Midwestern Grocery Store Wants Your Products

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Made in USA Certified partnered with Daymon Worldwide to to get your product on the shelves of a major Midwestern grocery store in a special end cap kiosk dedicated to pet products Made in USA.

To qualify, the products must be able to stock the shelves in inventory and be Made in USA Certified.

The promo pricing for it ends Feb. 20, 2014 with an anticipated roll out March 1.

For information, contact Suzanne Bower at suzanne@madeinusa.net or Meris Thomas at meris@madeinusa.net or call 561-279-2855.

One Response to “Midwestern Grocery Store Wants Your Products”

  1. Amy Hickox Nadash

    Feb 05. 2014

    Aromalettes is the first and only Single Use – Pet-Friendly – Dry Fragrance on the market! It’s easy to use…simply peel back from the corner, rub on your pet and dispose, leaving your pet smelling their best. It’s no mess, no hassle and dog and even cat lovers enjoy the subtle scent for longer time. In December, we received a 2013 Pet Business Magazine Industry Recognition Award. http://petbusiness.com/articles/2013-12-02/A-Celebration-of-Innovation

    The 4 initial Aromalettes scents are:

    • Sporty Day – A woodsy musk scent for those pets on the go
    • Lavender Hills – A soft calming scent that anxious pets will love
    • Tropical Sunset – A sweet hint of the tropics and pina coladas
    • Evening Primrose – A subtle hint of spring time

    Our product is sold in convenient packs of 12 (MSRP $9.99). Pet parents can keep and use them anywhere to quickly “refresh” their pet (purse, car glove compartment, pocket or nightstand to name a few places). The dry micro-encapsulated fragrance oil is gently rubbed on the pet’s fur and is immediately absorbed (making it safer than wet fragrances which can penetrate the skin). A subtle scent results and since the fragrance doesn’t evaporate like spray scents, the pet will continue to smell great for hours not minutes. The fragrance is not intended to be smelled when a pet passes by, but rather when they are picked up and loved.

    Pet pampering is one of the fastest growing pet area and Aromalettes are a great way to pamper the pet and the pet owner. I would be happy to send you samples to try.

    Amy Hickox Nadash
    President, Scents Fur You, LLC
    820 W Central Ave., #264
    Davidsonville, MD 21035
    (410) 870-9533

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