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ThermoPeanut Takes Guessing Game Out of Managing Pets’ Habitats’ Temperatures

Pet Age Staff//February 1, 2017//

ThermoPeanut Takes Guessing Game Out of Managing Pets’ Habitats’ Temperatures

Pet Age Staff //February 1, 2017//

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Being a pet parent doesn’t always mean having a fur ball to come home to. More exotic pet parents may require special attention to keep their little loves feeling warm even when they’re not around. ThermoPeanut, by, allows pet owners to easily track the temperature of any space or nook—so you no longer have to worry if your pet habitat becomes too cold—a problem for most exotic pets.

Available now for just $29, ThermoPeanut is a small, simple to use, smart sensor that monitors temperature in and outside the home, alerting you when it goes outside of the desired range. All you need is the 2-inch sleek tag that can fit in any nook or cranny and a smart phone or tablet.

With ThermoPeanut, the temperature of any location is tracked through the tag and sent to the designated app. The entire family can connect with their tag through the designated app to track temperatures trends, set desired ranges for a particular space and be alerted when it gets too hot or cold. The ThermoPeanut can monitor many things, including:

  • Spider and insect habitats
  • Reptile and amphibian enclosures
  • Tanks for furrier friends, such as gerbils, mice and hamsters

ThermoPeanut, an elegant smart sensor that can be set up in minutes to provide alerts and trigger automated interventions whenever temperatures fall outside of desired ranges with just a smartphone or tablet. Easy to understand graphs help you visualize trends and find the optimal temperature for your space. Integrations, with partners such as NEST and IFTTT, allow you to take action by setting commands like turning the home’s thermostat up or down and even making lamps flash.

How it Works

With ThermoPeanut, anyone—from Grandpa to kiddos—can install and track temperatures in a matter of moments. The 2-inch sensor simply connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to smartphones and tablets through its dedicated iOS or Android app. Once registered, ThermoPeanut can be secured to any surface and the ideal temperature ranges for the area entered in the app.

The ThermoPeanut can measure temperatures ranging from -5 to 140 degrees with results sent to any registered device within 200 feet of its location or stored for up to a month for later transfer when not in range. In-app notifications and sound alerts from the ThermoPeanut itself alert you when temperature readings are outside preset norms. Temperature status can also be checked anytime without a device by simply pressing ThermoPeanut, which will play a sound to indicate if the space is too hot or cold.

App’s Got Answers

Unlike other temperature tracking devices, ThermoPeanut connects directly to the SensePeanut app without the need for hubs or gateways. Through the app, your entire family can access current and recent temperature readings and view easy to understand graphs that showcase trends over time. It will even help you identify optimal temperature ranges for the desired tracked space.

ThermoPeanut is available online at and and will soon be available at additional retailers.