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Pond Safety for All Your Pets

Chris Junior//May 1, 2020

Pond Safety for All Your Pets

Chris Junior//May 1, 2020

If your pond is a new addition to your backyard, you might be wondering how compatible it will be with your four-legged friends—mainly, if a pond is safe for your dog or cat as they’re going about their usual business in your yard.

Here are a few tips from API for helping you keep your furry friends safe with the installation of your pond!

1. Consider Installing a Pond Fence

If you’re concerned about whether your dog or cat can swim, consider installing a small fence around your pond to eliminate any risk of them falling in. A fence may also come in handy if you have small children. A fence doesn’t have to be an eyesore—you can choose from a small, white picket fence to materials that resemble a gate, and select the style that works best for you and complements your pond. It may even enhance the overall aesthetic of your “backyard oasis!”API_editorial image 2

2. Introduce Your Pet

The more familiar your furry friend is with the pond, the more likely they are to disregard it in the future. It’s not advised to simply turn your dog loose unsupervised if you’ve just recently installed a pond. Instead, try walking them around the perimeter, allowing them to sniff and become used to the new territory. When you do let your dog or cat out in the future, they’ll know what to expect, and likely won’t venture too close to the pond for “exploration.”

3. Ensure Your Pond Products are Wildlife-Safe

It’s highly recommended that you use pond treatments that are labeled “Wildlife Safe,” aka nontoxic to animals once poured into your pond. One such example is the API Pond product line, which may be used in your pond without any detriment to surrounding wildlife or pets (i.e., a dog, cat or other animal can drink directly from treated water without risk). Of course, you should still avoid this, if possible, but it’s still a good idea to use products that will ultimately be safe for your pets. Always store products on a high shelf or in a cupboard after treating your pond so that your pets can’t get into the undiluted treatment.

These few simple measures will ensure your pets remain safe with the addition of your pond, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind!


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