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The CBD Movement

Glenn Polyn//July 1, 2019//

The CBD Movement

Glenn Polyn //July 1, 2019//

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There’s no question about it—CBD is front and center when it comes to leading trends in the pet industry, and the demand only continues to climb as consumers clamor for more. According to the Brightfield Group, sales of CBD pet products quadrupled last year to $32 million from $8 million in 2017.

The popularity of CBD and hemp products is undeniable. It’s only my opinion, but I feel confident in stating that the majority of brands entering the pet market have CBD or hemp somewhere in their product lines. Not a week goes by without another startup CBD company appearing on my radar. And established brands are either expanding their lineup or finding creative ways to incorporate “CBD-infused” products into their SKUs.

I recently had the pleasure of attending NYC Re-Tails & Sales in April followed by Pet Shop Events in May. The huge presence of CBD and hemp products at both events was no surprise to me.

Among the manufacturers at Pet Shop Events, a networking trade show matching exhibitors with pre-qualified buyers, were several CBD brands, including Koi CBD and Pinnacle CBD. Benefiting from a unique setting of private, one-on-one meetings, retailers and distributors learned how these companies were entering the pet market with lines of CBD oils, soft chews and other products.

At NYC Re-Tails & Sales, a boutique show that celebrated seven years of showcasing innovative products, there were more than half a dozen vendors who exhibited CBD/hemp products, including Innovet Pet, CBD Dog Health and Animal Nutritional Products. The panel sessions on subjects related to the CBD trend were not only well-attended by retailers and pet parents, the discussions on legislation, product labeling and even payment processing were especially enlightening.

You’ll find a sampling of companies that manufacture CBD/hemp products, including Therabis and Treatibles, in this issue’s Trends and Products section devoted to the topic of dog anxiety.

Also in this issue is a special report on how women are driving the industry. One of the subjects in that feature article is Susan Goldstein, co-founder of Earth Animal, which has recently rolled out Nature’s Comfort, with full-spectrum gel pens and tablets. In fact, Earth Animal exhibited that product line at NYC Re-Tails & Sales.

On the marketing side of the industry is Sam Carrell, who is president of a unique business—her dog, Tinkerbelle. The cover of this issue is graced by Tinkerbelle the Dog, one of the rising stars among pet influencers that promote brands to an ever-growing audience of animal-loving consumers. Carrell’s clients who have partnered with Tinkerbelle include Purina, Canada Pooch and PoochieBoots.

But there’s plenty more fascinating and informative content in this issue, including our ultimate guide to this year’s holiday products, as well profiles on Chasing Our Tails, Cat Naps Cattery and Mary Helen Horn of ZIWI. And if you’re seeking exciting new items to put on your shelves this summer, our Stockroom section offers more than 30 products that are just hitting the market.

Glenn A. Polyn


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