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Supreme Petfoods Unveils Russel Rabbit Loopies, Twiggies & Hoppies at Interzoo 2024

By Pet Age Staff//May 16, 2024//

Supreme Petfoods Unveils Russel Rabbit Loopies, Twiggies & Hoppies at Interzoo 2024

By: Pet Age Staff//May 16, 2024//

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Supreme Petfoods is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its much-loved Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit treats range: Russel Rabbit Hoppies. Joining the ranks of the popular new Loopies and Twiggies which were launched last year, Hoppies made their delicious debut earlier this month at Interzoo 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany, attracting pet industry professionals throughout the show.

Crafted with a rich blend of natural ingredients, Russel Rabbit Hoppies feature a delicious mix of carrot and parsley in each crunchy baked bite. Hoppies complement Russel Rabbit Loopies with carrot and mint and Twiggies with tasty apple and blackberry, providing a new flavor variant in the successful range.

Designed to promote bonding between pet and pet parent, the treats are free from artificial flavors and colors and perfect for hand feeding. While pet ownership is linked to improved human health, research also indicates a correlation between the strength of the bond, better veterinary care and improved pet health and the treats are ideal for helping to foster these bonds. Hoppies, Loopies and Twiggies can also be hidden within a pet’s daily hay serving to encourage natural foraging behaviors.

“Russel Rabbit Loopies, Twiggies and now Hoppies are more than just treats – they’re designed to enhance well-being and provide enrichment for small pets. And with eye-catching packaging featuring our playful Russel Rabbit character, the treats not only captivate emotionally but also streamline the shopping experience for customers by shortening the shopper journey and simplifying brand choice. The trio look set to have both pets and their owners, hopping with joy,” said Claire Hamblion, marketing director at Supreme Petfoods.

In line with Supreme’s commitment to sustainability, all Russel Rabbit treats are packaged in fully recyclable materials. This reflects the growing awareness of the ecological impact of pet ownership and reinforces Supreme’s position as a trusted and environmentally responsible brand, while also ensuring a sustainable choice for conscientious pet owners.

The treats are not only suitable for rabbits, but also other small pets including guinea pigs and hamsters.