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Walkin’ Pets Fulfills Wish for Paralyzed Chihuahua

Pet Age Staff//December 31, 2019//

Walkin’ Pets Fulfills Wish for Paralyzed Chihuahua

Pet Age Staff //December 31, 2019//

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Press release: Walkin’ Pets

Walkin’ Pets, a New Hampshire-based pet mobility company, joined forces with two Southern California animal rescues to make a paralyzed rescue dog’s dreams come true, just in time for the holidays.

When the 4-pound chihuahua named Hope was first found on the streets of Mexico, she was in terrible condition. Scared and injured, she had been completely paralyzed at birth and ruthlessly abandoned. Despite her age, tiny size and disability, she managed to survive. Rescued by an independent Mexican rescue, Hope was treated for her many injuries caused from repeatedly dragging her body across the rough ground. She was going to be put down until the Ozzie and Friends Rescue stepped in to save her.

Hope’s Christmas Wish

OAF brought Hope across the border to California and into the loving arms of her foster father. After much care and a lot of love, the three-month old chihuahua and foster dad decided to visit a holiday dog rescue event in Huntington Beach, sponsoring the Waggin’ Trails rescue. Hope’s sweet personality touched the hearts of the volunteers working the event who decided she needed a little Christmas magic. They contacted Walkin’ Pets with the following Christmas wish:

“Every dog deserves to run and have fun, and this little girl is no different. We wish Hope to have wheels and join all the other amazing animals that are able to get around.”

Jumping into action, the Walkin’ Pets team gifted Hope with her first Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to help her walk on her own for the first time. With one wish granted, there was one more big wish to go: finding Hope her forever home. With the combined effort of two amazing rescues, Hope’s second wish came true! Just in time for Christmas, Hope moved into her new home @hope4wheels.