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Oct 9, 2019

Providing Support for Healthy Bodily Functions

The goals at Tomlyn are to develop formulations that lead to the healthier lives of pets, while also making products that are easy for pet parents to administer, says Brittany Green, product manager for Tomlyn and sister veterinary division Vetoquinol. Those objectives were achieved once again with Loose Stool Remedy — Firm Fast and Urinary […]

Sep 1, 2019

Finding Solutions to Litter Box Problems

From the time he opened the All Cat Clinic with his wife more than 40 years ago in Englewood, Colorado, Dr. Bruce Elsey’s professional focus was, as the name of the practice indicates, the health and welfare of felines. One area in particular was a common concern of his clients: inappropriate in-home waste elimination, to […]

Aug 1, 2019

Embrace Litter Improvements with Every Scoop

The concept of cats using a litter box correlates with their ancestral roots, and the right litter helps identify abnormal behaviors from normal ones. While the concept itself is simple, brands within the litter sector are constantly providing the right litter products. Brands are also meticulously improving these products to further encourage and enhance cats’ […]

Jun 1, 2019

The Importance of Interactive Cat Toys

There are many benefits of interactive cat toys, from the entertainment and exercise factors to the bond playtime builds between human and pet. It is in a retailer’s best interest to offer consumers cat toys that exhibit as many advantages as possible, and are safe for kitty to lick, chew and more. Vee Enterprises is […]

May 29, 2019

Help Small Animals Lead Enriched Lives

There’s more to keeping companion animals healthy and happy than just providing them with food, water and shelter. While fulfilling these basic needs is essential to their survival, it is not enough to make them feel fully satisfied in life, which is a priority for any caring pet owner. Take small animals, for example—they have […]

Apr 24, 2019

Promote Pet Wellness with Natural Products

Pets—just like humans—are vulnerable to a variety of conditions that can cause them pain or discomfort. To address these issues, many pet parents prefer to take a natural approach to healing and soothing their furry loved ones. Thankfully for them, there are various natural solutions on the market that are intended to help treat different […]

Feb 27, 2019

Food for Thought for All Cat Life Stages

When it comes to the care of cats, their care must cater to the changes in growth and behavior they experience at each of the six life stages: kitten, junior, prime, mature, senior and geriatric. For instance, kittens develop faster than human babies so they need products that quickly address their internal and external development. […]

Jan 1, 2019

Don’t Take Pet’s Bad Breath for Granted

Pet lovers enjoy receiving a lick or two from pets, but bad breath can be a deterring factor. Yet, many pet owners don’t think much of their pet’s bad breath, even when they describe it as less than pleasant. Unbeknownst to them, bad breath is one of the first signs of periodontal disease, which is […]

Oct 1, 2018

Sleep and Its Importance to Your Dog’s Health

The importance of sleep to your health isn’t difficult to perceive. After all, when you don’t get enough sleep, you’re almost sure to feel that in the morning and throughout your day. Past that, a lack of adequate sleep can have long-lasting effects on humans’ physical and emotional health. It’s not hard to imagine, then, […]

Sep 1, 2018

Choosing the Right Treat is Key to Successful, Healthy Training

It’s a familiar situation: a customer comes into your store seeking advice. Their beloved family dog is exhibiting some problem behavior—perhaps it’s tearing apart furniture, or digging holes in the backyard. They don’t love their pup any less, but it’s definitely an issue that needs resolving. As their local pet retailer, you’re someone they can […]

Jul 3, 2018

Pet Owners Look to Nature for Clues on Keeping Pets Feeling Safe, Comfortable

In many ways, nature has equipped every living creature on Earth with the tools most essential to their survival. And though many years of evolution have changed those tools and how we use them, many of today’s most popular pet products—from food to toys and everything in between—seek to capitalize on the natural behaviors or […]

Jun 1, 2018

Remedy+Recovery Keeps Pets Calm All Summer and Beyond

Summer: it’s the time of year that many begin looking forward to as early as winter’s first snowfall (especially if it’s your turn to shovel). With warmer weather often comes a more active lifestyle, as many families travel to the beach, the lake or some other vacation destination. July brings Independence Day celebrations, which involve […]