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Supreme Petfoods Celebrates Double Victory at PPM Retailer Recommended Awards 2023

Pet Age Staff//June 29, 2023//

Supreme Petfoods Celebrates Double Victory at PPM Retailer Recommended Awards 2023

Pet Age Staff //June 29, 2023//

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Press release: Supreme Petfoods

Supreme Petfoods is delighted to announce its success at the PPM Retailer Recommended Awards 2023. The company is the recipient of two prestigious accolades: Manufacturer of the Year and Small Animal Product of the Year for its exceptional Science Selective range. These awards are testament to Supreme’s unwavering commitment to excellence and their long-standing reputation as experts in small pet nutrition.

The Manufacturer of the Year award reflects the company’s ongoing dedication to small pet health and wellbeing, and its founding ethos of always doing the very best for small pets. Since its humble beginnings on a Suffolk farm in the 1990s, Supreme has evolved to become one of the best-known small pet food and treat manufacturers, and its Science Selective and Tiny Friends Farm ranges have become synonymous with quality and trusted by pet owners worldwide.

Supreme’s Science Selective range, catering to the growing demand for natural and healthy products, has consistently dominated the small pet market, winning the highly coveted Small Animal Product of the Year award for an unprecedented sixth consecutive year. This remarkable achievement underscores the range’s exceptional quality as well as Supreme’s steadfast commitment to supporting their retail partners. Backed by years of veterinary and nutritional expertise, Science Selective now offers the widest range of veterinary-recommended species-specific food, treats and hay for small pets.

Claire Hamblion, marketing director at Supreme, says the company is delighted to gain further recognition for their success. “We are overjoyed to receive these awards. We were up against some strong competition and these accolades reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence in small pet nutrition. Our products consistently receive outstanding reviews from consumers, with some even reporting that their pets are so enamored with Science Selective that it is as if they are addicted! Receiving industry recognition is the icing on the cake.”

Supreme remains dedicated to supporting the needs of small pets, with ongoing investment in market research to ensure that they stay ahead of the game. Recent insights have revealed that Science Selective is widely regarded as the most pet-centric small pet brand among rabbit and guinea pig owners, as well as being the brand most associated with being ‘veterinary recommended’.

Supreme’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond their product ranges. They provide comprehensive support to retailers including in-store marketing materials, free samples and money off next purchase coupons, as well as expert health and welfare information, product training and exclusive monthly offers for retail partners. This dedication to service and support across all channels, from wholesalers to retailers, vets and pet owners, is an integral part of the Supreme ethos. Further afield, their Food For Life advertising campaign, launched in 2022, has successfully raised brand awareness and spread the Food for Life message. The campaign has reached a global audience through targeted social media platforms.

Supreme extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who voted for them. The company looks forward to cultivating strong relationships with retailers, pet owners and, of course, small pets, for many years to come. With fixed formula recipes, an expanding product range and a clear brand and marketing strategy, retailers can confidently rely on Supreme to provide award-winning excellence.

Supreme Petfoods has specialised in the care and nutrition of small pets for 25 years. It was the first company to make species specific small animal diets that reflected their unique nutritional requirements. As well as offering the biggest range of species-specific foods, Supreme also manufactures all its herbivore diets in dedicated vegetarian facilities.

Only ingredients of the highest quality are sourced for use in the Supreme range of foods and the recipes are developed to be palatable without the use of added sugar.

Supreme recipes are all manufactured to a fixed formula to minimise the risk of gastric upset and while the company produces diets containing the highest fibre levels of any rabbit food, hay is always recommended as an additional food source to promote dental wear, provide environmental enrichment, foraging and nesting opportunities.