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Tips for Brushing a Dog’s Teeth

Michelle Maskaly//January 31, 2013//

Tips for Brushing a Dog’s Teeth

Michelle Maskaly //January 31, 2013//

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Brushing a dog’s teeth can be stressful on both the dog and their owner.

To help make that easier here are several suggestions store owners can share with their customers about way to make it a more pleasurable experience.

– It’s never too early to start practicing good oral canine health. Owners should start working with puppies immediately to get them comfortable with the practice.

– Practice opening a dog’s mouth, and looking at their teeth, even when brushing is not involved. This makes both the owner and the dog more comfortable with the motions.

– If using a toothbrush-type product, make the dog feel comfortable with it by having it around even when they are not brushing their teeth. For example, the owner could have it  next to them, while they are sitting on the floor playing fetch with their dog.The idea is to make the dog not panic every time they see the toothbrush.

– Make brushing fun. Owners should give dental care the same enthusiasm they show when it comes to going for a walk. Many dogs play off their owners emotions, so if the owner is excited, the dog will be, too.

– Give them a treat. This may seem a little counter productive — giving a dog a treat after cleaning their teeth, but anyone who has ever met a dog knows they are food motivated.