Trends and Products: Snacking Without Fillers

Julia Rivera//April 1, 2023//

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Trends and Products: Snacking Without Fillers

Julia Rivera //April 1, 2023//

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As we’ve seen in the pet food sector, pet parents are interested in treats that are made with limited ingredients. Today’s consumers are willing to pay more for premium chews from brands with ethical and sustainable sourcing practices as well as treats with functional ingredients. Freeze-dried and oven-baked treats demand a lot of attention from today’s savvy customers, as opposed to ingredient labels loaded with fillers and preservatives.

According to Susan Malizia, trade marketing and customer service specialist at PureBites, pet parents are becoming more aware of the impact of diet on their pet’s health and are seeking to provide them with healthier, more nutritious options.

“This trend towards natural, wholefood diets for pets is not limited to their meals but also extends to treats and toppers,” she said. “By choosing treats with fewer ingredients, pet parents can feel more confident that they are giving their pets safe and healthy options. PureBites’ brand promise is to always critically approach every single ingredient we put in all our treats, food and toppers and if it’s not needed, leave it out.”

Malizia notes that limited-ingredient treats are excellent options for allergy management. By allowing pet parents to know exactly what their companion animals are eating, there is no longer a concern that the treats could possibly cause an allergic reaction.

“For 18 years, PureBites has been encouraging pet parents to ‘go ahead, turn the bag around and look at our ingredients’ because when they look at a PureBites bag, there is no question of ‘is there chicken in here? or ‘does this have grain?’” she added. “We believe in making it simple and easy for pet parents to see that information and act accordingly.”


A Better Treat

Made from freeze-dried wild caught Alaskan salmon, free-range chicken breast and grass-fed beef liver, these treats are perfect for pets with allergies, sensitive stomachs, diabetes or dietary requirements. They can be enjoyed by canines and felines alike. Every package contains only sustainably sourced ingredients and is made in the U.S.A.



Andy & Audie

Andy & Audie’s made in the U.S.A. products are inspired by the need for dog treats that are made with limited, natural ingredients. From the brand’s delicious mint dental products to its long-lasting chews, Andy and Audie’s treats are made with quality U.S.-sourced ingredients to make both you and your dog happy.




Wild Eats

Wild Eats offers a cod line that consists of skin twists, fingers, patties and treats. They are certified sustainably sourced, include Omega-3 and are a non-GMO product with no added hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.




 Tiki Cat Filets

An ideal topper for both dry and wet cat food, Tiki Cat Filets consists of just one healthy ingredient, a whole all-natural tuna or salmon filet that’s been steamed to perfection. Only dolphin-free tuna and wildcaught-salmon are used, and there are no grains or GMO ingredients. The Tuna variety contains 75 percent, and the Salmon variety 88 percent protein, making Tiki Cat Filets a perfect complement to a carnivorous feline diet.




PureBites RAW Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

PureBites RAW freeze-dried minnow cat treats are made in the U.S.A. with only one ingredient: 100 percent, pure wild-caught minnow. The brand’s freeze-dried cat treats are made fresh and pure with three or fewer high-quality ingredients you can trust. With more raw protein and nutrients packed into every bag, PureBites has the freshness, aroma and taste cats love for a happy and healthy life.



Stewart Pro-Treats

Made with USDA-certified ingredients, Stewart Pet’s line of food and treats are loaded with protein. The brand understands the importance of protein in a pet’s diet, and that’s why it has created its Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried Treats containing 100 percent pure meat. These treats are available in seven different varieties, including Chicken, Wild Salmon, Beef Liver and more.




Cubits Water Buffalo and Cubits Salmon

The combination of Himalayan Pet Supply’s traditional Himalayan Cheese with Salmon or Water Buffalo Meat is a treat every dog will love. Natural and easily digestible, these treats contain limited ingredients. Lactose-free, grain-free and gluten-free, they’re great for any age or size dog.



Salmon Snacks

Doggie Salmon Snacks by Chips Naturals is crafted from 100 percent pure wild salmon, making these treats rich in vitamins and Omega-3, which help promote healthy skin and coat. These all natural, single-ingredient, crunchy, dehydrated treats are perfect for finicky dogs or dogs on limited protein sourced diets. This irresistible savory salmon snack is great for large dogs and breaks easily into smaller pieces for little dogs and kitties.



Hauspanther Cat Treats

Hauspanther freeze-dried, raw, singleingredient cat treats are made from nutrient-rich organ meat that’s freezedried to lock in freshness. They can be used as toppers to add variety to mealtime and include supplements with daily support for healthy heart, skin and coat or digestion. They’re proudly made in the United States with premium U.S.-sourced protein.



Campfire Treats

Known for all-natural, single-ingredient dog treats like its bestselling Alaskan Crunch cod skins, Campfire Treats handcrafts in small batches in its Rocklin, California facility. The entire line of treats and chews is made from premium proteins like humangrade meat, clean-label poultry and wild-caught ocean fish — all sourced from 100 percent U.S. farms and fisheries. As part of its commitment to improving farm animal welfare, many Campfire Treats now carry Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) certification.



FreeStyle Jerky Strips

Nulo FreeStyle Jerky Strips are made with whole food ingredients – no added salts, sugars or cane molasses. These functional treats are crafted with real meat and include visible pieces of nutrient-rich fruit. Nulo Jerky Strips are available in five-ounce resealable bags and come in five recipes: beef with coconut, chicken with apples, duck with plums, salmon with strawberries and turkey with cranberries.




Packed with protein and superfoods, Dogswell VITALITY Jerky is made with real meat —U.S.-sourced farm-raised chicken or beef — as its No. 1 ingredient. This animal protein provides essential amino acids that help build and repair muscles, maintain healthy hair and skin, and keep the immune system strong. Both VITALITY recipes contain limited ingredients and are completely free of grains, by-products, added sugar and  artificial flavors or colors.



Polkadog Pork Jerky

Polkadog has partnered with Walden Local Meat to launch a new pasture-raised, single-ingredient pet treat: Polkadog Pork Jerky. This new dog and cat treat will be available for purchase this fall and is the newest addition to Polkadog’s single ingredient treats, joining pet favorites like Chicken Strips and the original Polkadog Cod Skins.



Freeze-Dried Raw Minnows Cat Treats 

Vital Essentials’ award-winning Freeze-Dried Raw Minnows Cat Treats are freeze-dried to retain their freshness and nutritional value, making them the perfect crunchy treat for high-value reward training, stimulating puzzle toys or everyday treats. These single-ingredient and grain-free cat treats are gluten-free, made without artificial fillers or harsh preservatives — perfect for cats with food allergies or on a strict diet—meaning there’s no stress, fuss or complicated formulas — just simple and natural nutrition.



Sweet Potato Jerky

Petaluma Sweet Potato Jerky is a plant-based alternative to meat chews, serving as a healthy reward, distraction or snack without compromising nutrition or planetary health. The single-ingredient Sweet Potato Jerky is made from certified organic sweet potatoes that are sustainably sourced from a small farm in North Carolina. Petaluma’s treats are loaded with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber for optimal digestion.



Venison Shank Bone

Ethically sourced from free-range farms in New Zealand, ZIWI’s venison shank bone is wrapped in a beef esophagus and prepared with no added preservatives or flavors — just slow and gentle air-drying. This locks in nutrients while reducing splintering for safe chewing and enjoyment. Not only is it a tasty reward it also helps promote dental health, so let them have at it with two sizes to pick from.



Mission Farms Freeze-Dried Treats

Mission Farms, a family-owned and operated company, offers five freeze-dried treat options that your pup will love. Features include limited ingredients and single-source protein recipes great for sensitive dogs, along with added probiotics. Each recipe includes high quality, human grade meat sourced from local Midwest farms. Proudly made in the U.S.A.



Wag More Bark Less Sandwich Cookie

Wag More Bark Less Sandwich Cookies feature a creamy filling made with real peanut butter, sandwiched between two crispy pinwheel biscuits. Baked in the U.S.A., these yummy cookies contain a limited number of simple ingredients, all human-grade quality, so they can be enjoyed by people and pups alike. Dogs crave the taste of peanut butter that, combined with the crunchiness of the biscuits, will make the cookies an extra scrumptious “two-in-one” treat.



Little Barkers

Little Barkers from Barkworthies were created specifically to satisfy the nutritional and chewing needs of small breed dogs. Available in three different flavors and perfectly sized for smaller canines, these chews are deliciously satisfying and will help ensure a happy and healthy dog. These single ingredient light chews are great for rewards.



Real Chewz

Real Chewz are all-natural, single-ingredient chews packed with protein to provide the nourishment dogs need. Made in Brazil and carefully inspected and tested in the U.S.A. for safety. They’re oven-baked to lock in the delicious flavors dogs love and crave. They’re individually wrapped for ultimate freshness. They’re low in fat, high in protein and made with care without any additives, preservatives or added colors or flavors.



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