Distinctive Dog Treats Now Available Through Animal Supply Company

Animal Supply Company, a pet supply distributor based in Federal Way, Wash., added Distinctive Dog treats to their selection of quality pet products.

Distinctive Dog currently has six locations in the Western United States, retailers can now purchase Distinctive Dog treats through Animal Supply Company in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

“We are excited to offer Distinctive Dog Treats to an expanding list of retailers across the country,” Tamra Johnson, owner of Distinctive Dog, said. “We believe the more healthy choices consumers have for their pets, the longer and happier lives they will experience. Animal Supply Company shares our values for healthy pets and quality, and we look forward to providing retailers with convenient options for sourcing our products.”

Distinctive Dog was formed in 2010 and in 2012 reformulated their products to include virgin coconut oil and coconut flour. Virgin coconut oil provides a wide variety of benefits including helping with energy, weight loss and thyroid health. It also helps with a dog’s skin and coat, digestion, bone health, metabolic function and immune system support.

“I strive to translate my own healthy eating habits to our dogs,” Johnson said. “I started using coconut oil when cooking for our family and then researched the benefits of coconut oil for dogs. Specifically, virgin coconut oil provides so many healthy benefits for dogs I was compelled to use it in our products.”

Merrick Pet Care Partners With PAWS Chicago

Merrick Pet Care has joined with PAWS Chicago to be the exclusive partner to provide Chicago’s homeless pets with food.

Starting Dec. 1, Merrick Pet Care will provide PAWS Chicago with quality pet food for all of PAWS’ homeless pets.

“PAWS Chicago is committed to ensuring the health and happiness of every pet in our adoption program,” Paula Fasseas, PAWS Chicago founder, said. “We are proud to provide the pets in our care with Merrick pet food during their stay and provide a foundation of health and nutrition that we hope will continue for the rest of their lives.”

Merrick will also help each new family kick-off a healthy at home eating program by arming each adopter with a supply of dry food for the transition to their new home.

“PAWS Chicago has a proven record of helping pets in need and we are pleased to partner with them to feed homeless pets awaiting their forever homes,” Greg Shearson, CEO of Merrick Pet Care, Inc., said. “Together, we can better help pets not only survive, but thrive through feeding them more wholesome, natural and nutritious foods.”

Clipping Nails Ranks at Top of Customer Requests

Get a group of groomers together and they will talk shop, and just how important nail care is to pet owners is a common thread.

Groomers say that when they ask a customer what sort of hair style is desired, the answer is almost always, “will you cut his nails?” Though this somewhat odd response makes stylists smile, because it shows that dog, and cat, claws rank high on the list of what is important to the human on the other end of the leash.

“One of the main things that customers mention is getting the nails trimmed, and they will very often ask if the nail trimming is included in the price,” Sean Dowling, owner of Sean Patrick’s Pet Spa, in Maryland, said. “We include trimming automatically with every groom, but buffing the nail may come at an additional fee. I notice that people don’t always know if the nails are in need of care, the just know they should ask us to check them and take care of them if necessary.”

Dogs, and cats, are not always fans of having their claws cared for, but having claws properly manicured is important. Overly long nails can effect how the paw contacts the ground as the pet moves, causing misaligned joints and discomfort. Dew claws, left untrimmed, can actually grown into the pets skin, creating painful sores.

“We clip and buff all dog nails at The Grooming Salon,” Nancy Pasco, a stylist there, said.

Nail buffing smoothes sharp edges that may be left after merely trimming the nail, and allows the groomer to get the nail as short as possible. Rotary grinding tools are popular with groomers. The battery operated variety is handy because not only is there no cord to deal with, but if the tool accidentally comes in contact with pet hair, the unit will normally slow or stop before serious damage is done.

Most groomers choose to use coarse sandpaper bands when working on pet nails, as they are not prone to getting as hot as some of the grinding stones do.

“To safely buff nails on long haired dogs, use panty hose or a child’s sock and push the nails through the weave to work on them,” Carol Visser, owner of Two Canines Pet Services in Maine, said. “You can hold the hair back in the stocking while holding the foot and it doesn’t get in the way.

“I recommend not getting the nails wet before buffing, they become too soft.”

She also suggests this tip, “we do nails on most big dogs in the tub for better control.”

Many dogs feel slightly less secure in the confines of the bath tub than they do on the floor or even on a grooming table, and behave a bit better for their “manicure” if it is performed there.

Getting a Trim

Most stylists have a favorite nail trimmer, and for many it is the Aussie Dog model.

“They are modeled after similar trimmers on the market, which were originally designed to cut cable,” Bob Edman, owner of Aussie Dog, said. “I have these made specifically for pets with special steel and they have a super edge on them, which can be easily sharpened.”

Using very sharp nail trimmers is important because a dull trimmer puts crushing pressure on the nail before cutting, causing the pet discomfort. The Aussie Dog trimmers are also designed with a smaller handle than found on some of the competitors trimmers.

“Most groomers are women, and these fit their hands better,” Edman said.

Beyond basic shorting of the pets nail, the trend towards decorating claws is on the rise.

Warren London nail pens were voted new product of the year and were the recipient of the prestigious Barkleigh Award in 2012.

“We offer water based polish pens that are low odor, very safe and non toxic,” Eric Bittman, president and CEO, said.  “They come in 11 colors, seven basic colors and a new neon collection of four.  Because they are in pen form with a fine tip, they are great for nail art.”

The company’s website, www.warrenlondon.com, shows many photos of incredibly intricate designs done on nails with these pens, and even offers a “how to” video by famed creative stylist Dawn Omboy. The polish dries in seconds, a huge bonus when dealing with wiggly pups.

There are other unique products available for paw care as well.

Pampered pets can get their toes treated with deep cleaning Paw Fizz tablets that Bittman says are, “anti microbial, fighting bacteria and fungus, and helping with yeast infections.”

After getting those paws super clean, groomers can apply Grapeseed Oil Paw Revitalizer to soothe dry, cracked pads.

Taking care of pets nails is an important part of the grooming process, and there are many excellent tools available to make this part of a stylists job easier, and even more colorful.

Functional, Fashionable and Fun

Dog clothing is a very broad topic that attracts a wide range of customers for a variety of different reasons.

For some, it’s purely cosmetic. They want to dress their dog in a costume for a special occasion, like a Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day or a birthday. For others, it’s about functionality, style or necessity. And some, just do it for fun.

The good news about this for retailers is that clothing is an accessory that can be sold year round as long as retailers keep up with the trends going on in the world.

“When a movie comes out like Man of Steel this year, it certainly affects the sales,” Erin Breig, top dog at Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique, said. “Superman pet costumes is one of our top sellers. Even the celebrations, such as the Wizard of Oz celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and we have seen a lot of interest in the Wizard of Oz costumes.”

While Halloween is obviously the top time to sell pet costumes, it’s not the only time. Breig said she has seen high sales during Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras and birthdays.

“We came out with 100 new styles this year,” Breig said. “That includes accessories, costumes and licensed goods. The one thing that does make us stand out is that we carry the top licenses. We are also one of the only places you will see a full line of mix and match accessories for pets.”

Accessories have become extremely popular during any parade and celebration, such as St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras and is a great time to boost sales at a pet store.

Also, retailers need to be prepared for cultural events that happen that you couldn’t plan for.

“With Halloween, something can happen and all of a sudden everyone wants to dress up for it,” Breig said. “We might know a movie is coming out and we plan for it, but there is a lot you can’t plan for. One example is Miley Cyrus at the VMAs going crazy. We couldn’t plan for that. We know people will dress up like her now, and while we don’t have the licensed products for it we may see that a blonde wig is selling really well.

“Also, last year when there were comments about big bird in the Republican party and all of that, all of a sudden that costume, which we don’t carry, we saw selling at some of our retailers. It’s really about what’s going on in the world and the movies we plan for.”


Legitimutt looks toward the fashion runways from around the world when they design their collections, such as their warm plaids, sporty techno fabrics and even some luxe items like ultra suede, Boucle and Alpaca.

“Legitimutt’s supple leather collars and leashes come in an array of bright colors as well as we have a new embossed collection of chic Croc leather collars and leashes in red, black and navy,” Brian Long from Legitimutt said. “I think one of the main things that sets us apart from the rest of the pack is that we are 100 percent Made in America. All of our merchandise is designed and manufactured in Florida. We use fine fabrics and finishes and we strive to always create sophisticated merchandise that is never kitchy.”

Melissa Corrigan, fashion pet divisional manager for Ethical Pet Products, said the recent trend in dog clothing follows human fashion, bright colors, plaids, patterns and stripes.

“The human trend is interpreted in appropriately for pet and must include functional aspects such as waterproof fabric and warm linings,” Corrigan said. “Sweaters are a key category for pets, they are warm and easy to fit a wide range of dog sizes.”

Corrigan also said the trend in pet fashion is moving to a more basic and functional look that appeal to both small and larger dog owners. It is important to have apparel that the owner can relate to and looks similar to the type of clothing they themselves might wear.

Also, pet clothing has another extremely important feature.

“Pajama’s are an important category,” Corrigan said. “They provide warmth and comfort and for dogs that sleep with their owners, it prevents fur and dirt from getting on the bed.”
For example, PetRageous Designs, founded by Gretchen George, offers a variety of pajamas, including thermal ones. In addition, they offer nonskid socks.

Food Follows Human Trends

Dog food is continuously evolving. There is always something new that is trending, and it can be a lot to keep up with.

Every brand of food has something different to offer the market, which is good because consumers are always looking for something unique, and tailored to their pet’s specific needs.

Many look for certain specifications such as, amount of protein, whether or not it’s grain free, the level of antioxidants or what type of food trial it has been though. Whatever the case, it’s important to keep on top of the trends to not only make sure customers are getting exactly what they want and need, but also so you can be knowledgeable about the latest products available.

In general, pet food trends tend to follow the same ones that human food trends take. One of the biggest right now is being more health conscious.

“As a society, we are becoming more health conscious; this is also reflected in what we are feeding our pets,” Brad Armistead, vice president of marketing for DOGSWELL, said. “Pet parents are trading up to natural and healthy food and treats for their pet family members.

“Additionally, grain-free food and treats are also gaining momentum as pet parents adopt diets for their pets that are more aligned with ones that they would naturally eat. We see this evolving into low glycemic diets for pets. According to the Glycemic Research Institute, not only do low glycemic diets align with the natural diets of cats and dogs, but avoiding high glycemic foods can also help control weight and reduce the risk of many diseases.”

DOGSWELL has come out with a line of food for dogs called LiveFree. It’s an ultra low glycemic food to align with a dog’s natural diet which prevents spikes in blood sugar levels, supports slower digestion and sustains a dog’s energy.

“A glycemic rating under 55 is considered low and LifeFree’s dry food recipes range from 9-11 while our canned food ranges from 3.5-3.6,” Armistead said. “We have put the glycemic index rating for each LiveFree product on every bag and can so that consumers can easily locate them.”

Holly Sher, the president of Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company, said consumers are recognizing that nutrition-packed superfoods recommended for their own diets are just as beneficial for their four-legged friends.

“Ingredients like spinach, kale and probiotics, rising in popularity at human farmers markets, are also trending in the pet food aisles,” Sher said. “Retailers are looking to offer their customers high-quality foods, as well as brands that feature easy to read package/label designs that immediately identify key nutritional benefits for the consumer.”

Evanger’s added USA farm-fresh spinach and kale to its Super Premium line of Canned Dog Foods.

“With high amounts of fiber, calcium, protein and Vitamins A, C and K, no other vegetable source can match these leafy-green wonders,” Sher said. “Spinach and kale have many antioxidant properties that guard against inflammatory diseases, cancer and some cardiovascular problems. Kale in particular is also helpful in detoxifying the liver, as kale juice has antibacterial properties.”

Giving Them Options

As manufacturers come out with these new products, it has become even more important to make sure their packaging explains clearly what the product is offering and hits on all the main points, but without it becoming overwhelming for the consumer.

“Consumers are often confused by the barrage of different brands and SKUs filling pet store shelves, each claiming to be better than the others for a variety of ‘marketing’ reasons, not based on good nutritional science,” Ron Jackson, assistant to the president of Hi-Tek Rations, said. “Our products cover a wide range of needs and provide consumers with value-oriented solutions to their nutritional quests as well as super premium foods formulated for consumers where budget is not an option.”

Hi-Tek has a new line of food, the Leonard Powell Signature Series Dog Foods.

“The new family of super premium foods includes three distinct groupings of product including Exotics, Classics and baked formulas,” Jackson said. “The Exotic line includes Open Prairie Formula With Bison, a Grain Free food in which bison is the first ingredient served in a mix that includes apples, carrots, tomato pomace, blueberries and pre- and probiotics and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids including DHA.” Bryan Nieman, the brand director of Fromm, said all Fromm Four-Star entrees are prepared in small batches ensuring consistent quality and superior taste.

Because of this, Neiman said the products have been very well received.

“Our customers are excited to have another unique recipe that’s not only highly palatable but addresses pets that may have certain dietary intolerances such as chicken, grains and potato,” Neiman said. “They’re also enamored with the bold pink Polynesian packaging that features a hibiscus flower pattern while maintaining our iconic Four-Star branded look.”

Looking toward the future, Fromm will continue to find creative ways for formulating new and interesting recipes for dogs and cats.

“We are able to meet the needs of customers, respond to trends within the pet industry and create a line that is complimentary, interchangeable and nutritionally complete for pets,” Neiman said. “We are always cooking up new recipes and are looking forward to announcing our newest additions in 2014.”

Launched in 2003, Fromm Four-Star Nutritonals was the first gourmet variety-driven pet food on the market.

“Our artisan recipes are not only unique but deliver variety and choice for both dogs and cats,” Nieman said. “Each interchangeable recipe uses the highest inclusions of meat, fruits and vegetables.”


Marie Moody, president and founder of Stella & Chewy’s, said many people own dogs who have allergies. This helped lead to the  creation of their new flavors, of Phenomenally Pheasant, Rabbit and Venice.

“All of our exotics are single protein and the meat themselves are anti biotic free and hormone free,” Moody said. “It’s also highly palatable, dogs seem to love it. And in general people are really open to trying these new exotic flavors because they are looking for both variety but also we have a lot of people that have dogs that have allergies.

“These new exotic proteins are ‘hypo allergenic’  in the sense that they don’t seem to be exasperating allergies and they have been really helpful for dogs that can’t have chicken, or some are allergic to beef. With the Rabbit, Venicine and Pheasent, they are not flavored with proteins that are in some of the more conventional pet foods so they are less likely to cause pet allergies.”

Boosting Sales

Precise Pet Products Executive Vice President Kirk Young said that independent stores should be doing more community based events marketing, utilizing pet food as the main sponsor of events.

“Retailers now have to give a reason for consumers to stop and come in to the stores, something fun, compelling that attracts the consumer,” Young said. “If you try to promote on price or couponing, it may work short term but again, big box wins in those types of competitions.”

Precise is found only in pet stores.

“I think it is imperative that independent pet stores stock shelves with brands only found in independent pet stores now more than ever,” Young said. “The smoke and mirror pitch that having brands everywhere brings in customers is false. Consumers are shopping for the best deal, and big box will always win the price wars.”

Zeroing In On Aquatics

It was several years in the making, but when it finally happened, the first Aquatic Experience Chicago, produced by the World Pet Association, was by all measurable means a success. 

“It exceeded expectations,” Doug Poindexter, president of the World Pet Association, said on the last day of the three-day event held at the Schaumburg Convention Center, just outside of Chicago. “Talking with vendors, retailers and consumers, it was more than they expected from all standpoints. It created a really good foundation for the show to take off.”

The goal of the show was threefold, a trade event that attracted retailers, a show that brought in advanced hobbyists and great speakers and an event that drew families, he explained.

Although final attendance numbers were not immediately available, initial estimates showed they well surpassed their estimated goal of 2,000 attendees by more than 1,000. There were over 100 retailers who pre-registered for the event, which translated to about 400 people, because many of them, especially local ones, brought multiple people from their stores.

For example, Christopher Hall, the manager of Wilmette Pet Center, brought two of his employees to the show with him, while others from the store attended the day before.

Hall said they use the show as a learning experience, as well as to see what’s new.

“We are focused on the consumer,” Hall said. “So, I want them to learn from the vendors. Learn the terms, hear that enthusiasm that they have when dealing with customers.”

There were two important trends those attending the show continually pointed out; the need for an aquatics-only event and getting younger generations involved in the hobby.

“It is a great opportunity especially for stores, because they get to see both salt and fresh water in one place,” Poindexter said, explaining that at other large industry trade shows there is such a focus on dog and cat products that the aquatics get lost.

As Aaron Kline from Acurel pointed out, a hybrid show like this can create a positive manufacturer, retail, consumer cycle.

“For retailers, they get to see a lot of products they may have never seen before, that maybe their sales rep hasn’t shown them,” he said. “For the consumer, we give them a sample of something, they use it and like it and then go back to their local store and ask, ‘do you have that?’ It gives everyone an opportunity to try things out.”

Zeb Hogan, aquatic ecologist and host of National Geographic’s “Monster Fish,” was the keynote speaker during a special banquet the second day of the show.

“There is an underlying passion for fish that I don’t see very often,” Hogan said of the event and those that attended it.

In an effort to pass that passion on to the next generation, there were activities geared directly to children, including a kid’s aquarium contest.

Sponsored by Seachem and United Pet Group, kids were challenged to design a fish freshwater aquarium that reflects their personality or showcases their favorite hobby.

Pet Food Experts Expands

Pet Food Experts, a pet food and supply distributor, is expanding by building a 170,000-square-foot facility on 18.9 acres of land in Denver, Penn.

“Our new facility will allow us to drastically increase efficiency, reduce our environmental impact, and most importantly, allow us to keep up with the strong growth and support of our independent retailers in the region,” Michael Baker, CEO, said.

The bigger distribution center will also accommodate their expanding portfolio of super premium and holistic pet food brands including the increasingly popular frozen pet foods.

Glenn J. Frill, president of Professional Design and Construction, said that while the building’s footprint will be 170,000-square-feet, a mezzanine would boost the total square footage to 197,000-square-feet.

The building is being designed so it could be expanded by an additional 58,000 square feet, Frill said.

Construction of the facility, which will be located at 561 S. Muddy Creek Rd., is expected to be complete in late 2014.

Pet Food Experts expanded to Lancaster, Penn. in 2011,  occupying a building measuring 108,000-square-feet.

All 30 of Pet Food Experts’ current local workforce will be offered jobs at the new location, and once the new building is complete, at least 30 new jobs will be added, Jim Alden, CFO, said.


Cherrybrook Acquires Bird Dawg Embroidery

Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies, a supplier of show dog and pet products, acquired Bird Dawg Embroidery, a comprehensive supplier of canine breed-specific embroidered apparel and accessories for people.

“This acquisition really makes sense, because Bird Dawg and Cherrybrook share the values and reputation of high quality products, personalized service and an exceptional customer experience,” Roy Loomis, president of New Jersey-based Cherrybrook, said.  “We are pleased to be able to continue to bring these popular products to our audience with a seamless transition of the business.”

Bird Dawg Embroidery was founded in Pennsylvania in 1998 by Sharon and Fred Grasso, specializing in providing custom embroidery designs of more than 400 dog breeds, from Affenpinscher to Yorkie, on a wide variety of clothing and accessories. The couple decided to retire this year, but wanted their business to live on in the hands of a partner with a strong alignment in the dog show community, according to a press release.

“We have worked with Cherrybrook’s owners, Claudia and Roy Loomis, and their staff for many years, and we are confident that they are the perfect choice to carry our vision forward,” Sharon Grasso said.

The custom embroidered products are available online at www.cherrybrook.com, in Cherrybrook’s retail stores and in the company’s mobile unit at dog shows like The Westminster Kennel Club in New York City and The AKC Eukanuba National Championship in Philadelphia.

Cherrybrook is an award-winning retailer and the exclusive sponsor of the American Kennel Club’s online store. It caters to show dog handlers, groomers and pet owners since its founding in 1969.

Push to Allow Pets on Amtrak

The Pets on Trains Act of 2013 would allow pets to join their owners on Amtrak, providing a new mode of transportation for the estimated 29.1 million Americans who have traveled with a pet in the past 3 years.

Pets are currently not allowed on Amtrak, but are allowed on trains, including NJ Transit and the New York Subway system.

“Pets on Trains is a simple, common-sense bill that would save millions of pet owners time and money and allow them to bring beloved companions along when traveling via train,” Congressman Jeff Denham (R-CA), said.  “My French bulldog, Lily, is part of our family and travels with us all the time, we never want to leave her behind.”

H.R. 2066 proposes, Amtrak must designate a “pet car” on each train that has more than one car;  trip cannot be more than 750 miles;  pets must be crated; pet kennels are to be stowed as per Amtrak baggage policies and additional fees are required.

“The pet industry embraces Pets on Trains legislation because we understand the benefits traveling together has to pet owners, as well as the pets themselves,” Mike Canning, president & CEO of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, said. “Legislation like this also brings together two powerhouse industries as economic generators – and will have a positive effect on the economies of cities along the rail route.”

Pet owners and advocates can help influence Congress by going directly to http://www.pijac.org/pet-alerts/house-bill-track-allow-pets-trains and following the prompts to contacting their elected representatives on Capitol Hill.

Congressman Denham, is the sponsor of H.R. 2066. It is co-sponsors Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), Rep. John Campbell (R-CA).

A companion bill, S.B. 1710, was introduced in the Senate by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council is comprised of members of the pet industry, nationwide, including pet food and pet supply manufacturers, veterinarians, retailers, pet day care and boarding facilities, groomers among others.  PIJAC provides its members a voice in state and national legislative issues and has supported pro-pet legislation and regulations for forty years.

Publisher to Be Honored at Global Pet Expo

Connie Wilson, the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Modern Dog and Modern Cat, will be the 2014 recipient of Global Pet Expo’s annual “Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry Award.”

“Connie’s true passion for pets and their well being comes through in all that she’s accomplished,” Bob Vetere, president and CEO of APPA, said. “Her magazines and websites are just another way for her to share in the love we have for our pets to be active and enthusiastic group of people, which is the true essence of this award. We congratulate her on her contribution to the industry and the pet-loving population.”

Wilson will accept the award March 13 in Orlando, Fla. at the Purina Media Reception during the Global Pet Expo, presented by the American Pet Products Association and Pet Industry Distributors Association.

This media exclusive event is held in conjunction with Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual tradeshow, taking place March 12-14, at the Orange County Convention Center.

Bailey’s Choice Recalls Treats

Bailey’s Choice recalled its 5 ounce packages of chicken treats, because they have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella, according to the FDA.

The Bailey’s Choice Dog Treats included in this expanded recall are the following 5 ounce packages of dog treats:

  • 100  Chicken Treat, lot # “Jun 2 2013” sold in Georgia only
  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # “Jun 3 2013” sold in Georgia only
  • 100% Chicken Breast Treat, lot # “Jun 4 2013” sold in Georgia only
  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # “Jun 15 2013” sold in Georgia only
  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # “Jul 8 2013” sold in Georgia only
  • 100% Chicken Treat, lot # “Jul 11 2013” sold in Georgia only
  • 100% Teriyaki Chicken Treat, lot # 132881 sold in Georgia and North Carolina

Consumers who have purchased the 5 ounce packages of Bailey’s Choice chicken treats are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a refund. Consumers with questions may contact Bailey’s at 770-881-0526 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST.


Putney Makes Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500

Putney, Inc., a rapidly growing pet pharmaceutical company focused on the development and sale of generic prescription medicines for pets, ranked number 290 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, life sciences, telecommunications and media companies in North America.

The company qualified for the recognition as a biotech/pharma company using its proprietary intellectual property in developing FDA approved veterinary generics to drive revenue growth of 304 percent.

“Putney has invested millions of dollars in R&D to develop FDA approved generics of expensive branded veterinary drugs,” Jean Hoffman, president and CEO, said. “We are the only companion animal health company that is focused entirely on developing and commercializing veterinary generics, to help make pet healthcare more affordable.”

Aratana Therapeutics Adds to Management Team

Aratana Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the licensing, development and commercialization of innovative medications for pets, appointed Craig Tooman as chief financial officer and John C. Ayres as its general counsel.

“Aratana has grown considerably over the past year, having successfully completed our initial public offering in June and now, with the acquisition of Vet Therapeutics, becoming a commercial company,” Steven St. Peter, president and CEO, said. “The appointments of Craig Tooman and John Ayres, both highly experienced commercial biopharmaceutical executives, will substantially enhance our strategy to establish Aratana as the industry leader in pet therapeutics.”

Louise Mawhinney, former CFO of Aratana, will remain with the company.

Chuck & Don’s Names New CFO

Thomas Murphy was named chief financial officer and integrator at Chuck & Don’s, a destination pet supply store with locations in Minnesota and Colorado.

In this position, Murphy will oversee the Chuck & Don’s finance, information technology and human resources departments.

“Tom’s strength is in helping organizations understand their business model, creating a framework to improve the business process, and achieving established goals,” Bob Hartzell, chief executive officer said. “Tom has a great deal of experience working with mid-size companies who are experiencing emerging growth, like Chuck & Don’s. This experience will help Chuck & Don’s continue to grow and improve while ensuring we don’t lose sight of our core values and the qualities that make us unique.”

Prior to joining Chuck & Don’s, Murphy served as the vice president of finance at FMG Tsumura, CFO and vice president of administration at Everest Medical Corporation, executive vice president and CFO at Gyrus Group and most recently, CFO at Corval Group.


New Line of Luxury Pet Products

Renowned pet furniture designer, Corey Drew, introduced, Architect Pets, a new line of luxury pet items.

The Architect Pets line currently features luxury dog beds, pet feeders, cat scratchers and will later expand to include exclusive pet toys, carriers and other must-have accessories for the pet and home.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the pet industry with the staple pieces of our brand, which are designed to withstand the test of time through both their visual appeal and craftsmanship,” Drew, CEO and chief design officer of Architect Pets, said.

Drew was approached by his now invested manufacturing partner to develop a new brand of pet furniture and accessories. This ultimately led to the formation of The Urban Design Group. Over the next few months, Drew worked to gather a network of talented individuals within the creative and diverse city of Savannah to assist him in building The Urban Design Group’s first exclusive brand, Architect Pets.


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