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RedRover Grants Pilot Program Enables Homeless Shelters to Welcome Pets for First Time

Glenn Polyn//June 13, 2024//

RedRover Grants Pilot Program Enables Homeless Shelters to Welcome Pets for First Time

Glenn Polyn //June 13, 2024//

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RedRover has awarded $438,900 in Safe Housing grants to domestic violence, animal and homeless shelters to create or expand pet housing programs in the latest grant cycle. For the first time $200,000 was awarded to three homeless shelters to build pet-friendly spaces thanks to the generous support of an anonymous donor. Additionally, $222,800 in funding was awarded to five domestic violence shelters, and $16,100 was awarded to two animal shelters.

Safe Housing grants of up to $60,000 are available, and can be used to build or renovate spaces dedicated to housing domestic survivors’ pets, to create a foster program, to pay for temporary boarding, or for a combination of services. Funds may also go toward routine veterinary care, emergency veterinary care, and pet boarding deposits.

RedRover has recently partnered with KONG, producer of high-quality toys and treats. KONG is supporting RedRover’s Safe Housing program and will provide dog and cat toys to all Safe Housing grantees for the year.

RedRover president and CEO Katie Campbell said, “This Safe Housing grant cycle round holds an extra special place in my heart. For the first time we can offer funding to homeless shelters so that they can create spaces to protect their guests and their beloved pets. The additional funding helps domestic violence survivors and their pets seek safety together, to begin the healing process together.”

RedRover + Purina Purple Leash Project DV Shelter Grantees:

  • Domestic Violence Intervention Program, Johnson County, Iowa: $60,000
    • Creating pet retreats with private outdoor runs
  • *Volunteers of America-Greater New York (VOA-GNY) Bronx, Kings, New York and Queens Counties, New York: $42,400
    • Creating dog run, covering pet supplies and veterinary care


DV Shelter Grantees:

  • *Safe Haven of Pender and Duplin Counties, North Carolina: $40,300
    • Converting a room into a pet-friendly residential room with outdoor pet relief area, and covering veterinarian care and pet supplies
  • *Response: Help for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Pitkin County, Colorado: $60,000
    • Installing pet-friendly waterproof laminate flooring, creating containment areas, providing enrichment and covering veterinarian care and pet deposits once clients find permanent housing
  • *Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley, Boulder County, Colorado: $20,100
    • Installing pet-friendly waterproof laminate flooring in all client rooms and staff offices


Homeless Shelter Grantees:

  • *Family Crisis Support Services, Inc., Norton, Virginia: $100,000
    • Adding new interior and exterior space to support kennels, dog run, and play area
  • *Deep Roots, Earleville, Maryland: $60,000
    • Building onsite kennel and renovating four rooms to become pet-friendly
  • *Community Homeless Solutions (H.O.M.E. Resource Center) Hollister, California: $40,000
    • Adding five dog kennels and two catteries


Animal Shelter Grantees:

  • The Kaua’i Humane Society, Kaua’i County, Hawaii: $5,000
    • Assisting with boarding and transportation to reunite survivors and their pets
  • PAWS NY, New York, New York: $11,100
    • Assisting with veterinary care, pet supplies, transportation, and boarding


Shelters that will become pet friendly for the first time.

“We never want someone who’s experiencing domestic violence to feel that they can’t leave that situation because they’re scared of what would happen to their pets,” said Jacqueline Collazo, VOA-GNY’s director of domestic violence services. “Animals can be a crucial source of emotional support and a much-needed sense of normalcy, and we’re delighted to be working with RedRover + Purina’s Purple Leash Project to better support survivors with pets.”

“It is heartbreaking to work with a victim who refuses to leave an abuser without their companion pet, and we recognize the importance of preserving that bond,” said Safe Haven of Pender and Duplin Counties COO Felicia Greene. “The RedRover grant will allow Safe Haven of Pender, Inc. to provide emergency shelter for victims and their pets, in the same residential room. We are grateful for the opportunity.”

Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley Shelter program manager Amy Cooper said, “Thanks to RedRover, we have been able to expand our pet program and create a cleaner, more welcoming atmosphere for our clients, their families, and their companion pets.”

The Kaua’i Humane Society executive director Nicole Schafer Crane said, “Sometimes finding a safe place means leaving the island of Kaua’i, and thanks to RedRover’s Safe Housing grant, victims of domestic violence do not have to decide to leave their pet behind. This grant will cover the cost of boarding and flying pets off the island to where their owners have relocated, helping protect both pets and survivors.”

Last year, RedRover launched the 25 by 2025 campaign with Greater Good Charities, with support by Purina, and powered by PetSmart Charities. This national initiative aims to help 25 percent of domestic violence shelters to become pet friendly by the end of 2025. To learn how to join the movement, visit