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WPA’s Future Support of PIJAC at Risk

Michelle Maskaly//September 8, 2014//

WPA’s Future Support of PIJAC at Risk

Michelle Maskaly //September 8, 2014//

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In a press release issued late Monday night the World Pet Association released a pointed statement about the recent hiring of Ed Sayres as the newly appointed president and CEO of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

The statement read:

“The World Pet Association (WPA) and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) have worked in tandem for over four decades in an effort to ensure pets are available and well-taken care of by their owners and the industry as a whole. Recent actions by the PIJAC Board have WPA concerned that PIJAC may be at a crossroads with WPA’s mission. As an association, WPA is committed to facilitating quality interactions between pet suppliers and pet owners, as well as providing educational opportunities to create healthier, happier pets and a more productive pet industry.

Out of respect for their relationship and the great work PIJAC has done in the past, WPA will honor its 2014 funding commitment; however, future partnership in 2015 and beyond will be reconsidered as events unfold. WPA wants to ensure they are supporting efforts aligned with their goal to further the well-being of live animals as well as the pet industry as a whole.