West Paw Recognized as a “Top Impact Company”

Pet Age Staff//February 5, 2019//

West Paw Recognized as a “Top Impact Company”

Pet Age Staff //February 5, 2019//

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Press release: West Paw

Real Leaders, Big Path Capital, and B Lab have teamed up to assess and rank the “100 Top Impact Companies” of 2019 and are proud to announce that West Paw is one of the inaugural winners!

“We were very impressed with the quality of applicants who were subjected to a rigorous review process for this first-ever 100 Top Impact Companies awards” said Mark Van Ness, Founder, Real Leaders.

“The Real Leaders 100 list is the first ranking of positive impact companies in North America and leverages the engine of capitalism for great profit and great good,” said Michael Whelchel, Managing Partner, Big Path Capital. “Because of high demand, we are expanding the list globally in 2020,” added Whelchel.

“The company cares and gives 100%, which makes me give 110% back to the company. The people are the best!” – said Spencer Williams, Owner and President, West Paw.

The ranking is based on the formula for force – that is mass times acceleration.

Three-year growth rate (acceleration) x Revenue (mass) x B Impact assessment score = A Company’s Force for Good score.