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Tiny Pets Create Big Sales

Rebekah Harrison//February 26, 2015//

Tiny Pets Create Big Sales

Rebekah Harrison //February 26, 2015//

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Small animals spend a majority of their time chewing, gnawing and burrowing. Because of this, pet owners must provide a suitable outlet that will allow pets to fulfill these instinctual needs.

Healthy Chewing

Hagen’s Living World brand has multiple chewing toys to help improve small animal dental health.

For instance, Living World Nibblers Wood Chews in a variety of shapes. From bananas to mushrooms, the fruit and veggie mix will have something for everyone.

Nibblers are made of a range all-natural materials such as wood, loofah, willow, corn husk and raffia. All Nibblers are color-finished using non-toxic food colorants and some have the option of being hung or fastened to a cage.

For more chewing options, Kaytee Hard Goods features the popular Carrot Patch toy.

“This toy has been well received by consumers because unlike a simple wooden chew, the Carrot Patch is a collection of three carrot-shaped chews each made from a different material,” said Jason Casto, director of Pets International and Kaytee Hard Goods.

According to Casto, the Carrot Patch is sure to be a hit with small animals and their owners for multiple reasons.

“The Carrot Patch toy is a collection of three carrot-shaped chews, each made from a different material providing a different benefit for the small animal,” he said. “The first carrot shape is made from a hard wood and is perfect for gnawing and trimming teeth. The second carrot shaped piece is made from sisal and provides a medium texture for cleaning teeth. The third carrot shaped piece is made from loofah and provides a soft flossing benefit.”
Basically, The Carrot Patch toy includes all three textures needed by small animals to their teeth healthy and in top condition and is a very popular choice for consumers seeking some playtime fun and real benefit for their small animal pet.

Living World has toys that stimulate small animals with multiple facets.

Living World also has Colorful Cardboard Chew-nels that are durable interconnecting cardboard tunnels. They are also stuffed with soft nesting material that help satisfy a small animal’s natural burrowing instinct. Chew-nels are available in three sizes.

Quality Time Toys

There is a growing trend across the different categories of the pet industry to provide pets with interactive toys. Small animal product manufacturers are jumping on this bandwagon and offering more interactive toys for these pets than ever before.

“Another important type of toy for retailers to consider adding to their product assortment are small animal toys that provide enrichment and interaction,” said Casto. “Kaytee produces small animal toys ranging from exercise products to interactive toys like their Critter Cruiser and Hamtrac that combine play and interaction between the pet and pet owner.”

Marshall Pet Products is also getting on board.

“We have a new Bear Rug that can be used as an interactive toy or for sleeping,” said Linda Cope, global marketing manager. “The ferrets can enter and exit through each leg, the mouth and through the opening on the back of the bear. It’s made of soft, plush fabric.”

Marshall has similar toys in a number of cute and fun shapes like a turtle or an igloo. Ferrets love to play hide and seek with them and they are machine washable for easy to clean fun.

Marshall has tons of products aimed purely at ferrets.

“Ferrets love to run and play and they have a tunneling natural instinct. We design our toys so they can tunnel, hide or chase the toy,” said Cope.
Living World has made an interactive toy to keep small animal minds active.

The Teach’ N Treat which is an interactive and educational toy for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs and rats. Teach ‘N Treat teaches small pets to search for treats. It allows small animals to forage for treats through observation, listening and learning. The Teach ‘N Treat keeps your small pet’s mind active and alert, plus it’s an interactive tool that helps with bonding. It’s also a very good way to help small pets stay active and healthy. Teach ‘N Treat has three different levels of configuration to challenge and entertain your small pet.”