WiggleLess Back Brace For Dogs Offers Comfortable Back Support and Improved Quality of Life

Pet Age Staff//January 6, 2017//

WiggleLess Back Brace For Dogs Offers Comfortable Back Support and Improved Quality of Life

Pet Age Staff //January 6, 2017//

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Dogs may be great at expressing their love for us, but when it comes to pain, they often suffer in silence. It is important pet parents pay close attention to their pets’ non-verbal cues and take the necessary steps to help cure or alleviate their discomfort. Canines living with chronic back pain may no longer have to suffer thanks to an innovative new support brace that helps bring relief to the animal and peace of mind to the owner. WiggleLess Back Brace For Dogs has a unique design, which provides comfortable back support for dogs, while improving their overall quality of life. 

Believe it or not, dog back pain is something that many breeds experience at some point in their life. A few of the many breeds that are most prone to back issues include dachshunds, beagles, shih tzus, pugs, pekingeses, lhasa apsos and corgis. The causes of back pain may vary—from a disease of the muscles surrounding the spine to disc disorders to trauma to the spine. 

Lisa, the founder and creator of WiggleLess Back Brace For Dogs, was on a mission to find something to ease the persistent back problems of her dachshunds, June and Henry. Both dogs suffered from intervertebral disc disease, which really compromised their quality of life. Lisa could sympathize with her pups’ pain due to her own personal back injury experience. A back brace helped her significantly; however, she had no luck finding a brace on the market for dogs. Lisa decided to design a solution herself, and that’s when WiggleLess Back Brace was born. 

“It all comes down to quality of life for you and your pet,” Lisa said. “I loved June and Henry in the same intense way that you love your dog. I refused to watch June suffer. I created WiggleLess dog back brace so that she could live a fulfilling life. My mission is to provide you and your dog the same comfortable support and the accompanying peace of mind.”

WiggleLess is designed to help stabilize the spine and prevent injury without restricting the dog’s activity. When used as directed, the vet-recommended and patented WiggleLess Back Brace offers firm support, back stability and stress relief for dogs. Featuring a durable, lightweight and breathable construction, the brace’s built-in boning provides the snug and comfortable back support that a dog needs, while allowing for full freedom of movement. Adjustable and easy to use, the brace comes in seven sizes based on a dog’s specific girth and back measurements.

Dog owners who use WiggleLess report seeing increased mobility, reduced pain and overall improved comfort in their pets. Some also report using the brace on their dogs as an alternative to a recovery cone collar, as a barrier to skin irritations, and as a stress and anxiety reducer. WiggleLess back support for dogs sells for $71.45-$153.95, depending on size.

The WiggleLess brand offers several other beneficial products, like the WiggleLess Comfort Shirt. This easy to wear, snug fitted shirt can be worn underneath a WiggleLess Dog Brace to add a layer of softness between your dog and the brace or on its own for daily comfort and relaxation. Other products include the SnugglePuppie, Herbal Comfort and Supplements, GingerLead, SpornNon-Pull Harness and Power Paws Reinforced Foot Non-Slip Dog Socks. 


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