Trends and Products: Body Part Chews

Julia Rivera//April 1, 2022//

Trends and Products: Body Part Chews

Julia Rivera //April 1, 2022//

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Trends and Products: Body Part Chews

Natural body part chews continue to be an expanding treat category as consumers seek healthy treats for their companion animals. Driving the trend is a growing interest in inventive chews that taste good while keeping a pet busy for long periods of time. Such innovative designs as pork skin wrapped around a body part are catching the eyes of pet parents who want to give their companion animal something to mentally stimulate them and keep them preoccupied.

Custom chew bars featuring a variety of body parts displayed in buckets, bins or drawers are becoming a popular way of enticing consumers to snatch up such tantalizing treats as bones, tendons, bully sticks and the wildly popular collagen rolls.

Kate Hitsman, senior account manager for TDBBS, makers of Best Bully Sticks, Barkworthies and PawLove, points to several trends that are pushing to the forefront of the pet treat category. These include U.S.-sourced, natural or organic and treats that are viewed as functional products, plus limited- or single-ingredients, exotic proteins and locally sourced offerings. Noted Hitsman, “These trends are reflective of a broader tie to a pet humanization trend. Humanization trends in treats can be highlighted via ingredient trends, product appearance and transparency trends in sourcing, labor practices, manufacturing and ingredients.”

Created in 1991, Jones Natural Chews is known for its treats containing no artificial ingredients and promoting an active snacking experience that fights boredom and promotes dental health all while satisfying a dog’s urge to chew. To improve shelf-life, the brand oven bakes its chews with precise heat-controls that also contribute to the preservation and moisture reducing processes.

Another popular treat brand, Natural Cravings, is a family-owned and operated company that makes dehydrated chews and bully sticks that are free of corn, soy and gluten. The company has created two distinctive brands that speak to two different customer groups: Natural Cravings USA is exclusively sourced and packed in the U.S.A. while Barking Buddha Pet has a variety of origins but always staying sustainable and grass-fed.

According to founder Patrick Caprez, holistic treats “have been our focus from the beginning because we know that it is ultimately the best for a dog’s’ health and well-being. When it comes to single ingredient chews like our pedicured [no nails] duck feet, we make sure they are single ingredient — we never add smoke or smoky juice.”

Frankly Pet 

Frankly Pet’s Variety Pack includes bones and wraps that are all natural and feature traceable, U.S.A.-sourced ingredients. Made of 100 percent collagen and containing no rawhide, these chews are highly digestible and help promote healthy joints, supple skin and a glossy coat. Plus, they’re long lasting to support clean teeth and fresh breath. Available in Natural and Chicken flavors.


Jones Natural Chews Chuck Roast Bone 

The Chuck Roast Bone begins with a beef shoulder bone dipped in natural liquid smoke and then slowly roasted to perfection. This bone contains lots of extra delicious meaty pieces and cartilage making this a great low-fat, chewing treat. Sold as a two-pack, this is a great treat for any size dog or chewing type. 


Jones Natural ChuckRoastBone
Nature Gnaws  

Nature Gnaws popular natural dog chews are made of just one single ingredient: meat. The brand’s top-selling chew is the beef bully stick, made of 100 percent pure natural beef pizzle. The Nature Gnaws 100 percent beef chews are in great demand from new puppy owners and aggressive chewers. Nature Gnaws offers its bully sticks wholesale individually and a combination variety pack. All chews are 100 percent all-natural, cleaned with water and personally inspected by hand. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes for small, medium or large dogs. 


 Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks and Chew
The Chompery  

The Chompery offers products for multiple usages, occasions and purposes, including long-lasting entertainment, rewards and training. The Chompery bones, ribs, windpipes and jerkies provide a variety of options that meet the main motivations of treat purchasers – functional, entertainment, training and bonding. Addressing consumer concern about pet health and treat origin, The Chompery treats are all natural, made with single high-quality ingredients, and sourced and made in the U.S.A.  


The Chompery Family 2

Small Marrow Bones 

After the huge success and demand for large and medium marrow bones, to support the same desire by smaller and/or younger power chewers. These marrow bones are full of the tasty and protein-rich marrow dogs will chew on for hours. Consistently given five-star reviews from their customers, Best Bully Sticks wanted to make sure smaller breed and puppy owners could have the same experience. 


Best Bully Stick Small Marrow Bone
Real Chewz Pig Ears 

Pet Factory’s pig ears and bites are all natural, single-ingredient chews that provide protein and nourishment dogs need. Chewing these ears and bites promotes healthy dental care and exercises mouth, jaw and gums. All Pet Factory chews are carefully inspected and tested multiple times for safety. These pig ears are slowly baked to preserve the rich, delicious pork flavor dogs love and crave. 


Prairie Dog Antlers 

Prairie Dog Antlers are all-natural long-lasting dog chews that help clean teeth and satisfy your dog’s chewing needs. These chews, which are hand-crafted in the USA are the highest quality antlers on the market today. They are non-allergenic, odor-free and do not contain dyes or preservatives, so they won’t stain furniture or carpets. 


Superior Farms Hydeout  

Superior Farms Pet Provisions offers all natural, wholesome treats and chews that dogs love and humans feel good about. These HydeOut Cheek Chips and Cheek Rolls (made from the skin above the neck) offer a distinct alternative to traditional rawhide.  


Superior Farms HydeOut-Cheek-Roll bark harvest
Tremenda Chewy Bulls  

Dogs go crazy for Tremenda Chewy Bulls. This treat is made of a strip of beef bladder wrapped around a beef esophagus stuffed with ground bully sticks and wheat flour. The texture is softer and chewier compared to bully sticks. Especially recommended for picky eaters or dogs with missing teeth. 


Campfire Treats 

Campfire Treats, a family-owned and operated business that makes handcrafted, all-natural premium dog treats and chews, offers chicken hearts, turkey gizzards and beef trachea. These treats and chews are part of a lineup that includes best-sellers such as Hearty Bites dog training treats and Alaskan Crunch cod skins. 


Beef Cheek Chips  

Beef Cheek Chips from Barking Buddha are easy to digest, making them a great alternative to rawhide. They are rich in collagen, additive free, chemical free and preservative free. Great for small dogs. Using a natural cleaning method and with a slow baking process in custom-made, human-grade ovens, Beef Cheek slices preserve their natural beef flavor and a more natural color. Barking Buddha products are made in an FDA-approved facility and sourced from South America. 


Barking Buddha Beef Cheek Chips
Chasing Our Tails Odorless Bully 

Odorless bully sticks from Chasing Our Tails are sourced and made in the U.S.A. from 100 percent grass-fed bull pizzle. These extra-thick sticks are washed and trimmed by hand for superior quality and offer a worthy match for powerful chewers. Since it’s made from one ingredient, it is suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.  


chasing our tails odorless bully
Wild Eats Water Buffalo 

The mission for Wild Eats is to manufacturer and harvest healthy, sustainable, rescue tested & proven dog chews that are natural, tasty and pure. Wild Eats has developed a whole family of products that offer long lasting value and healthy benefits. By promoting single-source protein in its chews, the brand is ensuring an eco-sustainable footprint. 


 Wild Eats Hoof with Pizzle
Nature’s Own Pet Chews 

For almost three decades, Best Buy Bones, a family-owned and operated company from the heartland of America, has been making natural dog treats and chews. The company’s line of Nature’s Own Pet Chews premium treats and chews is made in the U.S.A. with no artificial additives, chemicals or preservatives. Manufactured under strict supervision to maintain consistent quality and safety. 


Natures Own - Best Buy Bones
Paws & Co. Chews  

Paws & Co., known for its lineup of naturally shed elk antler dog chews, also offers Dipped Antler Chews and Bully Stick Wrapped Antler Chews. These innovative antler chews are full of flavor – they are highly palatable and perfect for any dog that needs a little more enticing.  


 Paws and Co Antlers
Super Monster Bully Sticks 

Super Monster Bully Sticks from Natural Cravings USA are the large bully sticks and are what found the brand fame with pet owners and in the industry. These treats are the densest and longest-lasting bully stick on the market.  


 Natural Ceravings Super Monster Bully
Redbarn Bully Braids 

Redbarn’s Natural Braided Bully Sticks for dogs are made from beef pizzle. This beef muscle is savory and full-bodied, which naturally creates a mouthwatering dog treat. Braided Bully Sticks are slow roasted to achieve a hardy texture that your dog will happily wag its tail for. Beef pizzle closely resembles a dog’s ancestral diet of organ meats. 


Redbarn - Bully-Weave Super-Braid-
Mika & Sammy’s 

Mika & Sammy’s chews are 100 percent all-natural and consist of just one ingredient. The brand’s bones and chews are sourced from the highest quality cattle. These products are high in protein, low in fat and contain zero additives or preservatives. Mika & Sammy’s healthy chews are great for dental health and are a wonderful alternative for rawhide. 


Barkworthies Backyard Barkers 

Barkworthies Backyard Barkers are high-protein, low-fat dog chews made from high quality beef making them as delicious as they are nutritious! These all-natural chews are loaded with naturally occurring collagen which promotes healthy joints, supports healthy skin and coat and boosts digestive health. 


 Barkworthies Backyard Barkers
Venison Shank Bones 

Ethically sourced from free-range farms in New Zealand, ZIWI’s venison shank bone is wrapped in a beef esophagus and prepared with no added preservatives or flavors — just slow and gentle air-drying. This locks in nutrients while reducing splintering for safe chewing and enjoyment. Not only is it a tasty reward it also helps promote dental health, so let them have at it with two sizes to pick from.


 ZIWI Shank Bone combo


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