SuperGravy Launches Next-Gen Toppers to Address Digestive Health

August 22, 2019

Press release: Clear Conscience Pet

Clear Conscience Pet originally launched the SuperGravy line of instant pet food toppers in 2012, before “pet food toppers” were an established category. SuperGravy empowers pet parents to “just add water” and transform dry kibble into highly palatable and more digestible moist meals. Along the way, the SuperGravy brand has won 12 awards, more than any other pet food topper. Pet Food Toppers are now maturing as a category, with sales over $93 million annually and brisk growth of 25 percent in 2018.

Now the next generation of SuperGravy is being introduced, and Clear Conscience has announced that the advanced new formulas will deliver two major new functional benefits for canine health.

TRI-GESTIVE Microbiome Support: TRI-GESTIVE is a new proprietary blend that combines all three of the key elements recommended by veterinary nutritionists to support a healthy microbiome—probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. A healthy microbiome contributes to making all pet foods more digestible, with increased bioavailability and absorption of critical nutrients. This helps provide “insurance” from nutrient deficiencies and maximizes the benefits of any pet diet. Levels of these microbiome support agents are substantially higher in new SuperGravy than in typical pet foods.

Taurine Supplementation: Taurine deficiency has been associated with the canine heart ailment called DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy), which has been linked to new concerns and controversy about the nutritional adequacy of certain grain-free pet foods. All three SuperGravy formulas will now provide an additional taurine boost with every daily meal with .50 percent taurine included.

Taurine is an amino acid found naturally in muscle and organ meat sources, and it is considered essential to carnivore health. Low levels of taurine have been observed in some dogs affected by DCM, so it has been suggested that feeding a diet with higher levels of meat along with supplemental taurine and digestive health agents that increase nutrient absorption and bioavailability can all contribute to a sensible strategy for decreased risk of DCM.

“No supplement, including taurine, is a substitute for a balanced diet high in clean and digestible meat protein,” said founder and chief nutrition officer Anthony Bennie. “DCM is a complex illness, and taurine deficiency has not been proven as a direct cause, nor has taurine supplementation been proven to prevent or cure DCM. But our new high potency digestive health blend and supplemental taurine are a sensible booster for carnivore health.”

Clear Conscience Pet has introduced a new tagline to highlight these innovations. “These are truly ‘Mixers that Matter,’ ” said co-founder Amanda Malone Bennie. “We have been blessed with great results and amazingly loyal customer response to SuperGravy, so we were determined to take it to an even higher level of purposefulness with these breakthroughs.”

The company has also announced a partnership with ChopWare Inc., makers of the Spoon Stir and Chop Stir kitchen tools for pet parents. “SuperGravy is the perfect product to show how the Chop Stir and Spoon Stir for Pets work beautifully to prepare dog meals for today’s health conscious pet parents,” said Dennise Wilson, the founder and CEO of ChopWare. “The days when fixing dinner for the dog just meant throwing kibble into a bowl are over, and meals now often include kibble, food toppers like SuperGravy, and raw or cooked meat. Our tools make it easy to thoroughly blend these elements for healthy and tasty meals.”

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