Are You Ready For Some Puppy Bowl!?

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Note: Pet Age is accepting submissions till Noon on January 31st.

Here at Pet Age, we are extremely excited for Animal Planet’s 2014 Puppy Bowl. We are so excited in fact, we decided to do our own fantasy league. Want to play? It’s easy!

First, check out the starting lineups on Animal Planet’s site.

Second, pick your starting lineup.

Third, take a screen shot of your team and send it to our assistant editor with a sentence of who you are and your company or store if you’re with one and we will put it up on our website.

Lastly, watch and enjoy the puppy bowl while watching your team score points (here is the score sheet) and earn bragging rights against the rest of the Pet Age 2014 Puppy Bowl Fantasy League.

Once your team is up, we encourage friendly competition in the comments below.

And then, use the hashtag #petagefantasy along with #puppybowl to tweet with us and other competitors prior to, and during the Puppy Bowl.

First up, Michelle Maskaly: Editor-in-Chief of Pet Age magazine.

Second, Jason Kamery: Assistant Editor of Pet Age magazine

Third, Brianne Molnar: Account Executive for Pet Age magazine

Fourth, Meredith Schneider: PetPR.com Manager and senior account executive at Fetching Communications

Fifth, Alyx Ricke and Bella: Avid Readers of Pet Age magazine

Sixth, Maggie Marton: Dog writer for Pet Age magazine

Seventh, Christie Zizo: Runs LifeWithBeagle.com – a pet trends, lifestyle and beagle blog.

Eighth, Felissa Elfenbein: Blogger for twolittlecavaliers.com

Ninth, Laura F.: Reader

Tenth, Nancy Hassel: Founder and President of Long Island Pet Professionals, LLC.

Eleventh,Beckie Tomala: VP at Matrix Parnters

Twelfth, Kerry Sutherland: Principal of K. Sutherland PR

Thirteenth, Sarah Hinckley: Assistant Account Manager for K. Sutherland PR

Fourteenth, Caroline Golon: Founder of High Paw Media and creator of www.crayonsandcollars.com 

Fifteenth, Rachel Phelps: Publisher of PrestonSpeaks.com

Sixteenth,Lauren Darr: Founder of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals

Seventeenth, Erin Terjesen: PR/Marketing Partner & Pet Lover, Propel Communications

Eighteenth,Sharon Waters: Reader of Pet Age magazine

Nineteenth, Rachel Hoffnagle: Avid Reader of Pet Age magazine

Twentieth, Missy Chehi:Fan of Pet Age

Twenty-first, Stacy Mantle: Writer for Pet Age and founder of PetsWeekly.com 

Twenty-Second, Karen Alley: Writer for Pet Age magazine

Twenty-third, Pepper: Pepper’s Paws

Twenty-fourth, Impetus: * Note from Impetus*

After careful analysis of all the entire draft class, we have assembled an elite team of puppies based upon their ability to fill stat sheets and fit within our west-coast system. Come game day, their performance will be so epic that history will remember those watching not as spectators of a sporting event, but instead as witnesses of divine perfection.

Twenty-fifth, Kristy Boulos, Vice president, account supervisor of Matrix Partners

Twenty-sixth: Malia

Twenty-Seventh, Danielle: Researcher at NJBIZ

Twenty-Eighth, Francesca: Service and Marketing Manager at Pet Store Websites

Twenty-nineth, Kyle: Marketing Specialist at Pet Store Websites

Thirtieth, Kyra: Marketing Specialist at Pet Store Websites

Thirty-First, Leeann: Marketing specialist at Pet Store Websites

Thirty-Second, Lori: Marketing Specialist at Pet Store Websites

Thirty-Third, Janet: Service and Production Manager at Pet Store Websites

Thirty-Fourth, Tiffany: Marketing Specialist at Pet Store Websites

Thirty-Fifth, Jacquie: Marketing Specialist at Pet Store Websites

Thirty-Sixth, Brandy: Editor for The Dogington Post

Thirty-Seventh, Beth: Co-Owner of Harper & Hound-Coordinating jewelry for doggies and their divas!

Thirty-Eighth, Nicole: Designer NJBIZ

Thirty-Ninth, Ashlee: PR Manager for Matrix

Fortieth, Kim: PRCoordinator at Matrix Partners

Forty-First, Kelly: Co-Founder of Harper & Hound

Forty-Second, Kerian: Support Coordinator Manager for Pet360

Forty-Third, Tamara: Barker for www.thebarktorialist.com

Forty-Forth, Anne:Audience Development Manager for NJBIZ

9 Responses to “Are You Ready For Some Puppy Bowl!?”

  1. Brianne

    Jan 16. 2014

    Third?!?! I don’t think so…my team is going to be #1

    Reply to this comment
  2. Jason Kamery

    Jan 16. 2014

    I am not saying that my team is the best but …. it’s the best.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Brianne

    Jan 16. 2014

    You’re going down Jay…August is gonna RUFF you up!

    Reply to this comment
  4. Jason Kamery

    Jan 16. 2014

    Brianne, your bark is way bigger than your bite.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Michelle Maskaly

    Jan 16. 2014

    Sorry, guys. I hate to break this to you but neither of you are going to #1. My team is going to kick butt!!!

    Reply to this comment
  6. Erin Terjesen

    Jan 17. 2014

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to rock some Puppy-licious Bowl action in a couple weeks.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Laura Simms

    Jan 17. 2014

    So am I the ” Laura – reader” listed here?

    Reply to this comment
  8. Jason Kamery

    Jan 17. 2014

    Laura – I haven’t received anything from you yet!!!

    Reply to this comment
  9. Stacy

    Jan 20. 2014

    I think the boxer pup is the fave to win!

    Reply to this comment

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