SuperZoo Launches Investor Hub, Updates Product Judging

Pet Age Staff//August 16, 2019//

SuperZoo Launches Investor Hub, Updates Product Judging

Pet Age Staff //August 16, 2019//

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SuperZoo has new show features including the SuperZoo Investor Hub and freshly enhanced New Product Showcase. These provide retailers with an exclusive preview into future product development and emerging trends. The SuperZoo Investor Hub is designed to connect investors with companies who are looking for capital investment. Entrepreneurs, product inventors and developers can explore partnerships and acquisition opportunities with leading industry investors and gain knowledge to stay ahead of emerging trends. This exciting new center creates a pipeline of innovative pet product discovery and development. SuperZoo Investor Sessions, presented by leaders in the investor community including Leap Ventures, Purina Innovation and Factory LLC, provide insights into the future of product offerings. These onstage discussions educate attendees on securing capital venture funding for product development and advise on how to get in front of the right retail buyers, managing and understanding distribution strategies, growing a pet care startup and more.