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ZIWI Invests to Grow Venison Category in U.S.

Pet Age Staff//February 27, 2020//

ZIWI Invests to Grow Venison Category in U.S.

Pet Age Staff //February 27, 2020//

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ZIWI USA Inc. announced a price decrease for its ZIWI Peak Venison air-dried range from March 1, 2020, as a result of a reduction in New Zealand Venison prices. “The new pricing will give retailers the ability to lower shelf pricing and help their customers to solve protein-related allergy or food sensitivity issues at a much more attractive price. With no change to the recipe, this nutrient-dense limited ingredient option has 4700kcal/kg and delivers a cost-effective daily feeding serving size amongst venison products. We see this as a three-way win. Pet guardians will be able to save more at the till, their pets will thrive on the benefits of this high-quality recipe, and our retail customers will grow sales and profits from this high-value product,” said Mary Helen Horn, president of ZIWI USA.