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Trends and Products: Cat Food

Julia Rivera//March 7, 2022//

Trends and Products: Cat Food

Julia Rivera //March 7, 2022//

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Trends and Products: Feline Food Options

The cat food category is diving deeper into its roots, literally. There is a stronger demand from consumers for transparency in ingredients, meaning natural and fewer ingredients, with nutrition labels showcasing expanded benefits instead of additives or ingredients few people can even pronounce. In addition, many cat parents seek a cat diet that mimics their feline’s natural prey diet.

Wellness Complete Health

Wellness Complete Health recipes with Wholesome Grains are back by popular demand to meet pet parents’ interest in the option of a grained diet. Offered alongside grain-free options, the best-selling grained recipes will help pet parents find the perfect formula for their cats among the widened variety of recipes from Complete Health.

Wellness Complete Health Wet Variety Packs

ORIJEN Guardian 8

ORIJEN Guardian 8 features 90 percent premium animal ingredients including free-run poultry and wild-caught fish and focuses on quality ingredients to support cats for their entire lifetime. Formulated to address common cat ailments, ORIJEN Guardian 8 boasts eight key functional benefits: immune support, digestive health, skin and coat health, muscle maintenance, heart health, joint health, brain function and eye health.

DS ORIJEN Guardian 8 Cat Front 4lb

Fromm Gold

The latest additions to the dry cat food offerings from Fromm Family Foods start with a packaging redesign and continue with the introduction of a new life stage recipe: Healthy Weight Gold for cats. This life stage-specific diet will replace gold Mature Cat Recipe and features a formulation designed for both senior and less active cats needing to support a healthier weight and lifestyle.

Fromm gold-cat-4lbs

Tiki Cat Silver

Keep them shining bright in their silver years. Tiki Cat Silver Mousse & Shreds gives senior cats (11 years and older) the nutrition they need and the flavor they deserve, with high protein to maintain weight and muscle mass and optimal omegas and vitamins to support strong immune systems. With enticing flavor and soft, easy-to-eat mousse and shreds, its customized nutrition they’ll crave.

Tiki Cat Silver

Fancy Feast Petites

Fancy Feast Petites are exceptional, delectable, single serve entrees your cat will love. Simply snap the divided tray in half, peel back and serve. These elevated entrees are crafted without artificial colors or preservatives and are 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats. Fancy Feast Petites are available at retailers nationwide.


Made by Nacho

Made by Nacho is a cat food for the modern cat, bringing better taste, as well as high-quality nutrition for your feline friends and cat companions. Developed by Nacho Flay, a Maine coon cat who grew up with 24/7 access to his dad, Chef Bobby Flay, the Made by Nacho menu prioritizes an equal focus on feline-specific taste and nutrition with a menu of wet and dry food and treats.

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 4.09.39 PM

BLUE Tastefuls

BLUE Tastefuls is a portfolio of wet cat food specially crafted to entice even the finickiest of felines while delivering high-quality nutrition through natural ingredients. Replacing BLUE’s Healthy Gourmet offering, BLUE Tastefuls is better tasting and healthy as ever, solving cat parents’ mealtime angst with irresistible cuts like silky smooth paté, flaked entrées and tender morsels, all with real meat as the first ingredient.

Blue Tastefuls

VICTOR Dry Cat Food

VICTOR has expanded its super premium dry cat food line. Each formula begins with VICTOR’s Feline VPRO Blend, an exclusive mix of four proven ingredients that provide super premium nutrition to your cat while supporting a healthy coat, promoting digestive and immune system function, and maintaining a healthy weight. Every VICTOR kibble formula is produced in VICTOR’s own Texas-based facility with a majority of ingredients coming from ranches, farms and other trusted suppliers who are within a day’s drive of the company’s east Texas plant.


Caru Classic Cat Stews

Caru Pet Food’s line of Classic Stews for Cats look, smell and taste like a home-cooked meal. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and taurine and contain no GMO ingredients, grains or gluten. Made with 100 percent human-grade ingredients and prepared in a human-grade food facility, the stews are packed in Tetra Pak cartons, a BPA-free sustainable packaging that keeps them fresh without preservatives.


Instinct Raw Longevity

As The Raw Brand, Instinct believes the life-enhancing benefits of raw should be accessible for everyone. That’s why it has a variety of products to make it easy to include raw in pets’ diets. Instinct Raw Longevity is crafted to help your pet live a longer, healthy life. Serve your cat these frozen raw meals to give them the protein and ingredients they need for healthy muscle maintenance, to support immune function and more. Because a little longer with your pet means a lot.

Instinct Longevity Frozen Cat_Beef&Cod_Front_2.5lb

Aujou by RAWZ

Aujou is a line of shredded cat food pouches from RAWZ. Exclusive for independent retailers, it is 100 percent gum-free, contains no potato starch and uses no BPA in the pouch linings. Parsley is used as a natural source of vitamin K. No ingredients come from China, and all profits are donated to charity.