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SuperGravy Releases Limited Holiday Edition “Nicole’s Blush”

Pet Age Staff//December 3, 2019//

SuperGravy Releases Limited Holiday Edition “Nicole’s Blush”

Pet Age Staff //December 3, 2019//

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Press release: Clear Conscience Pet

Sometimes, rescuers need rescuing themselves. The true animal rescue angels among us are inspiring. These heroes personally save hundreds of dogs, cats and other animals every day, and they usually do so at great personal expense, with no expectation of gain or glory. Nicole Kane is one of these angels, and her family owns Dog Days Delight, a grooming, doggy day care and retail store in Cape Coral, on the Gulf Coast of Southwest Florida.  

Cape Coral also happens to be the headquarters of Clear Conscience Pet, the award-winning pet nutrition company best known for their SuperGravy holistic instant pet food topper mixes. 

Nicole Kane and her Mom Nancy have personally rescued numerous dogs in the past several years.  Some are placed in new homes, but the Kanes have made it their mission to save “last chance” dogs, including advanced geriatrics and those who are blind, deaf or otherwise physically challenged. Some of these dogs have had their elderly human guardians pass away or moved into assisted living facilities. Nicole and Nancy adopt these dogs in distress and bring them into their home as family members, knowing that they will be taking care of them for the rest of their lives.        

When the founders of Clear Conscience Pet learned that Nicole, who is only 41, was recently diagnosed with both breast cancer and thyroid cancer, they wanted to help their friend and fellow pet care professional.

“Dog Days Delight was the first local store to support us after we moved to Cape Coral. They stocked our full line, helped us with storage space, and even allowed their store to be used as a video shoot location,” said CCP founder Anthony Bennie. “We were shocked and very concerned to hear of Nicole’s diagnosis, and we decided to use SuperGravy to raise money for her at this difficult time.” 

Anthony and co-founder Amanda Malone Bennie decided to mix two SuperGravy formulas to make a limited-edition holiday season product, and the result is “Nicole’s Blush,” a blend of Arfredo white and Barkinara red.

“Red and white are festive holiday colors, and pink is the color most associated with breast cancer, so this was the perfect blend. All of the dogs who have tried Nicole’s Blush have absolutely loved it,” said Amanda Bennie. 

Nicole’s Blush is made with whole superfoods including Greek yogurt powder, dried chicken liver, dried veggies, kelp and chia seed. The blush blend also features the new Clear Conscience Pet proprietary TRI-GESTIVE three-way digestive health blend of Probiotics, Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes along with added Taurine for carnivore heart health.  This special fundraising edition SuperGravy Blush is packaged in a 21 serving size and 100 percent of the profits will go directly to Nicole. Supplies are limited, but retailers interested in selling the special edition will be offered a discount and should contact Clear Conscience Pet to arrange purchase.  

Hi-Def Printing of Cape Coral also contributed to this effort by generously donating the package labels, and even the graphic artist donated his time.   

“As far as we know, this is the first time a pet nutrition brand has designed a limited-edition product to raise money for an individual pet care professional in need, rather than a charity,” said Anthony Bennie. “But we decided that just as rescue angels focus on helping those who need immediate help, it makes perfect sense for us to focus this effort on helping Nicole right now when she needs it most. If this can make even a small difference as she battles her illness and fights to keep her business healthy, it is worth all of the effort.”