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Treatibles: A CBD Trailblazer

Pet Age Staff//April 5, 2018//

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Treatibles: A CBD Trailblazer

Pet Age Staff //April 5, 2018//

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Pet Age recently spoke with Treatibles founder Julianna Carella to discuss her company and the popularity of wellness-focused CBD pet products.

What inspired you to create Treatibles in 2013, when there was no official CBD category in the pet industry?

Treatibles was born out of necessity and a desire to keep pets safe. We started hearing from many of the customers using our human product line (Auntie Dolores), asking if they could share the products with their animals. Knowing that human cannabinoid products may not be suitable for animals, we decided to create phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil infused products for pets. Our goal was to create the highest quality products possible to help animals, since many suffer from the same ailments as their humans. We chose to incorporate oil extracted from whole plant medicinal grade hemp grown in the USA. By using this process, we were able to include the most therapeutic phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids creating what is known as the entourage effect, providing a full spectrum of benefits. We also felt responsible to  educate the public about the importance of using non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids and why certain levels of the psychoactive compound THC may be dangerous for animals (risk of overdose, static ataxia and more). We suggest working closely with a veterinarian well-versed in cannabinoids before offering any THC product to pets.

What research is available on the benefits of CBD for pets?

Although the industry is lacking FDA research, cannabinoids have been studied extensively for more than 40 years. For those interested in learning more about these studies, many can be viewed on several websites, including PubMed. Currently, several American universities are conducting pet-specific research.

Where do you source the hemp for your products?TREATIBLESLOGO

We use medicinal grade hemp grown in the USA. As a matter of fact, all of the ingredients in Treatibles products are sourced in the United States, and all manufacturing takes place in the United States as well.

How have the new product lines been received by retailers and their customers?

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the new line of grain-free hard chews as well as the new dropper bottle oils made with phytocannabinoid rich oil and MCT coconut oil. Since the introduction of these products, the growth of the brand has been phenomenal! Pet guardians are happy to find a non-toxic and safe alternative that not only brings calm and balance to their animal, but also creates harmony for the whole family.

How do you quantify the dosage of your product to ensure that it matches the potency on the label?

Treatibles has been vigilant about third party lab testing. We have the active ingredient as well as the finished product tested. We regularly test for cannabinoid content to ensure that the potency of the product matches the information on the package. In addition, we test to ensure our products are free of bio-contaminants, pesticides and heavy metals. All lab results are shared with our customers on our website.