A&E Cage Company to Increase Inventory Capacity, Improve Fulfillment Time with Warehouse Expansion

By Pet Age Staff//February 23, 2024//

A&E Cage Company to Increase Inventory Capacity, Improve Fulfillment Time with Warehouse Expansion

By: Pet Age Staff//February 23, 2024//

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Press release: A&E Cage

A&E Cage Company is thrilled to announce that its company is expanding with an addition to the brand’s warehouse. This expansion signifies A&E Cage Company’s commitment to meeting the growing demands of its customers and ensuring efficient operations.

The new warehouse, located in Burlington, New Jersey, boasts state-of-the-art facilities and advanced efficiencies to streamline the warehouse processes. The expansion will add 51,681 square feet of building area, almost double of what stands now. The design calls an additional 40,000-plus square feet for warehousing use and 10,336 square feet for office uses. With this expansion, A&E Cage Company will be able to increase its inventory capacity and improve order fulfillment time.

This investment reflects the company’s confidence in the future and its dedication to providing exceptional service to A&E Cage’s customers. The company believes that by expanding its operations, A&E Cage Company can better serve existing clients and attract new business opportunities.

The team at A&E Cage Company want to express their gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the successful planning and execution of this project. It is through your hard work and dedication that A&E Cage Company has been able to achieve this milestone.

Family-owned and operated A&E Cage Company is the leading designer and manufacturer since 2006 in all things bird and small animal from cages, toys, supplies, food, treats, supplements, etc. In 2023, the company launched a new innovative product line of wild bird and chicken seed sticks that are 100 percent biodegradable, and the company is in the process of launching its new bakery line of dog treats.

A&E Cage Company will be exhibiting at at Booth 1419 during Global Pet Expo next month. Members of the pet industry are invited to visit the booth to learn more about the expansion and future opportunities.