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Trends and Products: Stress & Anxiety

Julia Rivera//May 8, 2023//

Trends and Products: Stress & Anxiety

Julia Rivera //May 8, 2023//

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Pets can become stressed for a number of reasons — some of which are very relatable to the anxieties we might have, like meeting new people or a fear of loud thunderstorms. Dogs can get anxiety, and it can take many forms. Dogs with separation anxiety, which is widely considered the most common form of anxiety, exhibit distress and behavior problems when their human companion leaves them alone.

Common signs of anxiety include panting, pacing, shivering, cowering in a corner, digging, destroying furniture, self-harm (excessive licking or chewing) and barking or howling when the pet parent isn’t home. In addition, lip licking, lifting a paw and looking away are also subtle signs that a dog is stressed or experiencing anxiety.

Exercise and mental stimulation are critical to reducing anxiety and stress among dogs. It’s ideal for the dog to receive adequate exercise before the pet parent leaves the home. Walking the same block each day often won’t reduce anxiety, but sniffing and exploring new places will.

A visit to the veterinarian is typically the first step in treating a pet that suffers from stress and anxiety. Calming supplements and pheromones are popular products that come in a variety of forms, including plug-in diff users, fast-acting sprays and anti-stress collars. Treats and chews that contain natural ingredients, such as cannabidiol (CBD), are also growing in popularity for treating anxiety.

As pet brands continue to produce calming products that are proven to be effective, it’s wise for retailers to stock a wide variety of treatment options. Being educated on the topic of stress and anxiety among pets is also valuable, as the more you know, the easier it will be to pair an individual pet with the appropriate product



Keep Calm & Wag On
With its mouth-watering smoked bacon flavor, Solid Gold’s newest calming supplement for dogs is perfect if your fur baby is feeling stressed from situations like fireworks, vet appointments or scary thunderstorms. The Keep Calm & Wag On supplement chews offer behavioral support for pet parents looking for a non-medical alternative while being free of corn, wheat, artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives.



Calming Hide-A-Pill
Vet Worthy’s Calming Hide-A-Pill dough takes the stress out of giving pills, supplements, powders and liquid drops while also providing calming support. The hickory smoke flavored dough not only masks unwanted medication or supplements, but also includes l-tryptophan, chamomile and theanine.



Calming Care
Calming Care is a probiotic supplement that contains a strain of beneficial bacteria that has been shown to help dogs and cats maintain calm behavior. It helps pets cope with changes in routine and location and helps promote positive behaviors such as playing and seeking out social contact.



Warfighter Hemp Calm Pets CBD Oil
Warfighter Hemp Calm Pets CBD Oil has a tasty bacon flavor dogs and cats will love. The oil contains 500mg Cannabidiol (CBD) mixed with organic hemp oil grown in Colorado. A veteran-owned company, Warfighter Hemp is made in the U.S.A. and donates 10 percent of proceeds to nonprofits supporting veteran mobility and independence.



Functional Calming Chews
Functional Calming Chews are one of Nulo’s seven solution-focused supplements designed to enhance a dog’s overall health and well-being. The Calming Chews are scientifically formulated with a variety of bioactive ingredients including ashwagandha root, organic hemp oil and organic chamomile. The soft chews also contain L-theanine, L-tryptophan and vitamin B1, and together these advanced ingredients help support relaxation, calmness and composure for dogs of all ages.



Pet Honesty Cat Supplements
Pet Honesty is tackling the cat taste challenge with a new line of dual-texture supplements that taste like chicken. The Calming, Hairball Support and Hip + Joint Health varieties achieve an unprecedented 92 percent acceptability. The crunchy-to-creamy chews are made with natural and premium active ingredients and meet the brand’s product pledge that includes no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and formulations without wheat, soy or corn.



Open Farm Supplements
Open Farm Supplements are new, soft chew supplements designed to cater to the needs of dogs at all stages of life, and comprised of 100 percent human-grade, non-GMO and fully traceable ingredients. The veterinarian-approved, NASC-certified and made in the U.S.A. supplements are available wherever Open Farm products are sold. 90-count varieties include Immune, Hip & Joint, Skin & Coat, Calming and Probiotic.



HEMPVET’s advanced calming portfolio includes HEMPMAXOIL with vitamin E and Rewards+ Calm Support soft chews, which combine broad-spectrum, non-GMO hemp complex with proprietary C10 Calming Colostrum Complex, developed by board-certified animal nutritionist Dr. Gary Pusillo. Supports fast-acting relaxation and general wellness to relieve situational anxiety, stress or nervousness, while contributing to the overall balance and harmony of the endocannabinoid system.



Shed Defender Onesie
The Original Onesie from Shed Defender is available in two new, fresh and exciting summer patterns – clouds and tie-dye. These vibrant new patterns allow dogs and owners to stay hair-free while they enjoy life together. The Shed Defender onesie keeps hair in, but it also can help calm anxiety; for stressed or anxious dogs, the form-fitting material offers a sense of security and comfort – like a gentle hug.



Tailspring Functional Chews
Tailspring Functional Chews deliver the health benefits of a supplement but crafted in a scrumptious goat milk chew that is so delicious, it scored 100 percent in independent palatability testing. The Functional Chews effectively deliver active ingredients and support for even the most particular dogs. Available in Skin, Calm and Joint formulas for small/medium and large/extra large-sized dogs.



Extra Strength Hard Chews
Extra Strength Hard Chews by Treatibles are ideal for any size dog experiencing discomfort, stress or anxiety and needing extra support. The powerful combination of 10mg of organic, full-spectrum hemp CBD extract and turmeric is delivered with the sweet potato flavor dogs love. Treatibles CBD products help maintain normal emotional balance and promote relaxation. They support digestive tract health and assist the immune system. Providing ease for your pet, these treats enhance function of joints and connective tissue. Treatibles are free of heavy metals, pesticides and biocontaminants.



The Sidekick
Heather’s Heroes is a world-famous producer of dog training tools. The Sidekick, the signature patented tool, is a 2-in-1 training tool that functions as both a head halter and a slip lead. This tool helps to safely calm excited, nervous, fearful, reactive and aggressive dogs using naturally ingrained instincts. Using this tool can transform dogs’ behaviors and improve their relationships with their families.



Bocce’s Bakery Daily Supplements
Bocce’s Bakery’s newest line of Daily Supplements contain 100 percent real and locally sourced ingredients. The ‘B’ shaped treats offer a seamless method to support a dog’s overall health. The Daily Supplements are available in five flavorful recipes that address different health needs including: Calming, Multivitamin, Probiotic, Hip & Joint and Skin & Coat.



Cat cues like hiding, scratching, marking or fighting are their way of saying “I’m stressed out.” For longer-lasting, drug-free stress relief, there’s NEW bSerene calming pheromones. bSerene mimics the feel-good signals cats naturally produce to feel safe. Vet-developed bSerene is available in a plug-in diffuser or a spray. Create a more comfortable environment, naturally, with bSerene.



Bark-Less Bites
Pawse’s highly palatable freeze-dried Bark-Less Bites make pet wellness convenient and fun. Using premium USDA certified organic full-spectrum hemp extract along with Icelandic fish oil, calming plant terpenes, and a choice of six all-natural animal proteins to assist in CBD bioavailability. Available in Beef, Chicken, Duck, Fish, Lamb & Rabbit. Offered in trial (15-bite) and full (100-bite) bags.



Music My Pet is an industry leader in providing soothing classical music for anxious pets. In addition to Mp3s and CDs, the company is pleased to introduce PetCalm — a tiny music cube that plays hours of relaxing classical music to calm your pet. PetCalm fits in the palm of your hand and can accompany pets anywhere.



Relaxopet PRO
Keep your pets relaxed using the Relaxopet PRO. This device uses subliminal sounds and vibrations to keep your pet calm. The sounds are absorbed by the pet’s entire body, so even hard-of-hearing pets can benefit. Perfect for pets that suffer from separation anxiety, fear thunderstorms, car rides, etc.



Snuggle Puppy
Snuggle Puppy is every fur baby’s new best friend. Whether they’re struggling with separation anxiety, transitioning to a new home or just need a little help relaxing, Snuggle Puppy naturally provides comfort through Real-Feel Heartbeat technology and heat to mimic their mother or littermate. Snuggle Puppy is available in multiple colors and comes with the Real-Feel Heartbeat (AAA batteries included) and one 24-hour disposable heat pack.



WEE AWAY Kitty Calming Wipes
WEE AWAY Kitty Calming Wipes are convenient, premoistened wipes that contain catnip oil and other natural ingredients to help calm cats and kittens. These gentle and non-irritating wipes also feature aloe vera, chamomile and calendula extracts to naturally soothe skin and coat. Safe for use on felines of all ages, they do not contain any harsh chemicals.



Calm Carrier
The Van Ness Calm Carrier with a patented “easy-load drawer” is an innovation for cat travel. Designed so you and your cat can say goodbye to the fear, anxiety and stress associated with getting your cat in and out of a carrier. The patented sliding drawer makes all the difference.



Ancient Elements
Zesty Paws, a leading functional supplement brand for pets, has designed Ancient Elements. Perfect for wellness-conscious pet parents looking for premium functional ingredients in a soft chew base of quinoa, millet, amaranth and sorghum. The heart-shaped functional chews are available in an exotic bison flavor and help support five functional areas: aller-immune, mobility, calming, probiotic and 8-in-1 multifunctional bites.



Medterra CBD
Medterra’s CBD Pet Calming Chews were developed with supporting, calming ingredients including valerian root and L-tryptophan, to help keep your pet feeling less anxious and relaxed. Each chew contains 10mg of CBD isolate extract and is bacon flavored to also make your pet’s taste buds happy. The brand’s CBD Tincture Drops are crafted with CBD isolate extract, infused with organic MCT oil (coconut-derived), which work together to relax your pet and eliminate their anxiety.



ThunderEase Calming Pheromones will help dogs feel safer and less stressed, totally drug-free. Tested to be over 90 percent effective for reducing anxiety and unwanted behavior, ThunderEase mimics natural pet pheromones for calmer pets. Owners should plug ThunderEase Calming Diffuser in the room their dog uses the most and watch the difference in behavior. They can use the spray at home or on the go or try ThunderEase collar for continuous calm.