Animal Supply Company Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer

Animal Supply Company (ASC), the national leader in pet food and supplies distribution, welcomed Trisha Rosado as its new Chief Financial Officer.

Rosado has 25 years of experience in food manufacturing and distribution. Most recently, Rosado was CFO at Flavors Holding, Inc. and held senior finance positions at Sara Lee and US Foods. She will take over day to day leadership of the Finance organization and will be responsible for continuing to build ASC’s Finance and Accounting teams. Additionally, she will work closely with, and support, Ken Fish, as he transitions from CFO to executive vice president Corporate Development, with a focus on acquisitions, business development and other market growth opportunities.

These changes are aimed at effectively and efficiently driving ASC’s strategy over the next five years–a focused effort to make ASC the best distributor of animal products and supplies. In conjunction, these roles will support the new Vision, Mission and Values launching later this month at Animal Supply Company.

“We are excited to welcome Trisha to the Animal Supply family. She brings outstanding experience and will play a key role in our company’s future,” CEO Don McIntyre said. “Additionally, we are excited about the focus and passion that Ken will continue to bring to our corporate development efforts. We are confident that our 30th year of business will be our best!”

NoBowl Feeding System Can Provide Cats with Optimal Health for February’s National Cat Health Month

As February’s annual National Cat Health Month draws near, it’s time to spread awareness on the importance of making optimal health a top priority for felines. In addition to providing your cat with proper nutrition, mental stimulation also plays a crucial role in ensuring your cat is living a healthy life. The NoBowl Feeding System is an innovative and ingenious invention that replaces the bowl with the hunt. This commonsense solution reawakens your cat’s natural instincts, helping it become what it always wanted to be: a happy healthy hunter, all while indoors. 

Clean, safe and easy to use, the NoBowl Feeding System dispenses the dry food in a way that triggers the inborn feline seeking cycle of hunting, catching, playing with prey, eating, grooming and sleeping. It’s important for pet owners to understand that the instinct to hunt is hard-wired in every feline, and how a cat eats is every bit as important as what a cat eats.

Indoor cats are unable to hunt, and a frustrated hunting instinct impacts your cat’s physical and mental health, according to NoBowl. Over time, this can cause behavioral and medical problems, such as scarf and barf, obesity, lethargy and anxiety, which can lead to destructive behaviors, the company says.

“Behavior issues are one of the most common reasons adult cats are relinquished to shelters,” said Dr. Liz Bales, veterinarian and inventor of NoBowl Feeding System. “Meeting a cat’s mental, physical and emotional needs will help them to have fewer behavioral issues and live a more fulfilling life.”

February’s National Cat Health Month is the “purr-fect” time to address all of the components that impact a cat’s health and wellbeing. The NoBowl Feeding System helps to manage a cat’s weight, promote exercise, alleviate anxiety and prevent digestive issues as it transforms cats back into hunters. 

There are many benefits of switching to the NoBowl, especially when it comes to preventing pet obesity. In 2015, the nation’s largest pet health insurer, Nationwide, reported members filing 1.3 million claims for conditions and diseases related to obesity for their pets for more than $60 million in veterinary expenses. That’s a 23 percent increase in obesity-related claims over three years.

Pet obesity is an unfortunate epidemic pet families are faced with today. Thankfully, the NoBowl Feeding System is portion controlled. Feeding your cat an appropriate amount of food in small portions throughout the day will help them to maintain a healthy weight. Cats that have a healthy body weight live longer, healthier lives and reduce their risk of diabetes, heart disease and painful arthritis.

The NoBowl Feeding System includes a Portion Filler, a NoBowl Trainer, five Naked NoBowls and five adorable mouse-shaped NoBowl Skins to cover the Naked NoBowls, all designed with unique features to satisfy the innate hunting instinct.

Dr. Bales took the science from the established leaders in veterinary medicine and designed a revolution in cat feeding that finally supports the cat’s physical and mental health. For this year’s National Cat Health Month, simply measure healthy portions of the dry food your cat already loves and let the hunting, health and happiness begin.

Trouw Nutrition USA Missouri Processing Plant Emphasizes Excellence

A commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in the manufacturing process is a key operational philosophy at Trouw Nutrition USA‘s Neosho, Missouri, premix plant.

The facility has been named the Premix Manufacturer Category Winner in the 2016 Feed Facility of the Year competition, a national contest conducted by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and Feedstuffs.

“We are very proud of this facility and everything that we do,” Plant Manager Doug Vanjoff said, noting that a top priority has long been listening to customers and doing whatever it takes to help them achieve their product and manufacturing objectives.

Several significant changes in the pet food business that Vanjoff has seen in the past few years include a greater emphasis on fruits and vegetables and naturally sourced ingredients.

According to Vanjoff, the design of the Neosho facility allows for a wide range of manufacturing options to meet unique customer requirements, ranging from the handling of specialty raw materials to adhering to a wide variety of packaging requirements. Vanjoff credits, among other things, the facility’s computer-controlled systems for in-process analysis, quality control and strict on-site quality assurance programs designed to satisfy the highest industry standards.

“As we and our customers become more innovative, we must adjust our methods and equipment to meet the stringent requirements of internal and external stakeholders,” Vanjoff said.

He pointed out that at the Neosho site, evaluation is constant, and all areas are continuously monitored for opportunities that might lead to improved efficiency and/or quality and reduced cost to ensure the integrity of finished goods.

“Ingredients that we mix must be very exact. Government, industry and customer requirements, along with six external certifications, ensure the product accuracy and integrity of customers’ brands,” Vanjoff said.

Owned by BASF before being acquired in 2007, the Neosho facility has received more than $3 million in upgrades since then, offering a flex facility for Trouw Nutrition USA. This means that while it largely produces companion animal mixes, it is capable of also producing product for livestock when needed.

In comparison, Trouw Nutrition USA’s Highland, Illnois, premix plant is focused exclusively on companion animal pet food; the company’s Willmar, Minnesota, plant blends quality premixes for the livestock and poultry industries, along with water-dispersible and specialty products.

Trouw Nutrition USA is an operating unit of Nutreco, a global animal nutrition company based in the Netherlands. In MarchNeosho quality_1 2001, Nutreco purchased Ducoa and formed the U.S. business unit known as Trouw Nutrition USA. Building upon more than 100 years of history, Nutreco employs approximately 10,000 people in 30 countries, with sales in 80 countries. The company overall operates approximately 120 plants.

The Neosho plant, originally built in 1998, now operates two eight-hour shifts five days a week. Approximately 90 percent of the manufactured product is small packages of no more than 55-pound bags.

Employee Oriented

“We have created a work environment that values retention and safety, therefore promoting loyalty,” Vanjoff said of the Neosho plant. Since its inception in 1998, the facility has grown from 11 to 28 employees. The plant encompasses a team-based approach with a key focus around development of a “Universal Worker” who is proficient in five different production areas.

Under this program, each employee is required to spend a minimum of 2.5 calendar months of training in each of the production areas. To move from one area to the next, employees must demonstrate their competency through written tests upon which they must score a 90 percent or higher mark.

A new employee orientation program, contractor training program, regular reviews of standard operating procedures, monthly food safety training and monthly supervisor/employee coaching sessions to discuss goals and issues are also regular operating protocol. Likewise, safety discussions are part of each shift and include a review of the previous day’s documented observations.

On a monthly basis, each shift and/or department has its own safety meetings, the notes from which are then sent to the safety committee to review, discuss and evaluate each new action item for opportunities for improvement. Safety training schedules are established each year based on current requirements. Each topic is reviewed with all affected employees, with documented signing sheets.

As of December 7, 2016, the Neosho site had achieved 2,730 days without an Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) lost time day.

“What that means to me is that nobody has missed a day of work for over seven years due to an injury. We are very proud of this accomplishment,” Vanjoff said.

The facility’s safety program meets or exceeds all requirements of OSHA as well as those of Trouw Nutrition. During an internal HESQ audit performed in 2011, the site received a superior rating (97 percent) from the Nutreco/Trouw Nutrition audit team.

“This rating stands today as the highest rating ever given to a Nutreco/Trouw Nutrition site globally,” Quality Manager Rick Coble said.

Quality Focused

The Neosho facility follows an internal quality program for safeguarding products and services. The program uses a single, consistent feed-to-food quality approach, thereby creating value for customers, its food chain partners and Nutreco.

“We strive to make good products, to keep our people safe and to protect the environment,” Coble said.

The five pillars operated under are: certified quality, ingredient assessment and management, monitoring, risk management and tracking and tracing. The Neosho facility has a written housekeeping program that covers the entire site. Each job position has a specific list with assigned tasks that must be completed on a daily, weekly, montNeosho quality_3hly and quarterly basis.

Each month, the Food Safety/Food Defense team performs a walkthrough to identify areas that may need extra attention. An action list is then created to track and follow each item through to completion.

Additionally, a dedicated sanitation employee maintains and cleans the facility. Sanitation tasks are maintained and documented in the company’s maintenance management software, Coble said.

All employees enter the facility through a designated area and are required to change into company-issued uniforms prior to entry. Storage racks contain outlines of specific tools to ensure that all items are accounted for throughout the day. Likewise, color coding of various facility tools provides employees with a quick reference to determine which items can be in contact with each specific product.

In 2013, an integrated bin lock system was installed in the production area of the facility. Incoming ingredients are assigned a raw materials bar code, which is scanned to verify the item code against the bin assignment before the bin/door will unlock, putting in place an additional quality check when filling bins.

“This system reduces the possibility of the wrong raw material being added to either a micro bin or bulk bag station, which, in turn, reduces risk of a possible recall,” production planner Bill Benton explained.

All Trouw Nutrition USA facilities are medication-free and have extensive mycotoxin and Salmonella testing procedures for incoming ingredients, particularly those that are generally known to be of higher risk.

“Being outstanding doesn’t happen without the help from our team at the corporate office or our other two manufacturing plants. We work as a team. We all follow the same quality platforms and support each other in many ways,” Vanjoff concluded.

SodaPup Announces Winners of its MuttsKickButt Award

SodaPup founder and CEO Adam Baker announced this week that SodaPup has selected winners of the MuttsKickButt award program which recognizes volunteers and employees of non-profit organizations dedicated to dog rescue activities. The goal of the MuttsKickButt program is to highlight the amazing work that volunteers and non-profits do to rescue and place dogs in forever homes.

The first place winner is Susie Hansen, a volunteer with Abandoned Pet Rescue (APR) in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida’s largest no kill shelter. Although Hansen has a full time job, she spends every waking hour that she’s not at work at the shelter. Susie oversees the day to day running of APR. You can find her in the medical bay, administering to sick or injured dogs and cats that are left outside the rescue’s door or found wandering the streets. She can also be found in the dog and cat areas, cleaning and cuddling them. Hansen also handles the powerful pit bulls, which are the hardest animals to place, adopting five of them herself. Susie is also a familiar presence at the front desk, handling administrative and financial duties as well as greeting people that stop by and overseeing the adoption process. Hansen is the heart and soul of APR and truly does it all.mutts award

“I am honored to have been entered and to win this award,” Hansen said. “Abandoned Pet Rescue is heart work. We see some awful situations and, oftentimes, we’re able to help heal these animals and find them loving homes. What better job is there than that? Thank you so much for the toys! Our dogs will be very happy to receive them!”

The second place winner is Mark Lane (pictured above), another true dog hero, who volunteers at James River Greyhounds in Richmond, Virginia. James River Greyhounds has placed over 1,100 greyhounds into caring forever homes. Not only has Lane taken in countless dogs into his own home, but he also works tirelessly to make sure all dogs are placed into loving permanent homes. Lane has made several cross country trips to help transport these dogs to their new homes. He is also building a facility at his personal residence to help expand his ability to help more dogs.

“Wow! I’m honored to be a recipient of the MuttsKickButt Award on behalf of James River Greyhounds.” Lane said. “I have been involved with James River Greyhounds over the past 11 years and am humbled for the recognition given from SodaPup/True Dogs as we continue to find forever homes for these retired racing greyhounds!”

SodaPup’s third place winner is Melissa Meyer (pictured to the left) who volunteers at Pets of the Homeless in Carson City, Nevada. Pets of the Homeless believes in the healing power of companion pets and of the human/animal bond which is very important in the lives of many homeless. They find solace, protection and companionship through their pets and care for their pets on limited resources so they themselves have less. The mission of Pets of the Homeless is to provide basic emergency veterinary care to their pets and, thus, relieve the anguish and anxiety of the homeless who cannot provide for their pets. Meyer is a tremendous help in the small office writing press releases, writing research grants, working on the database and whatever else needs doing. On top of that, she’s a joy to be around and willing to help with any and all special projects.

“I was so touched when Genevieve [Frederick, the organization’s founder] said she had nominated me for the award.” Meyers said.  “I have mainly worked for large corporations, this is my first time to be involved with a non-profit organization.  The passion Genevieve and Renee [Lowry, the organization’s executive director,] have for Pets of the Homeless is beyond words and I am so honored to be part of the organization. The people that call in needing help for their animals are so taken aback and grateful that there is an organization that wants to help them. These people who are down on their luck love their animals just as much as you and I love ours but unfortunately are in a situation in which they need a little help, which Pets of the Homeless is willing to provide.”

To honor these dedicated people and the amazing organizations where they volunteer, SodaPup will make product donations to each of the three organizations: Abandoned Pet Rescue, James River Greyhounds and Pets of the Homeless.

“The MUTTSKICKBUTT awards program demonstrates our ongoing commitment to recognize and give back to the community of dog lovers who do tremendous work to save animals,” Baker said.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, SodaPup produces high quality, American made dog toys that are both fun and innovative. SodaPup products are available at pet specialty retailers in the U.S. and Canada as well as 15 countries in Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia.

Pet Food Express Customers Contribute To Record-Breaking Annual Giving Tree Fundraiser for Homeless Pets

The Pet Food Express Annual Giving Tree Fundraiser helped bring holiday joy to 10,180 homeless pets in California this December—a record number.

Inviting customers to “Help Us Help Homeless Pets!,” the company encouraged the donation of rescue-approved items from popular brands, including Planet Dog, Patchwork, Bixbi and Kong. According to Pet Food Express, it can be stressful for animals to be in a shelter, so having something to chew on helps reduce stress which makes the pet not only happier but also more likely to be adopted.

“Shelters fill up a lot around the holidays so we decided to do something,” Pet Food Express Director of Community Outreach Mike Murray said.

Raising nearly $245,000 in December 2016, Pet Food Express employees delivered treats and toys to more than 120 California animal shelters and rescues–the most ever in the almost decade-long history of the annual campaign, which has now raised a grand total of $702,000.

According to Murray, treats are donated so that the animals can be more easily socialized and trained, which can help in making the pets more adoptable.

The monetary donation is split evenly among the participating shelters, Murray said. This is especially helpful to the smaller organizations, Murray said, and most use the money to pay veterinary bills.

Pet Food Express, which had all of its 60 location participating, outlined for customers where exactly their donations would be going, Murray said. The company then invited customers to go with the Pet Food Express team to help drop off the donations. This way, customers could be involved with the donation process full circle.

The Annual Giving Tree Fundraiser is one of several charitable campaigns Pet Food Express holds each year, according to Murray. In the summer, donations are made for police K9 units, in the spring, one is held for kittens and cats because of the higher population of feral cats being brought in to shelters during that season; and in the fall, a pet fair with pet adoptions is held.


BarkHappy Mobile App for Dog Owners Reaches 60,000 Users, Announces Upcoming Events

BarkHappy, the mobile app that helps dog owners discover dog friendly places and events and connect with their local dog community, has seen growing success nationwide. More than 60,000 dog owners across the U.S. have created profiles for their dogs in the app, with new users joining each day since BarkHappy launched nationwide in June 2016.

“We believe a social dog is a happy dog. And a happy dog makes for a happy owner,” said Ninis Samuel, CEO of BarkHappy. “Until BarkHappy, dog owners had to sift through out of date web and app-based resources or use trial and error to identify dog-friendly places and pet policies, a frustrating and time consuming process. There also wasn’t a convenient way to connect with the local dog community or discover fun things to do in person with your pup. BarkHappy solves this, and is a resource to help owners experience life with their dog by their side.”

Dog Friendly Events

BarkHappy has increased the number of dog friendly social events its hosting, which not only allow dogs and their owners to socialize, but also raise money for local shelters. The company has signed more than 60 charity partnerships in 45 cities nationwide, with events ranging from doggy bar crawls and “yappy” hours to holiday parties and doggy fitness classes. The events are intended to foster real life experiences for dog owners and their pets to enjoy together. 

To date, BarkHappy has held more than 80 events for dog owners. This month alone it has 22 scheduled. Through its charity events, BarkHappy has donated over $36,000 to local shelters across the U.S.

“It has been a pleasure partnering with BarkHappy. Not only are they helping raise money and bringing awareness to our rescue, but our community loves attending their dog friendly events,” said Kelcy Kimmerer, special projects and partnerships manager at Second Chance Rescue NY, one of the local charity partners that BarkHappy supports. “It’s always fun to see so many dog lovers and dogs having fun and being social.”

BarkHappy is hosting new events each month. A few upcoming events include:

·        New York City: Year of the Dog Pawty. Saturday, January 21; 2 p.m.-5 p.m. EST

·        Las Vegas: Winter Trivia Pawty! Saturday, January 21; 1 p.m.-3 p.m. PST

·        Austin: Winter Barks’ n Brews. Saturday, January 21; 2 p.m.-4 p.m. CST

·        Portland: Charity Doggy Fitness Class. Sunday, January 22; 2 p.m.-4 p.m. PST

·        Washington, D.C.: Winter Trivia Bash. Saturday, January 28; 4 p.m.-6:30 p.m. EST

To view all upcoming BarkHappy events, visit

BarkHappy users are also encouraged to create their own events and play dates with their friends in the app.

Creator of ZenCrate, PNP Robotics, Opens Manufacturing Facility in South Florida

PNP Robotics, creator of ZenCrate, the world’s first anti-anxiety dog den, is opening its manufacturing facility in South Florida this March in Sunrise, Florida. This 12,237 square foot facility will house the entire production line, as well as PNP Robotics’ administrative offices.

When selecting a location, ZenCrate creators Jonathan Azevedo and Chris Lightcap considered outsourcing the production overseas, but ultimately decided on Sunrise, Florida, to ensure that all the materials were of the highest quality and safe for consumers. PNP Robotics turned to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which serves as the “Clean Air Agency,” to guide its selection of materials.

“It was extremely important to us to not only produce the ZenCrate in the USA, but to have the facility local so Jonathan and I have an active role in the manufacturing process,” said Chris Lightcap, co-founder of ZenCrate. “We realized that a product designed to support an animal’s emotional well-being is useless if the materials making up that product are toxic. As we further developed ZenCrate, we took care to test our prototypes, ensuring only the safest local materials were used.”

All measures have been taken to ensure that the facility is as low impact to the environment as possible, with extra precautions put in place such as using water-based paint to prevent off-gassing and formaldehyde-free materials to keep the ZenCrate as safe as possible for pets.

The manufacturing facility will be furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, including automated cutting and assembly equipment. As PNP Robotics prepares to ship their first 100 units to Kickstarter backers in March 2017, they are gearing up to an eventual production volume of 250 units per week. This production volume will continue to scale with increased product demand.

PNP Robotics will continue to innovate and develop products in the pet market and other industries. More information about these products will be released in 2017.



Caru Releases New Free Range Chicken Bone Broth

A steamy, savory creation that’s centuries old is back and rising in culinary popularity with foodies from coast to coast. The Caru Pet Food line of natural Bone Broths now includes new Free Range Chicken Bone Broth for dogs and cats. The delectable line of broths is made with wholesome ingredients that look and taste homemade.

Caru Pet Food Company, purveyors of a full line of natural stews and treats uses the same care that goes into preparing “people food” for their Caru Free Range Chicken Bone Broth. The broth is made by slowly simmering bones from free-range chickens plus organic carrots, organic celery and organic parsley into a flavorful, nutrient-rich stock. A dash of natural seasonings is added for flavor.

Caru Free Range Chicken Bone Broth is cooked in small batches with 100 percent human grade, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and produced in a human grade facility in the United States. It’s antibiotic free and formulated without artificial colors, flavors, added hormones or preservatives and doesn’t contain grain, gluten, corn or soy ingredients. Absolutely no ingredients are China-sourced.

Another uncanny feature about Caru Free Range Chicken Bone Broth is that it’s packed in Tetra Pak cartons. Thanks to Tetra Pak technology, the freshness, homemade quality and flavor of this unique liquid treat can be protected without preservatives of any kind. Moreover, these cartons are 100 percent BPA-free, which is good for canine and feline health. They’re also made from recyclable, eco-friendly, renewable materials, which is good for the Earth.

Caru Free Range Chicken Bone Broth can be served as a delicious between-meal treat. It’s also ideal for moistening dry food or pouring over raw food to further enhance its appetite appeal. There are eight servings per container for a 25-pound pet.

PetSmart and the Houston Rockets Hold ‘Rockets Road Jams’

PetSmart and the Houston Rockets are teaming up to bring the family- and pet-friendly “Rockets Road Jams” to Houston-area PetSmarts. The first of the four “Rocket Road Jams” took place at the First Colony Mall PetSmart on Saturday, January 14. (Photos courtesy of Michael Stravato/AP Images for PetSmart)

Bracketology Meets ‘Barketology’ in the Purina Pro Plan $1 Million Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Bracket Challenge

When it comes to filling out a winning bracket, what’s your strategy? Do you study team history and statistics, or are you a fan of the upset? Back by popular demand, the Purina Pro Plan $1 Million Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Bracket Challenge rallies fans to apply their best bracket strategies to correctly predict the seven Westminster group winners and the top prize, “Best in Show,” for a chance to win $1 million. Dog lovers and sporting enthusiasts alike are invited to put their “barketology” skills to the test when more than 2,800 elite dogs from across the country compete for top honors on Monday, February 13, and Tuesday, February 14, at the 141st Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, presented by Purina Pro Plan.

To play, fans can visit and choose one winner from the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting, Herding, Sporting, Working and Terrier groups, and from those winners, one overall breed they believe will win “Best in Show.” After completing the bracket, entrants can tune in to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Fox Sports 1 (FS1) on February 13 at 8 p.m. EST and February 14 at 8 p.m. EST to follow their bracket in real time. If their selections match the actual winners, they could win $1 million, with the prize being split evenly among all verified winners.

“We’re excited to give dog lovers another chance to get in on the Westminster action as they select and cheer on their favorite breeds,” said Christi Maginn, brand director of Purina Pro Plan. “No matter which dog comes out on top in the game of ‘barketology,’ Purina Pro Plan believes that any dog can be a champion–whether they’re in the ring or curled up next to you at home.”

Purina Pro Plan has a rich history in the sport of purebred dogs. The brand is also aiming to extend its winning legacy and celebrate another Purina Pro Plan-fed dog taking home the “Best in Show” title for the 11th straight year.

Fans can follow @ProPlan on Twitter and Instagram for live Westminster coverage and use #WKCDogShow to join the conversation. For more information, including a Dog Show 101 tutorial, visit

Washington, D.C., Veterinarian Receives National Award from Pets Best Insurance

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC, a leading U.S. pet insurance agency based in Boise, Idaho, is pleased to announce veterinarian Dr. Dan Teich as the recent winner of its My Vet’s the Best contest.

“For five years, we’ve held this nationwide contest to acknowledge exceptional veterinarians for their outstanding service,” said Dr. Jack Stephens, founder of Pets Best. “Dr. Teich is one such veterinarian. By providing kind and compassionate care to his clients and their pets, he has made a positive impact on his local community and sets a fine standard for the veterinary community at large.”

The latest round of the contest brought in 3,987 total votes cast by pet owners across the U.S. through the Pets Best Facebook page. Dr. Teich, who practices at District Veterinary Hospital in Washington, D.C., won the contest after receiving 1,421 online votes. He was among hundreds of veterinarians nominated for the seasonal award. The contest’s seven other finalists received a significant number of votes.

“Veterinary medicine is a collaboration between clients, doctors, staff and the patient,” Dr. Teich said. “The award of Best Vet is not a solo prize; it is one that belongs to all of the staff here at District Vet and to our wonderful clients. We created a friendly environment where people and pets feel at ease and this has made all the difference.”

Each winner of the My Vet’s the Best contest receives $1,000 from Pets Best to treat animals in need. Dr. Teich plans to match the $1,000 cash prize winnings, dollar for dollar, to provide beneficial veterinary care to pets of families who are in need.

“We work hard to provide the best service to our clients, both in terms of care and cost. This extends to rescue animals and organizations as well. We doubled the contest prize to help the gift go twice as far. The need for assistance and help is never ending,” he said.

Katie Spence, the pet owner who nominated Dr. Teich, also received $200 from Pets Best.

“I recently adopted an older dog with a chronic leg injury, and the last thing I wanted was to feel like I made a mistake getting a special needs pup,” she said. “Dr. Teich didn’t beat around the bush about Gagne’s needs and was completely hilarious all while showing a ton of compassion for my little guy—I think I heard someone call him the Dr. House of vets and that’s not totally inaccurate, he’s just nicer. Gagne was nervous and sat on my lap the whole time, but Dr. Teich waited for him to warm up and was kind and gentle during his exam. We probably sat and chatted for 20 minutes after, too. He’s so personable and real, it was like talking to a friend who cared a ton about my dog. He [provided] samples of medicine and a tennis ball for G, which helped me save a little money and helped G open up a bit in the clinic. Whenever I leave they always follow up after to make sure G is doing well. Dr. Teich has earned my business for life, no question.”

“Being called Best Vet by clients, friends and visitors to the contest is humbling and warming to the heart,” Dr. Teich said. “I also believe the other doctors in the contest all deserve the title and prize of Best Vet as well. They are an amazing group of people with a loving clientele.”

Since 2010, Pets Best has recognized outstanding veterinarians just like Dr. Teich through its My Vet’s the Best Contest. Voting for the contest’s seasonal winners is open to the public through the Pets Best Facebook page, and each year’s grand prize winner is selected by an internal review panel comprised of respected veterinarians. For more information about the My Vet’s the Best contest, visit

Pharos Diagnostics Expands into Veterinary Diagnostics Market

The Pharos Diagnostics team is expanding and will be among the first diagnostic laboratories to offer mass spectrometry into the veterinary diagnostic market. Mass spectrometry is widely regarded as the most accurate and sensitive scientific method for measuring drugs, hormones and other analytes in both humans and animals. Additionally, Pharos Veterinary Diagnostics will be one of the few veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the country that will be operating under the guidelines of CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, the federal standard for laboratories that perform human diagnostics).

Technology improvements of the last decade haven’t been fully provided to the veterinary diagnostic market, according to Pharos Diagnostics. Veterinarians traditionally have had to choose between expensive, slow and sometimes inaccurate testing options whether performing testing in their office or through external providers, the company said. Especially when compared to their peers in human medicine, Pharos Diagnostics says veterinarians haven’t enjoyed the benefits of the advancements in diagnostic technology, and that its company is poised to fill this void.

The primary benefits to veterinarians will be more accurate testing, with faster turnaround time, in a more cost effective manner. The mass spectrometer platform employed by Pharos Diagnostics allows multiple tests to be performed using the same sample. That smaller sample can often be obtained using less intrusive methods, meaning less hassle for the veterinarian and a better experience for the pet and its owner.

As part of developing its world-class services offering, Pharos Veterinary Diagnostics is pleased to announce the addition of two renowned veterinarians to its scientific advisory board, Dr. Robert Murtaugh (DVM, MS, DACVIM, DACVECC, and FCCM) and Dr. Dale Paccamonti (DVM, MS, DACT).

Pharos Veterinary Diagnostics will support individual veterinarians as well as veterinary hospitals with specific outsourced testing requirements that can be efficiently provided by a laboratory experienced in more esoteric testing specialties. Initial testing services include several broad toxicology panels, wellness panels and a range of difficult to perform multiplexed tests that assist veterinarians in diagnosing complex metabolic or hormonal issues.

Banfield Pet Hospital’s 2016 Charitable Efforts Help 145,000 Pets In Need

In 2016, Banfield Pet Hospital cared for more than 2.5 million dogs and 500,000 cats through its network of more than 960 hospitals across the United States and Puerto Rico. But the company is, and always has been, more than a hospital network. Within and beyond its hospital walls, Banfield, along with its associates, partners and pet owners, continued to put its passion for pet well-being into practice with a year’s worth of community-focused initiatives. Each action added up to impact more than 145,000 pets in need across the country last year. Highlights from 2016 include:

  • Company-sponsored volunteerism: More than 2,800 Banfield associates volunteered over 11,500 hours in 144 U.S. cities, impacting more than 94,000 pets and people.
  • Disaster relief: Meeting the most acute needs, Banfield helped more than 5,000 impacted and displaced pets following catastrophic flooding in West Virginia and Louisiana.
  • Free veterinary care for shelter and rescue animals: Well-being became more accessible to more than 900 pets from 81 shelters who were treated by Banfield leading up to new hospital openings in 45 local communities.
  • Free veterinary care for pets in need: Banfield donated more than $230,000 in veterinary services to help 326 pets through its HOPE Funds program, which provides life-saving veterinary care to pets of critically low income pet owners.
  • Preventive care clinics: Veterinarians provided preventive pet care at 12 clinics, providing 760 pets with services including wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention, flea and tick treatment and more.
  • Environmental stewardship: Banfield’s new corporate headquarters received LEED* Platinum certification, the highest designation possible from the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition to other environmentally sustainable efforts, more than 4,200 trees were saved thanks to recycling within Banfield hospitals.
  • Banfield Foundation: In its second year, the foundation awarded more than $1.2 million in grants to support more than 140 pet-related non-profits, helping nearly 45,000 pets.

Beyond efforts directly impacting pets, Banfield also established the Banfield Better Together Fund, a nonprof­it established to help meet critical needs of associates in the aftermath of a natural or manmade disaster. Since its launch in September 2016, the nonprofit has already provided tax-free grants to several qualifying associates impacted by both floods and fire.

“At Banfield, Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond our individual commitments and programs—it is reflected in the heart of how we operate responsibly as a business,” said Vincent Bradley, Banfield president and CEO. “As we look ahead to 2017, I am excited to embark on another year of working together to impact the pets and people we serve, the com­munities where we live and work and the broader veterinary profession.”

Banfield is committed to using its unique resources, reach and relationships to improve the well-being of pets, people, communities and the veterinary profession. In February 2017, Banfield will release its full 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility report, including a comprehensive review of all charitable giving and community service programs.

For more information visit or

*The LEED rating system is the foremost program for buildings, homes and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained and operated for improved environmental and human health performance.


AKC to Open the Brick and Mortar AKC Canine Retreat

The American Kennel Club (AKC) announced that its new pet care space, AKC Canine Retreat, will have its grand opening in New York City on February 11. Located in the exclusive VIA 57WEST building at 625 West 57th St., the space is AKC’s venture into the premium pet care market.

This initiative marks a new chapter for the AKC brand as this is the first brick and mortar retail service in the organization’s 132-year history. The unique 4,000 square foot pet care facility, which will be an amenity for the building residents and will serve the dog owners in the neighborhood, offers a luxurious one-stop pet care experience.

“The AKC has a deep and unmatched wealth of expertise and credibility that is of great value to dog owners,” said Alexandra Aleskovsky, EVP and chief growth officer of the AKC. “The opportunity to join the rapidly expanding pet care segment is a natural step towards the future, progression and legacy of the AKC. The AKC Canine Retreat is the new standard in pet care.”

AKC Canine Retreat aims to create the ultimate dog experience and serve dogs better with extensively trained staff who are experts in breed behavior, using positive reinforcement training and leveraging AKC Canine Good Citzen Evaluators to help dogs become good city dwellers. The high-end facility will offer daycare, boarding, training, walking and premium spa grooming and bathing services. Prices range from $45-85 per day for daycare and boarding with unlimited day care and membership options available.

“Pet care, particularly boarding and grooming are important to busy dog owners,” said Mitch Marrow, chief operating officer of AKC Petcare LLC. “By combining our 130-plus years of experience with our love for dogs, we are able to create a safe place that gives their dogs the care they deserve.”

The AKC has signed a multi-year lease at the VIA 57WEST building, a beautiful, residential structure of groundbreaking design by Bjarke Ingles in one of New York’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

British Exhibitors to Unveil Products at Global

Several leading British suppliers of pet care products will be exhibiting their latest innovations on the British pavilion or individually at other booths at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, from March 22 to 24. The British exhibitor group is being organized for the seventh year running by the UK’s pet trade association, PetQuip.

Among the new products on show are home cooked pet food mixes, natural health supplements, dry shampoos, a high performance cooling coat for dogs, a dog bed with orthopedic memory foam fill, a new force in pet urine cleanup, dog food packaging and automated chicken coop door openers.

ChickenGuard (Booth 1270) is displaying its new and improved range of automated chicken coop door openers that provide protection against predators. The standard model is fitted with a timer only: the premium version has both a timer and light sensor and the extreme model is designed for heavy duty doors of up to 4 kilograms. The ChickenGuard door openers have been tried and tested by 35,000 users worldwide.

Doogie Stuff Group (Booth 1266) is exhibiting CSI URINE, which is described as a new force in pet urine cleanup. CSI URINE is a blend of natural bio-active enzymes, surfactants and plant extracts that attacks stains and odors at the molecular level to leave surfaces forensically clean.  The product has proven high-performing bio-enzymatic formulations and is non-toxic, 100 percent biodegradable and safe around humans and animals. The company is also exhibiting its widely used Litter Kwitter device that helps people train their cats to use a human toilet.  The product consists of a special white base plate (like an oversized toilet seat) plus three color-coded training discs. The product is supplied with a step-by-step training DVD and works by gradually introducing the cat to using the toilet through a simple three-step process.

Hilton Herbs (Booth 651) is showing its ranges of natural health supplements for dogs, cats, birds and poultry. The tried and tested FDA approved supplements support a variety of conditions that are common to dogs, cats, birds and poultry of all ages. The supplements comprise 100 percent premium natural ingredients with no fillers. The company offers free helpline expertise and easy online wholesale account set-up, with additional training and educational retailer support available.

Law Print & Packaging Management Ltd (Booth 1272) is displaying its ranges of bags for treats and foods that when unsealed will condition a dog to unconsciously associate the sound with being rewarded. The company has a dedicated team of specialists that spans the entire packaging supply chain including design, print, quality assurance and international logistics.

Max & Lucy (Booth 1169) is launching a dry shampoo range for dogs. The products are a 100 percent natural solution that provides a method of cleaning and freshening-up dogs without the need to use a single drop of water. The solution is particularly fast and convenient as it saves the hassle of giving a wet bath.

OGGI GB Inc (Booth 1167) is showing its 100 percent British biscuit and cake mixes that enable owners to bake their own home-cooked treats for their dogs. Made in the UK and now new to the USA with FDA approval, the Oggi’s Oven mixes are available in eight flavors, and  all ingredients are natural, free from additives and preservatives and are even human consumption approved. The Oggi’s Oven products are a healthy and fun way to treat a dog and provide a great way to involve children with the care of the family pet whilst at the same time teaching them domestic science skills. New for 2017 are Oggi’s Birthday and Christmas Gift Boxes, along with a brand new award winning invention “TRIKKA.”  Also on view will be prelaunch samples of a textile range which will include matching baking aprons for parents and children, a children’s chef hat among other products.

PetQuip (Booth 1268) is the International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers. The PetQuip team assists and promotes the development of international trade in the pet equipment sector, providing a catalyst for business contact between manufacturers, suppliers and international buyers around the world. As part of its free UK pet product sourcing service to overseas buyers, PetQuip has published a PetQuip Buyers’ Guide, which includes a directory of members’ product ranges, and copies will be available to all buyers visiting the PetQuip booth.

Scruffs (Booth 3445) is showing its comprehensive collections of dog bedding designed in the UK. Scruffs Luxurious dog bedding combines innovation with stylish design and includes beds that are eco-friendly, self-heating, orthopedic and water-resistant. New for 2017 is the Scruffs ArmourDillo, a bed that combines an extremely durable and waterproof cover with an orthopedic memory foam fill.

Trilanco Ltd (Booth 1171) is a British brand that is best known for its high performance cooling coat for dogs. The product cools without wetting the dog, making it ideal for show dogs as well as pets. In addition to the coat, the range contains the Grooming Towel, which reduces grooming times by up to 60 percent, and a Cooling Mat. There is also a collection of sprays, shampoos and cleaners that kill 99.9999 percent of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The range is being expanded to include equine products.


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