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Congratulations to the 2016 Pet Age Women of Influence winners!

The Women of Influence awards program honors women leaders who are influential in the pet manufacturing or servicing industry. Successful candidates will have a solid reputation based on experience, integrity and leadership and have a proven track record of accomplishments.

The Women of Influence award recipients will be recognized and profiled in the May issue of Pet Age.

2016 Women of Influence

Laura Alter; Wondercide Natural Products

Trina Bicknell; PETEDGE

Katrina Boldry; Bold Lead Designs, LLC

Kristy Boulos; Matrix Partners, Ltd.

Jean Broders; Kent Pet Group

Lorien Clemens; PetHub, Inc.

Lanette Fidrych; Cycle Dog

Sarah Julian; OffLeash Communications

Karen Justice; Just For Pets

Susanne Kogut; Petco Foundation

Ellen Lawson; Fluff & Tuff

Kristen Levine; FetchingCommunications.com and Kristen Levine Pet Living

Meg Meyer; The Bear & The Rat

Vicki Lynne Morgan; Animal Brands

Carla Ng Garrett; Earthbath

Linda Parks; Lixit Corporation

Cheryl Pedersen; Poochie-Pets, LLC

Joanna  Rein; Soggy Doggy Productions, LLC

Sandy Robins; Sandy Robins

Bette Schubert; Bravo Pet Foods

Breann Shook; Grandma Lucy’s

Scottie Sparks; WellPet

Monica Sposato; Earth Rated

Darleen Wheelington; Waggin’ Tails

Leslie Yellin; Multipet International

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