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Trends & Products: Grooming

Glenn Polyn//February 10, 2021//

Cute black soggy cat after a bath, funny little demon

Trends & Products: Grooming

Glenn Polyn //February 10, 2021//

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Entering 2020, more than 64 million U.S. households owned a pet, and that number surely increased after the pandemic inspired people to bring a companion animal into their home. While the pandemic presented some challenges for retailers, fact remains that it’s important to offer the best assortment of home grooming products in order to increase sales. For groomers, the trend is to deliver a spa experience for the pet that mimics that of what its parent desires; being pampered with naturally derived ingredients that exclude parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Tim Vogel, founder and CEO of Scenthound summed it up best in the January issue of Pet Age: “Pet parents have made it clear: grooming is something every dog needs, and not even a pandemic can stop that.”

What follows are a sampling of essential grooming products, be they shampoos, brushes, clippers or even washing bays.



Best Shot SPA 21 Scents HAS RUNScentament Spa – 21 Assorted Scents

Best Shot’s Scentament Spa line now offers 21 hypoallergenic scents within its fanciful yet practical assortment of botanical body sprays. Each is a multifaceted hybrid utility spray that far surpass scanty pet colognes. Now groomers and pet parents can effectively refresh, deodorize, and detangle all-in-one step. They are alcohol free, non-aerosol, fabric safe, and encouraged for both pets and their people too.






BARK if you are DIRTY! Glo-Marr Pet Products. Why shouldn’t your best friend have Happy Hour too? Barktini Blends means bath time is Happy Hour for you and your furry friend. Dogs never smelled this good. Daquiri Dog, Pina Colada Pooch, Margarita Mutt and Cosmopolitan Canine mouthwatering scents in shampoos and spritzers. Also, Hair of the Dog Conditioner for post-party. Party Foul Breath Spray and Water additive for Howl-a-tosis.





Bo Derek Pet CareBo Derek Pet Care

These grooming products are pH balanced and contain exotic botanicals and amino acids that nourish, soothe and protect a dog’s coat to give it a show-quality sheen. The brand’s patented fragrance is formulated to neutralize canine malodors, not simply mask them. All Bo Derek Pet Care products are manufactured in a solar-powered, clean-water facility in California.





Evolution Dog Wash updateEvolution Dog Wash

Built in the USA, each Evolution Dog Wash system is constructed by hand to the client’s specifications. With an easy to clean, triple filtration drain system, the units are a valuable standalone asset, but can also serve as a great addition to any existing business. The Evolution Dog Wash self-serve process offers dog owners multiple bath choices, including eco-friendly dog shampoos, flea and tick shampoo, conditioner and even a warm air blow dryer. User select wash time and options and clean their pets with the system’s ergonomically designed spray nozzle.





Safari by Coastal grooming productsSafari by Coastal

Safari by Coastal helps pet owners grooming at home feel like one of the pros with purposefully designed, easy-to-use, high-quality tools. It is one of the most highly recognized grooming brands in the industry, and color-coded tabs at the top of the packaging reinforces clear and quick consumer decisions.





 AndisGrooming_FloralPulseZRII_4Pulse ZR II Flora

Andis has announced a customer favorite, the Pulse ZR II Detachable Blade Clipper, in a new Flora pattern. This limited edition product has an eye-catching design and includes all the features professionals love about the original clipper, from its long-lasting removable battery, versatile detachable blade design and five adjustable cutting speeds.





buddha bubbles shampoo and conditionerBuddha Bubbles

Buddha Bubbles shampoo is made with organic ingredients for sensitive skin, a biodegradable plant-based cleanser, and is both antiseptic and antifungal. It aids in itch relief, prevents shedding and reduces redness, scaling and skin inflammation. The conditioner works as a pest repellent and is naturally antibacterial. It treats dry scalp and irritation, helps detangle, prevents shedding and fights dandruff.





TrueBlue Ear WipesTrueBlue Ear Wipes

Ear infections are one of the leading causes of visits to the veterinarian, yet they’re mostly preventable with a little bit of care. Most pet lovers find the TrueBlue ear wipes much easier to use than ear cleaning liquids or powders. The wipes are made with a hard-working, textured material for the pads and an all-natural cleansing solution with lemon and marigold.





Groomers Helper ClotItClotIt Natural Blood Clotting Powder

ClotIt is a non-staining, blood-clotting powder made up of all-natural minerals designed to rapidly stop bleeding in minor to severe external wounds. ClotIt is not a harsh styptic and is non-stinging. It does not stain or clump and has an unlimited shelf life. It is available in single use packets, 1-, 2.85- or 5-ounce applicator, and a full Retail Pet First Aid Kit.






TROPICLEAN_OXY_DisplayTropiClean OxyMed

TropiClean OxyMed solutions help stop itching fast! The gentle yet powerful solutions are paraben-free, soap-free and dye-free, helping soothe dry, itchy, irritated and inflamed skin. TropiClean OxyMed solutions are safe for both dogs and cats and proudly made in the United States.








Cool Dog Wash Tub

The Cool Dog Wash Tub is made with the highest quality craftsmanship and designed for indoor/outdoor and commercial/residential use. The tub comes in six standard colors and additional custom colors. The tub features a hair-catching drain, soft mat for the dogs to stand in during the wash and a faucet and spray nozzle. The tub comes in two styles; a free-standing tub and a version with a backsplash built in to the unit.






Shaggy Dog rake and comb usdShaggy Dog Grooming Products

Inspired by a long trusted tool that’s no longer on the market, the Shaggy Dog Product’s Anti-Matter rake’s long, thick pins readily penetrate a thick coat without stripping it and their ultra blunt ends guard against scratching the skin. The comb is ideal for areas, such as the face, that might require additional control. Both models have comfortable, ergonomic, rubberized handles.






smoochiescratcher_isoSmoochies Scratcher
The Smoochies Scratcher silicone pet brush has an adjustable strap and is flexible to fit on your hand or strap to a piece of furniture. Made of soft rubber, this toy is washable. And not only is it great as a toy, but it also is practical for proper hygiene of your pet. Comes in pink, blue and yellow.







Jax and CaliJax & Cali Paw and Body Wipes

Each pre-moistened paw and body wipe removes dirt and allergens while protecting, nourishing and hydrating pets’ paws, body and face. Packaged perfectly for on-the-go cleansing and sanitizing, Jax & Cali’s holistic wipes are natural, hypoallergenic, pH-balanced and rinse-free as well as cruelty-free and vegan.





Pure and Natural 2-In-1 Grain Free Shampoo2-In-1 Grain Free Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

Pure and Natural created a grain-free, USDA certified organic shampoo for dogs with skin sensitivity issues. This formula relieves itching and smooths dry brittle coats. Made with organic mint and lavender, 2-In-1 Grain Free Organic Shampoo and Conditioner creates a calm and relaxing bath.





Vetericyn FoamCare ShampooVetericyn FoamCare Shampoo

Vetericyn has made bath time faster and healthier. Vetericyn FoamCare Shampoo sprays on for quick coverage, foams instantly and conditions the skin as it cleans and rinses easily. The shampoos are available in one medicated and three coat-specific formulas. FoamCare is safe, non-toxic and paraben-free.




XPower B-24 Force DryerXPOWER B24 Force Dryer

The XPOWER B24 Force Dryer gives you the power and heat to dry those pets even faster. The variable speed control along with dual heat settings gives you complete control over the amount of air and temperature you need to dry any dog, small or large with short or long hair. Like all XPOWER dryers, the B24 is extremely lightweight and up to 40 percent quieter than most dryers in the market. Its rugged ABS housing makes it super durable and the filter system protects the motor from debris for maximum efficiency. The B24 is compatible with our wall or stand mount kits letting you put your machine wherever it is most convenient and secure.





Kaytee Small Animal Pro-Nail TrimmerKaytee Pro-Nail Trimmer

Kaytee’s Pro-Nail Trimmer is a professional quality nail trimmer designed for small animals and birds. It is perfectly sized to make quick and precise cuts to help prevent nails from breaking or snagging. It measures four inches long with an easy grip handle and finger rest.





Bissell BARKBATH Dual Use productBARKBATH Portable Grooming System

The quietest member in BISSELL’s line of unique dog bathing systems, BARKBATH’s complete dual-use 2-in-1 system includes a number of helpful accessories such as customizable spray nozzles and grooming clips, a sound dampening mat, a microfiber towel for the face and paws, a bottle of BISSELL Oatmeal No-Rinse Dog Shampoo and a storage bag. In addition to these pet-related products, the system also has a deep-cleaning carpet and upholstery tool and a bottle of SpotClean 2X Pet Stain & Odor Deep Cleaning Solution.