youthful Vitality

The Hill’s Science Diet Youthful Vitality formula contains ingredients that provide key nutrients important for cats 7 years old and older to support brain function, energy and vitality, a healthy digestive system, luxurious fur and coat and healthy kidneys and bladder. Available in chicken & rice recipe for dry food and tasty canned varieties in chicken, tuna and salmon.




Sunseed SunSations Parakeet


Sunseed SunSations Natural Parakeet Formula

Sunseed SunSations Parakeet is a natural diet with a variety of grains, seeds, pellets and specialty ingredients. Containing over 10 percent veggies, fruits and nuts, it’s the “Sunthing Special” that birds need and pet parents expect. What people won’t find in SunSations are artificial colors and preservatives—just natural, delicious nutrition and foraging fun.










FEGNION’s biologically appropriate recipes consist of high-quality, fit-for-human consumption, single-species meat protein, raw bones and organs, sprinkled with minerals, vitamins and other trace nutrients. The products are free of fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, artificial colors, flavors, hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. The single-species meat recipes come frozen and are available in chicken, turkey and rabbit.




Farmina Can Dog FoodFarmina N&D Rawcan

Farmina Pet Food N&D Rawcan is a one-step, gently steamed GMO-free wet food incorporating the highest quality European ingredients. Every formula is complete and precisely filled into BPA-free cans using a proprietary six-stage fill system so every can is nutritionally identical. All recipes are free of guar, xanthan, cassia, carrageenan and all industrial gums, and they have no water added for processing.





Gma MaesGrandma Mae’s Country Naturals

Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals has five new pâtés and three new gravy canned cat formulas. Grain-free, carrageenan-free and non-GMO. Supplemented with DL-methionine to maintain urinary tract health.


ZuPreem_PastaBlend for large birds


ZuPreem PastaBlend
ZuPreem’s line of daily pet bird food has fun pasta shapes and natural colors. It provides the essential vitamins and minerals birds need every day for good health and is available in three pellet sizes for medium birds, parrots and conures and large companion birds.



Betta Worm Shaped BitesBetta Worm Shaped Bites

Tetra Betta Worm Shaped Bites is a nutritionally complete worm-shaped food specifically tailored to the needs of bettas and other labyrinth fish. Designed to imitate the size, shape and color of natural bloodworms, the food floats on the water’s surface to appeal to bettas by enticing their natural instinct to hunt.



Petcurean GO!_TetraGO! SOLUTIONS

Petcurean’s GO! SOLUTIONS wet food collection includes 14 premium recipes for dogs and cats. Packaged in sustainable, recyclable and re-closeable Tetra Pak cartons, these packs provide functional wet food recipes for unique dietary needs, including picky eating, dandruff or dull coat and food sensitivities. Petcurean is currently the only company to offer the distinct textures of shredded, minced and pate, plus stews.




Timberline Lunch BoxTimberline Reptile Lunch Box

Timberline’s Lunch Box contains 24-plus fresh, maintenance-free crickets boxed up and ready to go on the retail shelf. The packaging of each Lunch Box is clear plastic, so retailers and customers can see what’s inside without having to worry about escapees. Each Lunch Box comes clearly marked with a “born on” date, allowing for seven days of shelf life, and customers get approximately seven days of home use, often more.





Rawz Dry_Cat_Fish_7.8lbRAWZ Meal Free Dry Cat Food

RAWZ Meal Free Dry Cat Food is a minimally processed, rendered-free, dry food for cats. The first seven ingredients are real protein. It contains no added rendered chicken fat, and there is no added water. The diet offers a high-protein, low-carb, moderate-fat food for cats. The food is produced in small batches, and 100 percent of profits are donated to charity.






A_Chicken_3lbGrandma Lucy’s Moxie

Ideal for pets of all life stages, Grandma Lucy’s Moxie is a freeze-dried dog and cat food that acts as a scoop-and-serve meal or a mixer. Made with human-quality meat and packed with protein, Moxie promotes overall pet health, including a shinier coat, healthier skin, higher energy and reduced allergies. Available in beef, chicken and turkey varieties.









Dr B just green tripe pattiesJust Green Tripe Patties

All varieties of Longevity Raw Pet Food include grass-fed beef tripe and now frozen, raw Just Green Tripe patties are available as a stand-alone product. Green tripe is a powerful source of probiotics, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.






Supreme Petfood Selective_Rabbit_Selective Naturals Grain-Free Food

Supreme has gone grain-free with Selective Naturals rabbit and guinea pig food. Ninety-three percent of pet owners think there is a benefit to feeding grain-free, believing it is less likely to cause health problems. Selective Naturals Grain-Free is rich in Timothy hay and garden vegetables, with no added sugars, corn or wheat.






FUSION webFUSION Premium Flakes

This line of flakes was developed as a natural premium diet with limited ingredients suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquarium fish. Five times thicker than standard flake foods, FUSION flakes come in four different flavors and do not contain as many fillers as its competitors.




Manna Pro Non-GMO Poultry Feed - 3 packsManna Pro non-GMO Feed

Crafted for chicks from hatching to about 16 weeks of age, Manna Pro Chick Starter and Grower Non-GMO crumble feed contains U.S.-sourced grains and no medications, artificial colors or flavors. Specialized mini-pellet for mixed breed flocks of laying hens, Manna Pro Layer Mini-Pellet Non-GMO layer feed is made with U.S.-sourced grains and no artificial colors or flavors. Designed for mature poultry, Manna Pro 6 Grain and Flaxseed Scratch Non-GMO is made with U.S.-sourced grains and no artificial colors or flavors.




omega one frozen turtleOmega One Turtle Frozen Formula

A delicious, complete diet for all aquatic turtles, Omega One’s frozen cube formula for turtles is made in the United States from fresh, sustainable Alaskan seafood, such as salmon and ocean kelp. It is fortified with ideal levels of vitamin D3 and calcium for healthy shell growth. Cold-water marine proteins provide unsurpassed palatability and high levels of vitamin A, essential for proper mucous membrane development.








dr elsey's cleanprotein


Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein

The primary ingredients in Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein are among the highest biological value proteins available, and the result is an appetite that is satisfied longer. Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein is 100 percent grain-free and gluten-free, with no fillers or preservatives added. Over 90 percent of the protein is animal-based, and high protein optimizes body condition for all cats at all stages of the life cycle.







Fromm four-star 4-rancherosaFromm Four-Star Nutritionals

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals is a diverse menu of more than two dozen grain-free and grain-inclusive entrees that can be fed exclusively or in rotation with any other Fromm recipe. Each artisan recipe is meticulously prepared using the highest quality ingredients at our family-owned-and-operated manufacturing facilities.








SQP-Feline-Turkey-Chicken-package-2000x2000SquarePet Dog Food

SquarePet Nutrition promotes high-meat, low-carb recipes without peas, legumes, lentils or potatoes. If you like the nutrition delivered by raw diets, you’ll love SquarePet HMLC formulas. The brand makes the first meat-free, true vegetarian formula to utilize cage-free, whole eggs as the No.1 ingredient. SquarePet offers veterinary-formulated solutions for sensitive skin and digestive support.





Hikari-Sinking-Goldfish-ExcelHikari Sinking Goldfish Excel

Goldfish keepers are always on the lookout for feeding options for their fishy friends, and Sinking Goldfish Excel is an option for improved growth, excellent coloration and lots of natural nutrients that goldfish crave. The sinking pellet helps avoid air gulping, which can reduce the chances of swim bladder issues common with many goldfish species.











The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize cannabidiol (CBD) as a safe food additive, therefore not allowing it as an ingredient for ingestion in pet food. However, over the years, the pet supplements market has benefited from a variety of ingredients from the human health market, including glucosamine and omega fatty acids. CBD is the newest cross-over member, and it has impacted the pet supplements sector more than any other in the past couple of years. Although regulatory issues are still unsettled, according to a recent Packaged Facts report, “it is likely only a matter of time before supplement marketers are able to begin a full court press into CBD territory, integrating CBD into products targeting all kinds of health conditions.” It’s important to note that late last year the FDA issued warning letters to several companies based on what the FDA considered to be illegal disease treatment claims on their products—in all of those letters but one, the identified products were labeled as CBD. One warning letter included a product labeled as hemp.

Paw CBD Calming oilPaw CBD Calming Oil

Paw CBD’s Calming CBD Oil for dogs is made with soothing ingredients like valerian root, chamomile and melatonin combined with premium, hemp-derived CBD. Add the naturally delicious flavor of blueberry, and the calming tincture is an easy way to offer support with the powerful properties of CBD. Available in two strengths: 250 mg and 500 mg.



Holistic Hound CBG Hi Res


Holistic Hound CBG

Known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement and to help ease anxiety and depression, CBG is unique in having a mildly uplifting and energizing effect, as opposed to the calming effects of CBD. These unique properties aid in increased brain function, focus and emotional responses, allowing CBG to be better administered throughout the day with dogs who may experience grogginess from CBD.









Santeer-Pet-LUV-Tablet-Boxes-Trial-SizeLUV Chewable Pet Tablets

Santeer uses cutting-edge science and natural ingredients to formulate its LUV Chewable Pet Tablets. The fast-acting tablets come in three variants for small, medium or large dogs. Santeer’s products allow your pet to absorb more CBD, since the LUV Chewable Pet Tablets are five to 10 times more soluble than soft gels and tinctures.





CBD-DOG Salmon_TreatCBD Dog Health Products

CBD Dog Health’s products include full-spectrum hemp CBD oil tinctures for dogs and cats, topical CBD salves and delicious CBD-infused freeze-dried salmon and chicken treats. These products treat a range of ailments, among them anxiety, stress, fear, allergies, inflammation, joint pain, arthritis, cancer, tumors, seizures and autoimmune diseases. All of CBD Dog Health’s products are third-party lab-tested for purity and potency, and they contain no pesticides, herbicides or dangerous chemicals.






Charlottes Web Extract Hemp-CKCharlotte’s Web Hemp Extract for Dogs

Charlotte’s Web hemp extract products with CBD were designed with your dog’s best life in mind. Want to help keep your dog calm and relaxed? Promote healthy hips and joints? Support their skin health? This newly expanded pet line includes botanical blends, chicken-flavored oils and topical balm to support your pup—mind, body and soul.






True Leaf Product-Line-Up-1-W-no-leaf_webTrue Leaf Supplements

True Leaf has launched advanced formulas of its popular hemp-based chews and oil supplements. They combine therapeutic hemp with active ingredients such as Omega-3, DHA and EPA from seafood and plants to help maintain and optimize pets’ health. Calming Support, Hip + Joint Support and Everyday Omega are available in small, medium and large format chews (from puppies up to large dog breeds), and as a hemp seed oil that can be used as a healthy and tasty kibble topper.



Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp OilsPet Releaf Professional Liposome Hemp Oils

Mixed with sustainably sourced wild Alaskan salmon oil, Pet Releaf Professional Liposome Hemp Oils use a patent-pending oil technology that allows Pet Releaf’s Certified USDA Organic full-spectrum CBD hemp oil to be administered directly on a pet’s food. It’s perfect for dogs that require the use of food to take supplements.




TRT_SoftChews_TaterTots_Front_PKG_PROD_HITater’s Sweet Potato Tots

Treatibles Tater’s Sweet Potato Tots soft chews for dogs have a softer consistency ideal for senior pups, 100 percent vegan ingredients and organic full-spectrum hemp oil to help all pups achieve calm, balance and ease. Plus, $1 from every purchase is donated to the Villalobos Rescue Center, known from the TV show “Pit Bulls and Parolees.”




grizzly pet calming aidGrizzly Pet Calming Aid

This unique calming solution for both dogs and cats combines natural PCR hemp oil with wild Antarctic krill oil for exceptional palatability and great taste. Available in a two-ounce dropper bottle or a four-ounce pump bottle, Grizzly Calming Aid promotes relaxation and helps pets manage stressful situations and hyperactivity.










HonestPaws HappyTailsCBD PB PouchesHonest Paws CBD-Infused Peanut Butter

Made with 100 percent pure, full-spectrum CBD oil and contain only the best non-GMO, THC-free, all-natural ingredients. The CBD-Infused Peanut Butter is made without unnecessary preservatives. Can help with anxiety, insomnia, allergies, seizures, gastrointestinal issues, pain and inflammation.



EARTH ANIMAL'S Nature's ComfortNature’s Comfort Zen Line

Earth Animal Nature’s Comfort ZEN with proprietary UPTAKE Technology fast-acting comfort is here! ZEN-PEN and ZEN-TABS, made with full-spectrum hemp with naturally occurring CBD, offers dogs and cats fast-acting, long-lasting comfort and relief. UPTAKE Technology helps the active elements of the CBD permeate barriers and enter the bloodstream quickly and safely. UPTAKE won’t let you down.






HEMPVET’s advanced calming portfolio includes HEMPMAXOIL with Vitamin E and Rewards+ Calm Support soft chews, which combine broad-spectrum, non-GMO hemp complex with proprietary C10 Calming Colostrum Complex, developed by board-certified animal nutritionist Dr. Gary Pusillo. Supports fast-acting relaxation and general wellness to relieve situational anxiety, stress or nervousness, while contributing to the overall balance and harmony of the endocannabinoid system.



Green Coast Cat Chews with PiecesFull-Spectrum Hemp Soft Chews

Full-Spectrum Soft Chews from Green Coast Pet are packed with benefits for your dog or cat. These chews are soft for easy chewing and cold-extruded so that the active ingredients are in their raw format and not cooked and degraded. They’re all-natural and free of artificial preservatives. All hemp products are completely THC-free.








Mother Moon tinctureMoon Mother Hemp Tinctures

Moon Mother Hemp is a woman-owned and family-operated brand growing its own certified-organic hemp in Boulder, Colorado. Moon Mother Hemp’s high-quality hemp extract made from USDA-certified organic hemp in organic olive oil promotes calm and supports joint health for pets.









Although they’re not a pet store’s biggest sellers, when it comes to important accessories for dogs and cats, few rank above leashes, collars and harnesses. Pets don’t innately know how to walk on a leash; it’s a skill that needs to be trained. Leashes, collars and harnesses are good tools for training a young pet that hasn’t yet learned to walk on a lead, with a harness preventing the pup or kitten from getting tangled up in the leash and possibly hurt in the process. Harnesses offer better control, which is important with strong or large dogs, as well as on busy streets or in a crowd. In addition, a harness is often a good option for escape artists that or on the lead one moment, then quickly wriggle out of their collar. Leashes come in many styles, from the standard flat lead, to retractable, martingale, bungee and slip leads. The materials used in making leashes, collars and harnesses vary, with leather and nylon rating high in popularity, but most important to consumers are comfort, safety and durability, even more so than style.

hamilton collar leash harness webHamilton Leash, Harness and Collar

Hamilton has a collection of the highest quality durable nylon collars and leashes. They come in an array of different patterns, colors and designs. What a better gift than to give your pet the quality and comfort that they deserve, with the touch of a design that describes them! With so many options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your pet.




Julius-K9_HDR_Harness_productJulius-K9 IDC Longwalk Harness

As the name implies, this award-winning harness is specifically designed for comfort during extended walks. The IDC stands for Innovative Dog Control. This harness features Duo-Flex, three elastically attached rings that actively react to you and your dog’s movements and make sure it remains comfortable, even during long walks.




Coastal LazerBright (3)Lazer Brite by Coastal

To be safe, you must be seen. So Coastal Pet created Lazer Brite collars and leashes. Its unique designs offer the ultimate in reflective technology. Made of the same reflective material used by safety professionals, they are visible to oncoming motorists from 600 feet. The latest selections feature intricate designs over colorful patterns that make pets stand out day or night!




ruffwear omnijore joring systemRedesigned Omnijore Joring System

The Omnijore Joring System provides a fun and comfortable way for a dog and human to work as a team, with the dog pulling and the human skiing, snowboarding or biking. The complete system includes a dog harness, human hipbelt, and towline. It complies with international joring regulations.





wildebeest pacifica collectionWildebeest Pacifica Collection

Wildebeest’s Pacifica line features three new products in colorful, ocean-inspired prints, all made locally in California. A Martingale collar, four-foot leash with an adjustable handle, and a seven-foot leash for hands-free walking are perfect for everyday adventures. Each sale will donate $1 to the Surfrider Foundation to support ocean conservation efforts.




Link_Plus_Classic_wCollarLink Plus

Link Plus is a pet wearable that allows you to connect with your dog 24/7/365 via a mobile app. More than just a GPS tracker, Link Plus offers activity monitoring and recommendations to help make sure your dog is getting enough movement and exercise as well as remote turn-on features, such as light and sound to help with training and safety.




ultra sport collars leadsUltra Sport Collars and Leads

This line of collars and leads is made in the USA with Biothane material. The products are all-weather, adjustable, waterproof, stink-proof, soil resistant, easily cleaned and durable. There are five colors and multiple patterns available, and each collar is fitted with a matte black D- and adjustable “Kwik-klip” buckle.




WWE Collar Adj GroupWWE Adjustable Collars by Petmate

These adjustable dog collars are soft and durable and feature The Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWE Divas. The collars are available in small, medium and large sizes to fit a wide variety of dogs. Beds, toys and leashes are also available.




soggy doggy no pocket leashSoggy Doggy No-Pockets Leash

The No-Pockets Leash safely secures a phone, leaving a hand free to hold a poop bag or other item. The waterproof phone case is attached securely by the leash handle. The clear, touchscreen window allows use of the device, and the leash features rust-proof, nickel coated hardware and durable five-foot polyester lead.







London Plaid HarnessBack Out Brake Harnesses
Huxley & Kent added two new patterns—London Tan Plaid and Red Buffalo Check—to its collection of Back Out Brake Harnesses. Back Out Brake Harnesses are designed for safety and comfort using an exclusive technology that reduces a dog’s ability to back out of a harness. It is especially good for small dogs and dogs that pull. Made from 100 percent breathable, light and soft double mesh and features reflective strips for night safety, 3M Velcro for an extra-strong closure and two D-rings for the leash attachment for increased safety. Fit dogs from two pounds to 70 pounds.




Walkin' Pets_Walkin' vertebraVe 1Walkin’ vertebraVe Back Support System
This veterinary-inspired brace is designed specifically for animals suffering from arthritis, intervertebral disc disease or back injuries. Its patented two-tier support layer provides optimal stabilization of the spine and surrounding muscles while still allowing pets to run, sit and go to the bathroom. The dual-layered design uses breathable materials and medical grade memory foam inlays strategically placed to support the pet’s body and contouring to the shape of their back for a customized fit. Available in five sizes and two colors.



EVOLUTOR - COLLAR companyEvolutor

To fit its durable leash, the COLLAR Company created Evolutor, a durable collar made of COLLARTEX material. It is sewn with KEVLAR thread and features aerospace aluminum alloy hardware. The collar, as well as the leash, can withstand 500 kg. One size fits all (2 to 70 cm). The collar is easy to wash and doesn’t slip from hands. Its buckle is perfect for engraving and can be unfastened with one motion.




UpCountry_4702_12-4_0032 DAFFODILUp Country

Up Country’s fashionable and fun collars, leads and harnesses come in a wide variety of lengths, and in three widths. Ribbon collars are built to last and designed for a lifetime of love. All are cast brass for extra strength, and the buckles are Coast Guard-approved for high weight hold.


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