VitusVet, The Pet Vet Partner

Pet Age Staff//February 5, 2018

VitusVet, The Pet Vet Partner

Pet Age Staff //February 5, 2018

VitusVet, a pay-for-performance digital communication solution for veterinary practices in North America, is partnering with The Pet Vet, a fast-growing veterinary clinic that is co-located in select Petco stores.

Under the terms of the partnership, VitusVet’s electronic medical records platform for pets, available to pet owners in an easy-to-use app, is now available to those who take their pets to The Pet Vet clinics at Petco stores in Addison, Texas, and Highland Village, Texas.

The partnership comes after a very successful beta test of pet owner response at The Pet Vet location in Frisco, Texas. Future location opportunities are also being explored.

The announcement was made by Mark Olcott, DVM, CEO/co-founder of VitusVet, and Danny Cox, DVM, CEO/founder of The Pet Vet.

According to Olcott and Cox, the VitusVet/The Pet Vet partnership allows better sharing of pet medical information among the general practitioners operating within Petco stores and the pet owners they serve. Launched in 2015, VitusVet has the #1 client app in the industry that’s grown into a pay-for-performance, complete reminder solution offering veterinary practices targeted marketing tools, digital compliance reporting, text and picture messaging, and the most convenient options for clients to book appointments or refill medication.

“In co-founding VitusVet, my vision was to help veterinarians who provide high-quality care and client service adapt to evolving consumer demands for digital transactions. At the end of the day, our technology helps veterinarians provide better patient care by streamlining their connection with pet parents,” Dr. Olcott said. “There is no better partner than The Pet Vet for the foundational technology we offer to practices who wish to go digital and, in the process, better serve their clients.”

The Pet Vet hospitals offer full-service and urgent medical care, vaccinations, prescription food, surgery, diagnostics and dental procedures. The Pet Vet’s primary focus is on dogs and cats, however selected locations also see birds, reptiles and other exotic pets. Each hospital features state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including digital x-rays, Abaxis lab instruments, mobile technology and a treasury of medical knowledge.

“Our partnership with VitusVet will provide our clients an experience that allows them to better connect with their pet care providers and offers an easier way for them to manage their pets health,” Dr. Cox said.


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