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Superfoods Aren’t Just for Humans, Pets Can Also Benefit From Them

The Missing Link//July 3, 2017

Superfoods Aren’t Just for Humans, Pets Can Also Benefit From Them

The Missing Link//July 3, 2017

“Superfood.” It’s become a buzzword in recent years—you’ve probably seen it on food labels, in health articles or on the news. Superfoods, such as cranberries, sunflower seeds, kelp and salmon, are packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and minerals, and in an effort to stay healthy, humans have been devouring them. That strive for wellness doesn’t just stop at food, supplements and drinks for humans. The label “superfood” will probably soon be appearing on your shelves—if you don’t already stock products with the label already.

Of course, we know that pets are now considered a member of the family for most owners. So it can be expected that if humans are looking to create a healthier lifestyle for their families with the help of superfoods, the family dog and cat is included. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association’s 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, premium dog food, which is categorized as “food with nutrients, less preservatives and metabolized more efficiently than lower grade food,” has been the most popular choice of dog food for the past decade. Just last year, 41 percent of all dog owners purchased premium dog food. Premium cat food has also been the most popular type of food among cat owners for the past decade. Thirty-nine percent of cat owners purchased that type of food this past year.

According to The Missing Link, maker of pet products that are rich in superfood, and thus, products that can have significant health benefits, points out that superfoods help add the missing daily nutrition pets may not be getting from their food alone. In addition, each superfood has a potentially different health benefit or two. And there are several ways to make sure pets receive the type of superfoods they need and at the right amount.

Adding raw ingredients to a dog’s diet is one way pets can get their share of superfoods. Powdered superfood supplements, such as The Missing Link Original or The Missing Link Pet Kelp is another way. The Missing Link also gives owners the options to provide pets with superfood through dental chews thanks to the company’s Missing Link Once Daily, which come in formulas like Hips, Joints & Teeth and Skin, Coat & Teeth.

Again, chances are you will probably be seeing the label “superfood” not just in your grocery store, but on packages in your own store. Get to be in-the-know of what superfoods are, what products that include them are out there and how they can help pets. To start, take this quiz to see if you know what is considered a superfood. Then, take a look at this article, “Superfoods aren’t just for super humans,” to find out more about 12 superfoods that can have a positive impact on pets.




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