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V-dog, rePurpose Global Partner to Go Plastic Neutral

Glenn Polyn//September 24, 2020//

V-dog, rePurpose Global Partner to Go Plastic Neutral

Glenn Polyn //September 24, 2020//

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Press release: V-dog

 V-dog, a leading national dog food company committed to providing 100% vegan products, will offset its plastic footprint through a partnership with rePurpose Global, a movement of conscious consumers and businesses going plastic neutral by financing the removal of landfill- and ocean-bound plastic worldwide.

“We’ve always been committed to sustainability,” said Lindsay Rubin, vice president of v-dog. “One of the best reasons to switch to plant-based nutrition for your dogs is that vegan dogs have a smaller ‘carbon paw print.’ Partnering with rePurpose Global to eliminate the impact of plastic from our production is an exciting opportunity to extend our commitment in a meaningful new way.”

Through the partnership with rePurpose Global, a percentage of every v-dog product purchase will fund the collection, processing and reuse of plastic waste bound for landfills. V-dog’s contribution will offset the packaging for the company’s four treat products. This bold commitment will remove the equivalent of 200 percent of the plastic used to produce v-dog’s treat packaging from the world’s landfills every year.

“Now, more than ever, we need brands like v-dog to take the lead on environmental action,” said Svanika Balasubramanian, CEO of rePurpose Global. “Their decision to go plastic negative will undoubtedly resound across their industry, and we’re excited to help them achieve their sustainability goals moving forward.”

The partnership also supports economic development by providing a crucial income stream for waste workers in developing nations and supporting experienced recycling social enterprises that uplift ex-waste pickers through occupational safety, health insurance, and skills training. V-dog’s partnership supports Taka Taka Solutions, a waste recycling social enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya.

Founded in 2005, v-dog was one of the first companies to offer 100% plant-based and animal-free dog food. The vegan-owned and -operated family company is based on the principle that dogs are omnivores and can thrive on a nutritionally complete and balanced vegan diet.