Puppy Bowl Dog Goes to Disney World

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After day one of our semi-successful paparazzi quest to get some quality time with Pong, one of the stars of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, we decided to go back for some more. Our goal was to find Pong and at least get a hug from her.

Since her Puppy Bowl starting line up profile said she had been to Disney World 12 times already, that’s where we headed. After some searching at Downtown Disney, Epcot and Hollywood Studios, we finally spotted her just outside of the Magic Kingdom, where she performed a very Lindsey Lohan-style escape.

But, like any good paparazzi, we knew she would eventually have to get out of the car. And, we were correct, as we snapped her taking a stroll outside the Magic Kingdom.

After a little sweet talking, and maybe just a few of her favorite treats, we finally found Pong, who has become a local Orlando celebrity, with multiple TV and live appearances.

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One Response to “Puppy Bowl Dog Goes to Disney World”

  1. Puppy

    Jan 30. 2014

    Congrazt,nice one love the action style

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