SquarePet: Solution-Based Dog Food Formulated by Veterinarians

Interest in solutions-based nutrition is a rapidly growing category within the pet food space that is being driven by SquarePet’s popular VFS (Veterinarian Formulated Solutions) line. While providing a solution to a problem isn’t necessarily a revolutionary idea, over the counter offerings that specifically address common issues are sparse.

Consumers seeking directed solutions-based nutrition that are reluctant to feed veterinary brands are often left with very few options outside of home cooking for their pets. Often, they are left having to find an ad-hoc solution/product/diet to an issue that likely doesn’t precisely fill the needs of what they are searching for. Despite this lack of congruency with their intended need, these customers are relatively satisfied as they’ve selected a higher-quality and more premium product.  

What scenario plays out for these customers seeking a specific nutritional solution for their pet?

  • A store employee searches the store for a diet that may partially fit the need of the customer, but does not necessarily satisfy the exact need.  
  • The customer spends hours and hours researching individual nutrients from the limited nutritional information available on the label and pet food websites.  
  • They may also call different manufacturers or look online for nutrient or product information.  

If the customer still cannot find their nutritional solution, where do they go? 

That is where the VFS product line fills an under serviced need, offering a true nutritional solutions center to retailers and customers. SquarePet’s VFS line, is a solution-based line of dog foods that are specifically formulated to address common issues that pet parents face on a regular basis in an over-the-counter format. VFS diets are premium diet options that utilize high quality food ingredients which are combined in a way to achieve narrow macro- or micro- nutrient targets or provide other features that can be beneficial to the overall health of dogs. SquarePet recently doubled down in the solutions-based space expanding their offering, which now feature: Skin & Digestive Support, Low Fat Formula, Ideal Digestion, Active Joints and Low Phosphorous Formula. 

SquarePet Nutrition is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, is made up of pet industry professionals, veterinarians, nutritionists and manufacturing experts to supply new and reimagined nutritional formulations unique to the pet food industry. SquarePet is a 100 percent family-owned company that makes nutrition for the health of all breeds and ages of dogs and cats. 

SquarePet’s team of veterinarians, including a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and PhD animal nutritionists identified the core tenets of each solution-based nutritional diet and applied the SquarePet nutritional philosophy in our development.  This nutritional philosophy is unwavering in its commitment to use only the highest quality and responsibly sourced ingredients.  All VFS diets undergo meticulous R&D phases including robust laboratory analysis to ensure key nutritional targets are met as well as performing real-life feeding studies. In an effort to provide maximum transparency to pet parents SquarePet provides detailed and comprehensive nutritional information available online. 

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