TropiClean Earns NASC Seal


TropiClean Pet Products, a manufacturer from Wentzville, Missouri, recently obtained the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal for its Life by TropiClean Supplements.

The NASC Quality Seal states that its members have gone through the organization’s rigorous audit. The audit is to help minimize and control risk, statistically track all product information, keep the consumer educated with correct labeling information and make the consumer aware of any possible ingredient complexities with caution and warning statements. Upon completion, its members, like TropiClean, are able to display the NASC Quality Seal to show consumers their companies are committed to the highest current standards of quality in the industry today.

“To obtain the NASC Seal for our Life by TropiClean Supplements not only guarantees our products are held to the highest standards in the industry, but (it also) helps build relationships with our consumers,” said Sharon Biermann, TropiClean’s SQF Practitioner/HACCP Manager. “The seal is more than a guarantee, it’s a promise that we’re committed to improving the lives of pets and their people.”

TropiClean has fully and successfully followed the guidelines under the NASC audit certification program, and said they are proud to announce their Life by TropiClean Supplement for Dogs meets the highest standards in the Pet Industry.

Nestlé Purina Better with Pets Summit

Nestlé Purina, a global leader in pet care, hosted its fourth annual Better with Pets Summit on Tuesday, October 18, at the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York City. The event brought together pet community experts and leaders from across the nation to explore how pets and people are living bigger, better lives thanks to new research and innovation that will shape the future of pet care.

Featuring three interactive panel discussions, the Better with Pets Summit examined topics that continue to affect pet care and wellness. The evolving role of pets and their impact on people’s well-being, nutritional innovation that will allow pets to live healthier lives and demystifying pet nutrition quality and safety standards were some topics of discussion.



Blue Buffalo Hires New Research and Development Leader


Blue Buffagreg-reinhart-blue-buffalolo Company announced that Greg Reinhart, PhD, has joined the company as senior vice president, Research and Development. Reinhart will lead the Blue Buffalo research and development team that is responsible for clinical studies, upstream technology development, product innovation and scientific communications.

Reinhart comes from The Mathile Institute, a non-profit group focused on the nutritional health of children, where he applied his experience in companion animal and human health care industries to help alleviate hunger and malnutrition worldwide. Prior to the 9-year stint in the Mathile organization, he was responsible for technology development at Procter and Gamble’s global Pet Care business unit and The Iams Company before the acquisition by Proctor and Gamble.

“Dr. Reinhart has an impressive R&D background in animal and human nutrition,” said Bill Bishop, founder and chairman of Blue Buffalo. “Greg is passionate about enhancing the health of dogs and cats, and we’re excited about the scientific capabilities he brings to our growing business in both pet specialty retail and veterinary-exclusive, therapeutic diets.”

Reinhart will work with the R&D team at the company’s home office in Wilton, Connecticut, and the Blue Buffalo Heartland plant in Joplin, Missouri. He will also provide leadership during the construction of the company’s new research and D development technical center and manufacturing plant in Richmond, Indiana, a $150 million investment in product supply and innovation.

“I am thrilled to bring my experience in scientific, evidence-based research to a company that is solely focused on the well-being of dogs and cats,” Reinhart said. “It is a professional privilege to join the pet lovers at Blue Buffalo who provide nutritional advances that are most valued by clients and the veterinarians who care for their companion animals.”

Reinhart’s research interests include fatty acid metabolism, fiber fermentation, nutritional immunology, obesity and the role of nutrition on cognition and well-being. During his tenure at The Iams Company, he organized multiple Iams Nutrition Symposia, which remain the largest international gathering of veterinary professionals, scientists and academicians dedicated solely to the sharing of new scientific findings in canine and feline nutrition.

Reinhart has published more than 230 scientific papers and abstracts in peer reviewed journals, is the co-editor of “Recent Advances in Canine and Feline Nutrition, Volumes II and III,” and an inventor on 14 U.S. patents.

Reinhart is an alumnus of The Ohio State University where he received a bachelor of science degree in animal science, a master of science degree in non-ruminant nutrition and PhD degree in nutritional biochemistry. In 2014, the Department of Animal Sciences at Ohio State elected Reinhart into its Hall of Fame for scientific contributions to the pet food industry and his influence on reducing childhood malnutrition. He is a fellow of the American College of Nutrition and an active member in other professional scientific organizations.

PetSmart Acquires AllPaws to Enhance Adoption Efforts

petsmartallpawsPetSmart Inc., the largest pet specialty retailer and leading resource for pet adoption in North America, announced on Wednesday, October 19, it acquired AllPaws. AllPaws is one of the largest online and mobile platforms that matches those looking to adopt a pet with pets ideally suited for their home, family and lifestyle. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“Pet adoption is core to our purpose-driven business, and the acquisition of AllPaws offers a smart technology platform to accelerate our in-store adoption program even further,” said Michael Massey, president and chief executive officer for PetSmart. “Our leadership role in pet adoption has led to a record-setting 7 million pets adopted from our stores since we started the in-store adoption program in 1994. More than 3,000 current animal welfare partners—plus thousands of additional rescues and shelters—will be able to use AllPaws as a digital hub to promote adoptable pets, which we believe will result in even greater success in finding forever homes for pets across North America.”

Approximately 5,000 animal rescues and shelters across North America directly utilize AllPaws to promote their adoptable pets.
Thousands more animal welfare organizations will be able to use the centralized PetSmart AllPaws platform to create, populate and update detailed profiles for adoptable pets to increase their exposure and chance of being adopted. Prospective pet parents can then use AllPaws to search for pets by various search categories such as breed, age, gender, energy level, training stage, temperament and geo-location in order to find the pet best suited for their home, family and lifestyle requirements.

“We are thrilled to join the PetSmart family and to contribute to its mission of helping save pets’ lives through adoption,” AllPaws Founder Darrell Lerner said. “When we set out to develop AllPaws, we wanted to take a fresh and modern approach to pet adoption that combines a sophisticated, user-friendly functionality with deep social integration in order to connect prospective adopters with the best pet match possible. With PetSmart’s scale and PetSmart Charities adoption program leveraging more than 1,470 stores that serve as adoption centers, we believe AllPaws has found its forever home with PetSmart.”

The AllPaws pet adoption platform, which is free to all users, offers a comprehensive solution on the web and a fun, engaging mobile application experience on iPhone. Its iPhone app is frequently the top ranked adoption app on iTunes and has grown nearly every month since its launch in 2014. The platform has strong traffic, typically averaging 800,000-900,000 visits per month.

For every 30 seconds a PetSmart store is open, a pet is adopted, totaling 1,400 pets lives saved every day. Through these efforts, nearly 500,000 pets find forever homes every year.

Quality Marine Receives First Captive-Bred Lemon Miliaris Butterflies

Rising Tide Conservation and Hawaii Oceanic Institute have done it yet again. The duo announced it successfully bred yet another species—Chaetodon miliaris, Lemon Butterfly. Quality Marine received some of the fish from the very first batch, and according to the group, they are excited to be a part of the breakthrough event.

This project’s journey first began at the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Lab back in 2013. Now, Quality Marine has healthy, successfully captive-bred juvenile specimens.

Chaetodon miliaris are abundant in the tropical waters of the Eastern Central Pacific and go by a variety of names, like Milletseed, Millet and Lemon. Quality Marine calls it the Lemon Miliaris Butterfly.

They are perfect for captivity and the beginner hobbyist. Their small adult size allows them to be kept in small aquariums (40 gallon and up). Lemon Miliaris Butterflies can be kept as individuals, in pairs or (in large enough aquariums) in groups as long as they are introduced at the same time. They are frequently timid when introduced but will become more confident once acclimated. These can be added to reef aquariums, but this addition should still be done with caution. Feeding frequently will help prevent them from nibbling on desirable inverts. A varied diet of small frozen meaty foods and marine pellets, multiple times a day will keep this very active fish in good health.

Quality Marine says to contact your sales representative for more information on how you can enjoy your own captive bred Chaetodon miliaris.

Patent Granted for the CASCO Connector

CASCO Pet recently announced it was granted a patent for its proprietary “CASCO Connector.” This unique connector safely grounds the electrical current in the event of a failure of an electrical component within the aquatic system.

Other connector systems on the market simply insulate each joint, meaning an electrical leak could result in part of the rack being ‘live.’ This poses a major health and safety hazard.

This exclusive—and now patented—connector joins together CASCO Pet’s aluminum profile systems and achieves a similar structural strength to that of a welded rack. But more importantly, it ensures the entire structure remains as a ‘connected’ frame, grounded in one place. This advancement has made for a much safer construction in an industry where the mix of water and electricity is inevitable.

“We are proud to be the only company providing a commercially available aluminum connecting system that allows for friction fit, high weight loading and electrical conductivity,” CASCO Pet Development Director Richard Burton said. “Another clear example of our commitment to innovation and to setting the highest of industry standards”

Down Dog Snacks Receives Packaging Makeover

Snack. Play. Namaste. These are the three words that are prominently displayed on each of the five flavors of Colorado-based Down Dog Snacks’ new, brightly colored packaging.

“Our new packaging was designed to reflect the personality of each of our current five flavors— Peanut Buddha Bones, Sweet Pawtato Pups, Apple Berry Zensations, Banana Bliss and Peas, Love & Carrots,” Down Dog Snacks Owner Jessie Walker said. “We now have a BIG 16 oz. bag of BIG Peanut Buddha Bones for large size breeds too. Our dog treats are grain-free and plant-based. They do not contain any dairy, corn, soy, eggs, sugar or wheat—just wholesome, limited, human-grade ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. We do use local honey, so we call ourselves ‘bee-gan.’”

Walker boasts that the company only uses pronounceable and recognizable ingredients.

“You can snack on them, too. After all, you are what you and your dog eat,” she said.

A former ad executive and current yoga instructor, Walker has expanded her family’s business across the country to Colorado, where she founded these “gourmutt” treats. Walker’s family owns a dog treat business based in New Jersey, Fat Murray’s Doggy Treats. Murray was Walker’s big boned basset hound that sadly passed away several years ago.

“Down Dog Snacks was created to keep your Barking Buddhas happy and healthy. I knew I wanted to stay in the family business of dog treats but ‘basset hound,’ ‘fat’ and ‘Colorado’ didn’t seem to jive,” Walker said. “Thus, I infused my love for dogs, yoga and health and created my own grain-free, plant-based enterprise. Yes, my career has gone to the dogs.”

Each treat is baked by hand with all-natural ingredients that keeps your dog zen, one snack at a time. And now these treats can be found in bold, colorful packaging. Special holiday packaging is also available.

For more information, visit Down Dog Snacks at

BabelBark Hires New Chief Veterinary Officer

BabelBark, a pet related software developer located in Newton, Massachusetts, announced on Tuesday, October 18, that Kerri Marshall, DVM, joined the BabelBark founding team as chief veterinary officer and member of their board of directors.

“Kerri’s rich background in customer experience, technology and management will add a valuable perspective to our executive team and board, fully underscoring our commitment to our partners and thousands of veterinary practices worldwide,” said Roy Stein, BabelBark’s chairman, founder and CEO.

BabelBark’s veterinary product, BabelVet, revolutionizes the way veterinarians connect with pets and pet parents. The application integrates with veterinarians’ existing practice management software and marketing tools, provides detailed health and activity information and helps veterinarians better understand their clients’ pets’ needs and connect with their clients more efficiently, effectively and easily.

Marshall, a second generation veterinarian was part of the founding management team of Banfield after 10 years of practicing. While at the company, she designed various technology applications including electronic health records for pets, a pet parent portal and a digital radiology platform to support Banfield practices.

Following her 16 years with Banfield, Marshall was with the executive team at Trupanion, a provider of medical plans for cats and dogs throughout the United States and Canada. While with Trupanion, she designed Trupanion Express a web-based application available to veterinarians that allows the company to receive, process, approve and disburse payments for eligible claims within minutes, allowing veterinarians to concentrate on active care.

Most recently, Marshall was the chief relationship manager for the animal health division of Sikka Software, a technology company serving retail healthcare businesses such as dentistry, vision care, and veterinary practices.

“It is such an honor to be a part of the BabelBark team,” Dr. Marshall said. “Their dedication to improving the pet owner’s experience with the highly fragmented and fast growing pet health industry is unrivaled.”

Marshall holds a doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Washington State University, a master’s of business administration from the University of Oregon and a bachelor’s of science in zoology from Washington State University. Marshall lives in Seattle with her husband and three dogs, including “Rudy Einstein,” who is a beta dog for BabelBark’s fitness tracker. She also enjoys endurance riding with her Arabian horse, Kharma.

Kriser’s Natural Pet Acquires Wylie Wagg For Pets

Kriser’s Natural Pet, a multi-unit retailer specializing in natural pet food, supplies and grooming, announced on Tuesday, October 16, that it has acquired Wylie Wagg for Pets, a natural pet food and supplies chain with five stores in Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia.

Wylie Wagg was founded in 2002 by Laura and Larry Clark with the goal of helping pet parents access the best in natural food, treats, toys and accessories for their pets and continues to receive rave reviews from its customers. Kriser’s looks to continue this mission, bringing its trademark education and Kriser’s Approved product selection to the market, with plans to open additional Kriser’s locations in the coming years.

“We have tremendous respect for how Wylie Wagg has established itself as part of the pet community in D.C. and northern Virginia,” said Brad Kriser, founder and CEO of Kriser’s Natural Pet. “With this effort, we are able to extend Kriser’s mission of helping pets live happier, healthier lives, naturally, to an even greater number of families and communities. This marks a time of remarkable growth in our business, further positioning Kriser’s as a leader in the natural pet retail sector. We are honored to assume responsibility for caring for the customers—both human and furry—which will remain our main focus every day.”

The Wylie Wag team is also positive about the transition.

“When we were considering this change, we wanted to pass the torch to someone whom we could trust, and who shares our mission and values,” said Laura Clark, founder and CEO of Wylie Wagg. “Kriser’s was a perfect fit. I am excited to partner with Brad and the Kriser’s team through this transition and enable our team and our customers to become part of an extended Kriser’s family that has an unwavering focus on the well-being of pets and pet parents.”

The acquired Wylie Wagg stores will rebrand as Kriser’s Natural Pet in 2017, with new storefront signage, ongoing staff training and education and some adjustments to product assortment. Kriser’s plans to hold grand reopening events at the stores to formally introduce itself to the communities in 2017. Laura Clark will play an active role in the transition and will become a member of the Kriser’s team.

This marks the first acquisition by Kriser’s Natural Pet, expanding upon the already large organic growth the company has seen since its inception in 2006. Throughout its growth to now 42 stores, Kriser’s has maintained its keen focus on a carefully selected inventory of natural foods, treats and supplements, as well as high quality toys and accessories, in warm, welcoming store environments.


Cuddle Clones Slippers

Wear a custom replica of your favorite pet on your feet! Cuddle Clones captures the emotional connection between people and their pets through these cozy and cute slippers.

Poochie of Beverly Hills Adds Quintessential Collection to Dog Bed Line

Poochie of Beverly Hills, the Arizona-based popular brand of luxury pet furniture, today announced the debut of its new Quintessential Collection, an addition to its lineup of dog beds.

“We are thrilled to be debuting this new collection,” said Amanda Collins, co-owner of Poochie of Beverly Hills. “Designed for the traditional pet owner interested in fashionable twists, the Quintessential Collection showcases sophisticated options that enable you to keep your home looking smart while providing a great place for your pet to dream.”

The collection boasts a range of items, including a settee, a chaise lounge, a sofette, lounger and tufted headboards offset by nailheads. Poochie’s products are built by hand in the USA.

“With this collection, we wanted to capture the essence of contemporary design but also deliver a great-looking place for your pet to lounge,” said Cathy Jackson, an interior designer and co-owner of Poochie of Beverly Hills. “By expanding our offerings, we are accommodating the customer that is after that celebrity feeling without compromising on quality and good design.”

In addition to the Quintessential Collection, Poochie also offers dog beds from its Original, Couture, and Savvy line as well as ready to ship accessories like dog scarves, rhinestone dog cuffs, boa pet collars and more.

For more information, visit or follow the company on twitter: @PoochieBevHills.

Worldwise, Inc. Announces Acquisition of SHERPA

Worldwise, Inc., announced the official acquisition of SHERPA to their brand portfolio.

SHERPA’s ever-expanding lines of carriers, totes and accessories blend patented, thoughtful and functional designs with convenient product features that promote safety and comfort. With the combination of Worldwise’s proprietary Guaranteed On Board program that ensures peace of mind when traveling with pets and SHERPA’s ever-expanding range of products and solutions that provide today’s pet-loving consumer with on-trend design and safety features, this growing category continues to serve pet specialty retailers worldwide with the solutions their customers want.

“As the newest addition to the Worldwise portfolio of brands, our team is honored to continue SHERPA’s unwavering mission to improve the lives of pet loving travelers and serve those that seek the most trusted name in safety, convenience, comfort, and design,” said Kevin Fick, chief executive officer of Worldwise.  “Part of maintaining our position as the growth leader and innovator in this category is to anticipate the trends and ever-changing regulations in safety for our pets, both in the air and on the road.  Inspired by SHERPA Founder Gayle Martz’s personal passions, her eye for fashion trends, product design, and travel experiences that have taken her and her pets all over the globe, Worldwise will build upon the SHERPA legacy and offer the experience and innovation necessary to drive the future of this category.”

Founded in 1989 by flight attendant and pet advocate Gayle Martz, who recognized the need for pets to stylishly and safely accompany pet loving travelers inside the airplane cabin and on the go, SHERPA has become the most trusted name in the pet lifestyle category, according to a company statement.

“From launching SHERPA over 25 years ago, I’ve made it my mission to design safe, functional, fashionable and convenient products that ensure pets can travel comfortably and securely with the people that love them most,” Martz said. “The strategic marketing expertise and expanded capabilities that being part of the Worldwise team will provide to SHERPA is second to none, and by working in close partnership with their team, the SHERPA legacy as a true lifestyle brand will grow in celebration of the exceptional care our pets deserve and today’s pet-loving consumers expect.”

For more information on Worldwise, visit For more information on SHERPA, visit or

Wondercide Creates New Flea and Tick Product

Wondercide, a market leader in holistic solutions for natural pet care, has launched its new and improved line of Flea and Tick Control for Pets and Home. Wondercide’s new formulation of Flea and Tick for Pets and Home will continue to protect pets and homes by fighting fleas, ticks and mosquitoes with the same power of nature on which it was founded – cedar.

Wondercide continues to be “handcrafted with love in Austin, Texas,” as opposed to mass-produced. The company’s transparent packaging and three aroma therapeutic scents, including fresh cedar, lemongrass and rosemary, remain the standard on which customers have come to depend. The addition of a green, circular bottleneck hang tag signifying the “New Formula with Improved Scents” will help retailers and consumers identify the new product line from the old. While MSRP will remain the same, the company has set a lower MAP price for all distribution channels and assigned new SKU and UPC identifiers.

With its new ingredients page, the company is infusing more transparency into its brand, as they share where the ingredients come from and why each one is in the product.

“During R&D, a third-party lab analyzed leading competitor products in the category, and we were surprised to find no other brand is doing this. With Wondercide’s new and improved formulation, you can trust that what is in the bottle is on the label. But, we didn’t stop there,” said Stephanie Boone, founder and CEO of Wondercide. “All ingredients are of the purest quality, human-grade, and 100% naturally derived from seeds, fruits, veggies, herbs and trees. That is what I want for my family, and we are committed to doing that for yours.”

Southeastern Grocers Launches New Pet Food Brand

Southeastern Grocers, parent company of BI-LO, Harveys and Winn-Dixie stores, announced the launch of its all-new pet food brand, Whiskers & Tails. The launch includes a variety of wet and dry dog food, as well as treats and biscuits that are packed with high-quality protein and nutritionally balanced with vitamins and minerals.

Southeastern Grocers’ new Whiskers & Tails product line includes a variety of flavors and formulas to keep customers’ four-legged friends and furry companions happy and healthy in every stage of their lives. Whiskers & Tails dry food and treats have been taste tested and pet approved against national brands, with four out of five dogs preferring Whiskers & Tails Bacon Strips Dog Treats to the national brand, according to the company.

“Pets are more than just animals to our customers; they are cherished family members, which is why Southeastern Grocers is committed to using the highest-quality ingredients in our new pet food product line,” said Scott Morris, executive vice president of merchandising for Southeastern Grocers. “The Whiskers & Tails brand will encompass delicious and nutritious products and flavors that pets will love at a value our customers can depend on.”

The new Whiskers & Tails pet food line includes:

  • 6 varieties of dry dog food
  • 18 varieties of wet dog food
  • 5 varieties of dog treats and biscuits
  • 16 varieties of dog rawhides
  • 4 varieties of dry cat food
  • 26 varieties of wet cat food
  • 5 varieties of cat litter

Customers can now purchase Whiskers & Tails dog food, treats and biscuits at all BI-LO, Harveys and Winn-Dixie stores, and will find cat food and treat varieties starting in November.

Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Fire Shrimp

As a result of their partnership with Roger Williams University, Quality Marine is now able to offer aquacultured Fire Shrimp (Lysmata debelius) to their customers.

Fire Shrimp have long been a highly sought after species due to their deep, blood-red coloration and their parasitic cleaning qualities. In the wild, they occur throughout the Indo-Pacific. Most of the individuals look very similar throughout this range, with the exception of specimens from the Maldives, which have more spots on their upper abdomen. They are found on coral reefs down to depths of around 60 feet. Like many Lysmata genus shrimp, this species provides an important service on reefs where they clean parasites and dead skin off of fish. According to Quality Marine, this function makes responsible collection management essential—yet another reason why these cultured specimens are so important to the company.

Undergraduate students at Roger Williams University embarked on the journey of culturing the Fire Shrimp during the fall of 2013. The project’s success took place in the university’s CEED Wet Lab, which was overseen by Dr. Andy Rhyne, Brad Bourque and Joseph Szczbak. One of the largest difficulties the project faced was housing these shrimp, due to the cannibalism among post-larvae.

Roger Williams University has had success in rearing multiple different types of shrimp throughout the years. The university has been making waves in the aquarium trade with the successful culturing of Catalina Gobies, Yasha Gobies, Peppermint Shrimp and Look Downs. Quality Marine announced the company was honored to partner with Roger Williams University and to have the opportunity to offer these species commercially.

Aquacultured Fire Lysmata debelius are quite hardy and suitable for many aquariums. They will act as a parasite cleaners and forage for detritus and uneaten food. Supplemental feeding of meaty foods on a twice-weekly basis and regular water changes will allow these animals to thrive. Being creative with rockwork and aquascaping will help ensure that this animal will be viewable throughout the day. Quality Marine advises keepers avoid adding copper-based medications to aquariums housing Fire Shrimp (or any invertebrate).

(photo credit: Quality Marine)


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