Wellness CORE Introduces 14 New Protein-Packed Recipes

May 14, 2018

Picking the right meat, making sure it’s balanced with fruits and veggies and stirring to blended perfection are the keys to making your dog’s bowl anything but boring. To help with that search, Wellness Natural Pet Food is releasing 14 new grain-free, protein-focused recipes for dogs from the Wellness CORE brand, including four new dry recipes and two new lines of meal toppers and mixers.

Wellness CORE’s new grain-free, protein-focused toppers, mixers and meals make it fun and easy to customize dogs’ meals, no matter the breed or life-stage.

Wellness CORE’s new grain-free, protein-focused toppers, mixers and meals make it fun and easy to customize dogs’ meals, no matter the breed or life-stage.

The new recipes give dog owners more opportunities to make bowls exciting for their puppies, senior dogs, and small and large breeds, with delicious, healthy options. All Wellness CORE recipes are made with the finest natural ingredients and created by a team of pet parents who know and love animals at work and beyond to provide them with everything they need to thrive from the CORE.

“We recently polled dog owners across the country and found that 26 percent of them like to change up their dog’s meal to incorporate different flavors and textures—and we want to make it easier for them to do that,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, director of Consumer Experience at WellPet. “We’re on a mission to get rid of boring bowls and liven up meals with nutritious, protein-packed food fit for all dogs, from pugs to poodles and everything in between.”

The new recipes include two additions to Wellness CORE RawRev, the brand’s new line of meals that combines high-protein, grain free kibble and 100 percent raw meat pieces, as well as new toppers, wet and dry recipes:

Wellness CORE RawRev Healthy Weight: Made with high fiber and optimal fat to support a healthy weight, the newest addition to the line of CORE RawRev recipes combines nutrient-rich, grain-free kibble with 100 percent freeze-dried raw turkey in a tasty Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe.

Wellness CORE RawRev Puppy: This Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal recipe contains optimal protein, calcium and phosphorous to support healthy bone and muscle growth, along with DHA to support brain and eye development. High-protein, grain-free kibble is combined with 100 percent freeze-dried raw meat to give new pet parents a convenient and safe opportunity to feed their puppy raw in a savory, nutrient-rich meal.

Wellness CORE Large Breed Puppy: Made specifically for large breed puppies, this Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal recipe is crafted with vitamins and minerals to support healthy bones, muscles and their immune system, and includes DHA from salmon oil for healthy brain development.

Wellness CORE Senior: This Deboned Turkey, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal recipe is enriched with vitamins and minerals to support hip, joint, skin and coat health to give senior dogs the targeted nutritional support where they need it most.

Wellness CORE Lamb: Made with Lamb & Lamb Meal, this grain-free recipe supports lean muscle mass and whole-body health in a new delicious red-meat protein, with antioxidants and omega fatty acids from ingredients like flaxseed to support a healthy skin and coat.

Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters: Meaty bites made to customize your dog’s meal with a boost of flavor and protein. Available in four flavors across two forms: “PURE,” crafted with just one freeze-dried raw meat ingredient, and “TENDER,” made with 70 percent raw protein ingredients, mixed with farm-grown produce and gently air-dried to create a moist, savory mixer.

Wellness CORE Mini Meals for Small Breeds: These grain-free wet recipes are packed with protein just for small breed dogs, and come in convenient pouches. Available in five flavors across three different forms to mix and match: Pâté, Shreddedand Chunky.

Like all Wellness CORE recipes, the newest meals, mixers and toppers are made with natural, quality ingredients and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. All crafted with high-quality protein, grain-free carbohydrates, and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, the new recipes are balanced to fit the nutritional needs of the modern dog’s domestic lifestyle.

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