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WPA Selects Keynote Speaker for Aquatic Experience

Rebekah Harrison//June 9, 2015//

WPA Selects Keynote Speaker for Aquatic Experience

Rebekah Harrison //June 9, 2015//

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Blue Zoo Radio Host Frank Reece will be the keynote speaker at WPA’s third annual Aquatic Experience – Chicago, November. 6-8, 2015.

Reece will take guests on a quirky journey as he delves into the lighter world of social media. As the host of a show dedicated to all aquarists, Reece has interviewed industry leaders, best-selling authors, manufacturers, fish clubs and hobbyists. Reece will take attendees through the unique and often unimaginable sideshow that is the internet.

Aquatic Experience’s educational seminars on hobbyist and retail topics will feature aquatic experts George Blasiola, Heiko Bleher, Charles Delbeek, Patrick Donston, Hans-Georg Evers, Sanjay Joshi, Oliver Knott, Paul Loiselle, Oliver Lucanus, Steve Lundblad, Joe Olenik, Julian Sprung, Tony Vargas and Greg Wittstock. The educational programming at Aquatic Experience is intended to address both the retailing and hobbyist aquarist. Seminars range from addressing intermediate level information to advanced topics.

The show combines everything aquatic under one roof—from saltwater and freshwater fish to pond and aquatic plants. Tickets for Aquatic Experience – Chicago  are now on sale, including weekend passes ($89 advance purchase rate by June 29) with access to the show floor, all seminars, speaker meet and greet and keynote banquet, daily individual tickets ($10), daily family passes ($25) and Saturday dinner and keynote tickets ($60).

More than 4,800 guests visited last year’s show, which featured a total of 125 exhibitors, the return of the only travelling shark show in the country, Haai Inc’s Live Shark Encounter, and inaugural aquatic competitions Aquascaping Live! Contest and the Aquatic Experience Fancy Guppy Competition. Other exhibits included a display of over 130 aquariums of tropical fish from the Florida Tropical Fish Farmers Association and a Children’s Touch Tank as part of the Fish from Around the World display.

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