Taking Care of Business

Pet Age Staff//June 19, 2019//

Taking Care of Business

Pet Age Staff //June 19, 2019//

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It’s hard to miss the unpleasant odor when dogs do their business, and picking up their waste is not one of pet parents’ favorite tasks. But while some may want to cut corners when it comes to their dog’s waste, leaving pet feces unattended in any way can be hazardous. Many people believe pet waste is like cow feces, which acts as a natural fertilizer, but this is untrue. Because they are herbivores, cows’ feces are broken-down plant waste, but a dog’s diet creates feces that is acidic and, therefore, toxic to plants and grass.

Of course dog waste can carry worms, but it also can carry diseases like Salmonella and E. coli. And letting it get washed away by the rain is worse than leaving it out in the sun because the rain washes over dog poop and flows into the drainage system, contaminating the water and carrying it into local waterways.

It is crucial that manufacturers and retailers are familiar with the dos and don’ts of taking care of a pup’s business. Picking up after pets, as tedious as it is, does so much good for the environment. And keeping pets clean after going is important for their health. No pet parent wants their dog to get sick from their waste, let alone make a mess in the house. This means pet owners are looking for products that not only make the process easier, but also keep their pooch’s behinds and surrounding fur clean and free of harmful bacteria.

These products address all the needs pet parents have when it comes to cleaning up dog waste, from beginning to end. From wipes to bags and pads, having a variety of options and an ample amount of educational advice will help pet parents properly manage their pup’s business.

Metro Pads MetroPawsMetro Pads

Metro Pads are award-winning pads that feature chic metallic designs and more layers of absorption than any other on the market. These leak-proof, quick-drying pads feature a built-in attractant and six layers of protection.





Pura Naturals Pura-WipesNose to Tail Pura Wipes

Nose to Tail Pura Wipes are the ideal solution for cleaning and deodorizing pets. Our alcohol-free formula is mild enough for everyday use and is enriched with moisturizing conditioners. Nose to Tail Pura Wipes are paraben-, lanolin-, SLS- and SLES-free. Each box contains 50 individually wrapped premium wipes.



WizSmart Super Absorbent Dog PadsWizSmart Dog Pads

WizSmart Super Absorbent Dog Pads are leak-proof and have odor-control and stay-put tabs. Able to hold up to 8 cups of fluid, WizSmart pads have lateral barriers and strong sealed edges to ensure there’s no spill-over. The pet-friendly design was developed to attract dogs to the pads and is appropriate for male and female dogs as well as puppies.




Tushee WipesQuick Bath Tushee Wipes

These wipes are the perfect answer for tushee and potty-time woes. Made in the USA, these wipes are formulated with vitamins A and E and aloe vera to promote a healthy skin and coat while leaving pets clean and shiny. Alcohol-free and pH-neutral, these wipes are available for small dogs, large dogs and cats.









Jax and CaliJax & Cali Paw and Body Wipes

Each pre-moistened paw and body wipe removes dirt and allergens while protecting, nourishing and hydrating pets’ paws, body and face. Packaged perfectly for on-the-go cleansing and sanitizing, Jax & Cali’s holistic wipes are natural, hypoallergenic, pH-balanced and rinse-free as well as cruelty-free and vegan.



The PooVaultThe PooVault

The PooVault is a holder for smelly dog poop bags that hold in smell and can be attached to leashes, belts or pockets for a hands-free experience. It’s made of recyclable materials and has a volume of 13.5 ounces.




Purell multi surface Disinfectant sprayPurell Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray

This revolutionary alcohol-based spray kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria in 30 seconds. It works as effectively as bleach but without harsh chemicals, making it worry-free to use around children, pets and food on a variety of surfaces such as pet bowls, stuffed animals, toys and the litter box area.





Disney ECOS! for Pets Stain & Odor RemoverDisney ECOS for Pets! Stain & Odor Remover

Disney’s beloved Mickey Mouse and Pluto characters were added to the plant-powered ECOS for Pets! line of safe pet care products. Available in three sizes, it’s designed to neutralize odors and lift tough stains while remaining safer for people, pets and the planet.








Biokleen Bac-OutBiokleen Bac-Out

A top-selling natural stain and odor remover, Biokleen Bac-Out is a unique blend of live enzyme-producing cultures, botanicals and plant-based surfactants that work great on pet stains and odors of all kinds.






Simple Solution Disposable Female Dog Diapers with True FitSimple Solution Pet Diapers

The Simple Solution Disposable Female Dog Diapers and Male Wraps with True Fit offer pet owners a wide variety of sizing and a comfortable, adjustable fit. They also come in sleek packaging with graphics highlighting product features.






Wee Away x2 dogWee Away

This powerful odor and stain remover is specifically designed to eliminate odors and stains for cat, kitten, dog and puppy accidents such as urine, vomit and feces. Wee Away’s natural, eco-friendly enzymes and odor-eating bacteria destroy the source of the odors and stains, unlike other products that simply attempt to mask them.





TailgateDumpster-Silo2-ZENTailgate Dumpster

The Tailgate Dumpster provides a clean and convenient solution for disposing of dog waste bags after a day of adventuring with your dog. The silicone holder attaches to the back of a vehicle with strong magnets and allows owners to store dogs’ waste on the exterior of the car rather than in the car or hanging it from the rear wiper blade. Once home, the holder detaches easily so owners can dispose of the mess. The 100 percent silicone Tailgate Dumpster is not only durable and easy to use, but also eliminates the chance of a big mess in the car.