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ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes

Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes features the renowned ZYMOX LP3 Enzyme System, an effective yet gentle antibiotic alternative that is non-reactive and non-toxic. Unlike antibiotics, antimicrobial enzymes selectively target single-celled organisms, preventing disturbance to the normal flora. Each jar contains 100 premium strength textured wipes that naturally cleanse dirty, waxy ears to calm and soothe irritation, alleviate temporary redness and reduce ear odor.


WAUDOG Re-cotton H-Shaped Dog Harness

An anatomically H-shaped harness with a handle and a buckle featuring a light-accumulating fastener is added to the WAUDOG Re-cotton series of pet accessories. The leash is designed to reduce compression on the dog’s airways when it is pulled. The ribbon is made from environmentally friendly recycled materials. Such materials are developed specifically to reduce industrial pollution on the planet. Ribbon is pleasant to touch, soft, durable and hypoallergenic. Inserts with reflective thread and pet tags with QR passports provide additional safety. WAUDOG H-shaped harness is available in three sizes: S, M and L, with available colors of light blue, red, orange, light green, brown, pink, violet, black, blue and green.

Nutrish Gentle Digestion 12-Count

Rachael Ray Nutrish Gentle Digestion 12 Count Variety Pack has six cans of Rachael Ray Nutrish Chunks In Gravy Gentle Digestion Real Lamb, Pumpkin & Chicken Recipe and Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Paté Gentle Digestion Real Chicken, Pumpkin & Salmon Recipe. Offering 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition, including support for gentle digestion, for your adult dog with a delicious taste. Made with real lamb or chicken and veggie pieces you can see.

HICC Gentle Antimicrobial Pet Eye Rinse

HICC Pet’s Antimicrobial Pet Eye Rinse, featuring Hypochlorous Acid, provides a gentle yet potent solution for pet eye health. Alcohol-free and requiring no rinsing, it swiftly relieves allergies, itching, and conditions like tear stains. Vet-recommended, it’s ideal for routine flushing in pets exposed to dust, dirt or water.


Healers Medical Booties

Healers has launched a small/medium size to its flagship Medical Booties line that allows pet owners to effectively protect dogs’ paws while healing from many injuries. The product includes gauze inserts to protect the wound and aid in the application of topical medication. Any consumer that has had a dog with a paw injury knows the difficulty of keeping the wound clean and free of debris – especially when going out for business walks.

AiryVest Pet House

Discover the AiryVest Pet House, the perfect blend of style and functionality for cats and small-breed dogs. This innovative, dual-purpose pet house offers both a cozy shelter and a comfortable bed, ensuring your pet’s comfort wherever you go. Its lightweight, compact design makes it ideal for travel, while its easy-care feature allows for simple cleaning. Available in two sizes and such vibrant colors as blue, pink and green, the AiryVest Pet House is designed to fit into any lifestyle. Each pet house also comes with a transport bag for convenience. Elevate your pet’s comfort with the AiryVest Pet House, where style meets practicality.

Nothin’ to Hide Bakery

The new Nothin’ to Hide Bakery line from Ethical Products/Fieldcrest Farms is a unique collection of collagen-based chews in popular bakery shapes; croissants, pretzels, braided rings, stix and knotted bones. The packaging boasts a bakery design along with the standard features and benefit callouts found on the standard Nothin’ to Hide package, which include a chew meter. The treats are all natural, low calorie, gluten free and highly digestible. Each bakery item is basted in delectable beef flavor and provides a long-lasting treat for moderate chewers.


Fera Whole Food Multivitamin

Whether you’re feeding wet, dry, fresh or raw, Fera Pets’ Whole Food Multivitamin is a blend of nutrients designed to complement any diet seamlessly. The brand’s carefully selected ingredients, like grass-fed, freeze-dried organ meats, organic fruits, vegetables, and micronutrient-rich greens, undergo minimal processing to preserve their natural form and bioavailability. Additionally, the powder form, which is free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, allows for versatile application

Cadet Chewalicious No Rawhide Chews

The first long-lasting chews launched under the new Chewalicious product line, Chewy ‘N Crunchy Braids and Chewy ‘N Crunchy Spirals combine two enticing textures in each flavor-packed natural chew. The easy-to-digest rawhide alternatives are crafted with real chicken and don’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. Made with patent-pending technology, the unique braids and spirals include enticing grooves that also help clean teeth as dogs chew.

The K9 FitMat

The K9 FitMat helps to increase foot awareness, paw grip, proprioception, and neural stimulation during any training, fitness, or rehabilitation exercise. Created specifically for dogs, our anti-slip mat is covered with sensory bumps and can be used on the floor or combined with other FitPaws balance products.

BIONIC Rubber Dog Toys

Designed for dogs who can demolish ordinary toys in minutes, these toys are expertly crafted for the toughest chewers. Made from ultra-durable BIONIC RUBBER, they are free from harmful substances like lead, BPA, and Phthalates and offer unrivaled durability with patented defensive geometry. The toys come in various BIONIC shapes with treat compartments.

Complete Crunch

Complete Crunch is a delectable treat designed specifically for herbivores (rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas) and omnivores (hamsters, gerbils, and rodents). Complete Crunch offers a unique snacking experience that small pets are sure to love. Each treat features a crunchy shell exterior with a soft, flavorful filling. With no artificial additives or preservatives, Complete Crunch is a treat that keeps a small pet’s health and well-being in mind.