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Tried and True Values

Rebekah Harrison//December 2, 2014//

Tried and True Values

Rebekah Harrison //December 2, 2014//

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We spoke with Pam Mahar, executive VP, sales and marketing manager and co-owner of 4Legs4Pets about the company’s legendary customer service and what sets 4Legs4Pets apart in the industry.

Rebekah: How did 4Legs4Pets get its start?

Pam: Our original product line was Creative Colors. We sent a few thousand small version sample cots to our school supply dealers over several years. It was a convenient size for their salesmen to take on sales calls and took up little space in their retail store.

Within the last few years dog trainers have been contacting us wanting to buy these for their client’s pets for place training. It was merely the samples and by word of mouth as we had not advertised our pet cots until this year.

Rebekah: There are a lot of dog beds out there. What sets 4Legs4Pets apart from the rest?

Pam: We don’t buy our materials overseas. We don’t have our cots manufactured nor assembled overseas. We’re entirely family owned and operated in Van Buren, Ark. and with our 26-year history manufacturing cots to the school market (under our Creative Colors brand), it’s a testament to the quality and workmanship found only in the U.S.A.

With more than 100 color combinations, we offer the widest color variety. Our unique cover’s lace-up end allows easy tightening or loosening. We ship our cots unassembled in order to bulk pack, reducing the shipping cost.

Rebekah: Can you tell us more about 4Legs4Pets customer service?

Pam: It’s a key element in the success of our business. For instance, when you call us, you speak to a person, not a voice machine.

We believe when you call, you should receive the best customer service experience and by not having voice mail, that’s the start of something good. Call us old fashioned, but that’s what we do.

Rebekah: What is a typical day like for you?

Pam: I get fired up and motivated as soon as I step foot into the office, handling many tasks. I have the eagerness to succeed and carry on our family tradition. It’s easy to do that with a product that practically sells itself.

Rebekah: What is your favorite thing about working in the pet industry?

Pam: I see so many pets and I’m particularly learning more and more about dog breeds, animal rescues and shelters. It makes me proud that we make a wonderful product for pets. After all, they are considered our children and best friends.