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Trends and Products: Cat Litter

Julia Rivera//March 1, 2022//

Small gray kitten in blue plastic litter cat isolated on white

Trends and Products: Cat Litter

Julia Rivera //March 1, 2022//

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Trends and Products: Looking at Litter

Whether it’s buying organic foods, non-toxic, plant-based cleaning solutions or paraben free beauty products, more consumers are looking for products that help them live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, including when it comes to their pets. Many of today’s brands, such as ökocat and Kent Pet Group, understand modern cat parents are striving to transition their home with healthier choices.

That’s why ökocat, a next generation brand of plant-based cat litter, is focused on helping consumers make healthier choices when it comes to their cats and their home. The brand is committed to providing cat owners with “a healthier clean.”

Free of additives and fragrances, ökocat is made from 100 percent sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued wood and paper, without the need for artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals or toxic dyes. With no powdery clay dust, it’s cleaner and healthier for cats, families and homes.

Kent is another leader in the cat litter sector, and the company’s World’s Best Cat Litter uses a patented process that compresses corn into super-absorbent granules, which traps orders deep inside and forms tight clumps on contact. Made from plants or recycled paper with no harmful chemicals, no artificial perfumes and no silica dust, this litter is a natural option made with natural plant-based extracts that are safe for cats. Because World’s Best Cat Litter is made from whole-kernel corn and other plant materials, it is naturally absorbent and flushable.

“Consumers want a product that performs and makes cleaning the litter box easy, but are demanding the safety aspect, along with that performance,” said Jean Broders, director of marketing at Kent Pet Group.

With so many innovations in the cat litter market, retailers have plenty of options to share with their customers. Savvy retailers will carry an array of litter options and accessories, but in an organized way, to help their customers easily find what meets their specific needs.

Messy Cats Silicone Litter Mat

Soft silicone spikes graduate from long to short to trap the grit while being gentle on messy cats’ sensitive paws. The easy-to-clean silicone material keeps it from sliding around and creating further mess. The unique silicone material naturally attracts dust, and the universal design accommodates various litter box styles.

Alpa Paw

Alpha Paw is a pet wellness company that creates high-quality pet lifestyle products including Genius Litter for cats, breed-specific vitality dog food and cozy calming beds to keep your pet stress-free. Knowing that every breed has unique needs, Alpha Paw works with a team of experts to develop products created to give your pet a happier and healthy life.

ökocat Plant-Based Litter

ökocat is the next generation of natural cat litter made in the U.S.A. from sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued natural wood and plant fiber, without harmful chemicals, fragrance, dyes or GMOs. ökocat provides outstanding odor control, easy-clean clumping and is 99 percent dust free to provide a cleaner, healthier litter choice for the home.

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

Naturally Fresh’s multi-cat formula neutralizes all odors—perfect for households with multiple cats. It’s fragrance-free, eliminates urine and fecal odors and it creates tight clumps quickly, making scooping a breeze. As with all Naturally Fresh products, the formula absorbs three times better than clay litter, is low-tracking, free of silica dust and is biodegradable. Made with a proprietary blend of the fibrous materials found only in walnut shells, which have a natural ability to control ammonia odor.

Cedarific Soft Cat Litter

Cedarific is a 100 percent all-natural cat litter. It is made from natural wood fibers, simply meaning that the product is dust-free, lightweight and soft to the touch, so it won’t scratch your floors. This biodegradable cat litter will keep cats and their owners happy thanks to the natural cedar scent that provides superior odor control.

Fresh Step Clean Paws

Fresh Step Clean Paws is Fresh Step’s first low-tracking litter designed to stay in the box. Created with your cat’s health and happiness in mind, Clean Paws is a special blend of larger particles formulated to stick less to your cat’s fur and paws (and stay off your floors!). Clean Paws also contains increased odor-fighting protection with the power of Febreze that leaves behind a fresh clean scent, backed by a 10-day odor control guarantee.

Neon Litter

Neon Litter from Ultra Pet features absorbent micro-sized crystals that are soft on paws. The clumping litter comes in five colors (pink, green, orange, purple and blue), is dust-free and offers amazing odor control. It’s also 70 percent lighter than clay litter.

Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon makes non-clumping litter “purr-fectly designed” for feline odor control and super easy maintenance for human convenience. Skoon Cat Litter is made of diatom pebbles, which are the fossilized remains of algae. They act as microscopic sponges which make them so absorbent that they can actually hold their own weight in liquid.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s offers a variety of cat litter options, including Cat Attract, for felines that will not use the litter box; Senior, which helps prevent kidney failure and urinary tract infection in older cats; Kitten attract, a training litter for your felines; and R&R Respiratory Relief, which helps control respiratory disease.

DrElseys KittenAttractBox path

Purina Tidy Cats

With 10-days of outstanding odor control on all Tidy Cats clumping litter, (and 14-days on LightWeight with Ammonia Blocker) guaranteed. Tidy Cats is all about helping you keep the litter box fresh. America’s No. 1 litter offers a variety of formulas to meet the needs of every home, every cat. So, no matter which clumping cat litter you choose, odor control is never an issue.

Purina Tidy Cats ASAV IA EL Pail 247 LW jug

Litter Additive and Odor Eliminator

Nilodor’s new line of Litter Additive and Odor Eliminator has been made to destroy odors completely without interrupting good litter box behavior. The all-new Litter Additive and Odor Eliminator is 100 percent organic and composed of natural corn cob proven dramatically effective in neutralizing even the worst litter box aromas.

Nilodor Cat Litter Additive

Multi-Cat Plus

Sustainably Yours’ Multi-Cat Plus features a special corn-cassava blend that goes through an extra processing step for performance that’s unsurpassed. Plus, it has more cassava for improved clumping and odor control – a must for litter boxes that are frequently used. In addition to being chemical and fragrance free, it’s made in a proprietary way that virtually eliminates dust.


EasyClean Lightweight Cat Litter

Along with excellent clump strength and absorption capacity, EasyClean Lightweight is 50 percent lighter than the top clumping litters on the market. This means there will be less lifting on garbage day. It’s available in 12-pound jugs and 23-pound bags.

Easy Clean Multi-Cat 20lb Bag 3D #06907


SiftEase is the fastest, easiest way to clean a litter box, saving customers time and money. No more scooping and use the same litter odor-free for up to 20 days. Simply pour dirty litter into the sifter at the top, the waste stays inside while clean litter passes through to the bin below, empty the waste and return the clean litter to the box. Single and multi-cat households rave about this quick, easy solution to a nasty chore.


Multiple Cat Lotus Blossom Cat Litter

Multiple Cat Lotus Blossom Scented Cat Litter from World’s Best Cat Litter combines super-absorbent corn with natural botanicals to deliver a long-lasting litter with a subtle floral scent. It’s naturally safe with no harmful chemicals, no artificial perfumes and no silica dust.

Worlds Best Cat Litter_low-tracking

OdorLock Litter

OdorLock mineral litter by Intersand is produced from high-quality clay that is 100 percent pure and natural, ultra-absorbent and offers extra-hard clumping for maximum efficiency without compromise. Its optimal odor control lasts for more than 40 days, and it is dust-free for healthy, quick and easy cleaning (even in a multi-cat environment). OdorLock litter neutralizes ammonia formation for unparalleled control of urine and feces odors. OdorLock is currently accepting wholesale orders from independent and pet specialty stores nationwide.


TriNova Litter Box Deodorizer 

TriNova’s Litter Box Deodorizer is designed to absorb and eliminate those not so good litter box smells. Other products mask the scent with a flowery fragrance, but TriNova’s is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic – giving you a clean scent without the overpowering perfumes. By using the TriNova Litter Box Deodorizer between cleanings, you can extend the life of your litter making it smell fresher for longer. Whether for one, two or several cats, Litter Box Deodorizer helps keep their odors under control.

 Trinova Litter Box Deodorizer

ScoopFree Covered Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The ScoopFree Covered Self-Cleaning Litter Box, 2nd Generation, self-cleans for weeks with no scooping, cleaning or refilling and comes with a cover for added privacy. The upgraded model features a sleek design in neutral grays to integrate seamlessly into modern home décor. Additionally, it includes safety sensors and a health counter to help detect early signs of health issues.

 ScoopFree® Covered Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty 

Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Eco Plant Clumping Litter is the litter that doesn’t litter. This fast-clumping litter eliminates litter box odors quickly and effectively. The litter features low-tracking soft pellets. It is made from natural wheat and soy fibers, making it vegan, biodegradable and Earth-friendly. It’s also flushable and septic safe.

Wee Kitty rcepl18-center-1