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Nov 1, 2021

PureVita Delivers Sustainable Option in Single-Source Protein Category

NutriSource Pet Foods, manufactured by Tuffy’s Pet Foods, has been producing high-quality pet food out of Perham, Minnesota since 1964. Driven by a mission to give back to worthy causes throughout the country, the third-generation, family-owned company takes pride in exemplifying the heart of small towns everywhere through its compassion, integrity and a deep-rooted sense […]

Jul 1, 2021

Science Selective: Food That Meets the Needs of House Rabbits

For some time, cats and dogs have benefited from tailored nutrition customised to their lifestyle as well as lifestage. But did you know it’s also possible to do the same for rabbits? In the U.S., millions of house rabbits are kept indoors in high welfare environments that also ensure they are safe from predators and […]

Jul 1, 2021

Cat Pheromones 101: Understanding Feline Stress Relief

Everyone is looking for stress relief these days – even your cat! Read on to learn how pheromones are the drug-free calming solution you never knew your cat needed.   What Are Pheromones? Have you ever wondered why a cat rubs up against your leg or against your favorite sofa?  Curious why your cat dislikes […]

Jun 1, 2021

Why A Complete Point of Sale Solution is Best for Retailers

In 2021, retailers have enough on their plates. Employee retention, safety protocols, and of course the bottom line — there’s far too much going on to have to worry about juggling different projects and services to get everything done. There are many, many reasons why all-in-one systems such as Franpos make life easier for those […]

Jun 1, 2021

Evolution Dog Wash Keeps Customers Happy, Boosts Bottom Line

Customer demand for self-service options is on the rise as technologies improve, paving the way for the consumer to have more control over their experience. Pet businesses that adopt more tech-driven methods can boost the customer experience, while also saving time and increasing their revenue. For pet-centric businesses – including dog spas, pet groomers, veterinarian clinics […]

May 1, 2021

SquarePet: Solution-Based Dog Food Formulated by Veterinarians

Interest in solutions-based nutrition is a rapidly growing category within the pet food space that is being driven by SquarePet’s popular VFS (Veterinarian Formulated Solutions) line. While providing a solution to a problem isn’t necessarily a revolutionary idea, over the counter offerings that specifically address common issues are sparse. Consumers seeking directed solutions-based nutrition [...]

May 1, 2021

Joint Care for Dogs: Your Guide for Adults & Seniors

Health & Fitness for Adult Dogs Weight control is an important part of your dog’s overall health and well-being. Excess weight puts pressure on your dogs joints, which increases their risk of arthritis, hip dysplasia and a number of other health issues. On the other hand, keeping your dog at a healthy weight has been proven […]

Apr 1, 2021

Help Keep Domestic Violence Victims, Pets Together

For more than 90 years, Purina has been guided by the belief that pets and people are better together. I can attest that my own dog, Stew, has made my life better, and I cannot imagine having to choose between his safety or my own. Unfortunately, that decision is being made every day by domestic […]

Apr 1, 2021

Capitalize on Consumer Interest in Pet CBD

Interest in pet CBD and hemp-derived wellness products is exploding, and while the opportunity is both enticing and lucrative for retailers, it can also be a potential challenge. Like other newly established categories, choosing the right brands and supplier partners at this early stage is a critical factor in ensuring that consumer needs are being […]

Mar 1, 2021

Now Available From New Zealand: MEOW and WOOF

The days of feeding our pets table scraps and unhealthy kibble are virtually over. As we rediscover the health benefits of whole and raw diet foods for ourselves, it was bound to follow that we would start to question the processed foods that we feed to our dogs and cats as well. Amber Cordero and […]

Mar 1, 2021

Improving Canine Gut Health With Proper Nutrition

About 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates – the Father of Modern Medicine – was said to have claimed that all disease begins in the gut. In much more recent history, the gut has become a focus of overall health as well as disease prevention and treatment for humans, but what about for dogs? Research shows that […]

Feb 1, 2021

Discover the Right Litter for Your Cat’s Needs

Choosing the right cat litter is an important step in pet parenthood. Whether you’re welcoming a new cat or kitten into your home or just looking to upgrade your cat’s litter box experience, Dr. Elsey’s is here to help with their all-new litter quiz. Designed to help pet owners discover which of Dr. Elsey’s twelve […]