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Vets Plus Adds Yankowsky as Director of Sales

Glenn Polyn//November 9, 2020//

Vets Plus Adds Yankowsky as Director of Sales

Glenn Polyn //November 9, 2020//

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Press release: Vets Plus

Vets Plus, Inc. announces it has hired Adam Yankowsky as Director of Sales. Mr. Yankowsky will oversee sales and marketing activities for the Merrick’s Blue Ribbon line of livestock health products, the Pets Prefer® line of companion animal products and the Probios® line of probiotics. He will also supervise private label and other business development initiatives.

Raj Lall, Vets Plus’ founder and CEO, said Yankowsky’s experience and industry knowledge were major factors in the hiring decision.

“I have known Adam as a customer and as a knowledgeable voice in our industry for over ten years,” Lall said. “His fact-based approach to product marketing fits very nicely with the science-based products we are developing. We are glad to have him on board.”

“Pet owners and livestock producers have come to expect innovation and efficacy from Vets Plus products,” Yankowsky said. “Recent innovations such as ADEPPT are novel technologies formulated to support an animal’s immune system while improving gut performance. Speaking as a former distributor partner, my impressions of Vets Plus were shaped by the company’s focus on product quality and their products delivering results for my customers.”

Yankowsky was previously the Business Unit Manager for livestock and companion animal products for AgriLabs/HuvePharma for 10 years. Prior to that, Yankowsky was marketing manager and the Canadian Country manager for Norbrook, Inc. He holds a Master of Animal Science degree in animal physiology from the University of Missouri.