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VitusVet Launches Beta Payment Solution

Pet Age Staff//January 22, 2020//

VitusVet Launches Beta Payment Solution

Pet Age Staff //January 22, 2020//

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Press release: VitusVet

From VMX 2020, pet care technology company VitusVet announced that it has begun accepting veterinary practices in the pilot of its new payment solution. Anticipated to launch later in the first quarter, the new budget-friendly installment payment offering provides practices with a simple, seamless and mobile checkout experience that makes pet care more affordable for pet owners.

The new VitusVet solution automatically splits payments using a pet owner’s existing credit card to eliminate credit checks, avoid unnecessary new credit applications and to preserve existing credit card points or rewards. For practices, this ability improves wellness compliance, eliminates bottlenecks at the front desk and creates loyalty while lifting revenue.

“The growing cost of pet care often forces pet owners to make difficult decisions, which can limit the ability of veterinary practices to provide critical wellness care and services,” said Mark Olcott, DVM, CEO and co-founder of VitusVet. “We are excited to pilot our new payment solution, which makes it easy for pet owners to afford the care their pets deserve and is a breeze for practice managers to implement and maintain.”

The new VitusVet payment solution will be offered as part of the company’s leading client management platform. Used by practices around the country, it combines client reminders, digital pet records, mobile app insurance claims and more to boost pet owner engagement.

With its new installment plan offering, VitusVet becomes the first complete practice client management platform, helping increase operational efficiencies and practice revenues by both engaging pet owners and reducing concerns about the cost of veterinary care. Unlike specialty software solutions, VitusVet combines client communication and payment tools as part of a single solution that pet owners and practice managers love.

To learn more about the current payment beta or to remain updated on its upcoming launch, email [email protected] or call 877-969-3124.