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Cane Corso Longevity Study Announced

Pet Age Staff//June 26, 2017//

Cane Corso Longevity Study Announced

Pet Age Staff //June 26, 2017//

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In order to better understand the life of the Cane Corso Italiano, researchers at the ZOO Tábor studied the data of 232 dogs of the breed collected from kennels and individual owners from 25 countries. The results were published on June 13 in the Open Veterinary Journal and titled, “Longevity of Cane Corso Italiano dog breed and its relationship with hair colour.”

The median lifespan of the whole examined group is 9.29 years. Researchers then took a look to see if there was a correlation between hair color and median longevity and found the following:

Black Brindle: 10.30 years

Brindle: 10.13

Grey Brindle: 9.84

Fawn: 9.01

Blakc: 9.00

Grey: 9.00

In order to prolong the average life expectancy of the Cane Corso Italiano dog breed through appropriate breeding, researchers are looking to breed owners for help.

According to the project’s lead, Evžen Korec, MSc., Ph.D., director of ZOO Tábor and owner of Korec Corso Kennel, his research group would like worldwide monitoring of long-lived (more than 12 years) male and female dogs of Cane Corso dog breed.

“We ask owners of Cane Corso dogs to fill in a short questionnaire,” Korec wrote in an email. “We will inform them about our study, goals and plans immediately. All cooperating kennels will be introduced to recent findings of our research about the lifespan prolongation of Cane Corso dogs as a matter of priority. We also offer free consultations regarding dog genetics for cooperating kennels.”

The questionnaire for Cane Corso dog owners to fill out can be found here.