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PureVita Delivers Sustainable Option in Single-Source Protein Category

NutriSource//November 1, 2021

PureVita Delivers Sustainable Option in Single-Source Protein Category

NutriSource//November 1, 2021

NutriSource Pet Foods, manufactured by Tuffy’s Pet Foods, has been producing high-quality pet food out of Perham, Minnesota since 1964. Driven by a mission to give back to worthy causes throughout the country, the third-generation, family-owned company takes pride in exemplifying the heart of small towns everywhere through its compassion, integrity and a deep-rooted sense of community.

As a family-owned company, NutriSource believes in supporting locally owned businesses whose owners live, work, and provide jobs in their communities. The company has been long committed to independent pet and neighborhood retailers. They know these retailers are passionate about pet health, pet food and providing the value-added service and knowledge that treats customers with the one-on-one attention and respect they deserve.

As part of the NutriSource family, NutriSource PureVita offers limited-ingredient diets, carefully prepared using natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals to support a pet’s overall health and well-being. This single-source animal protein line of pet food boast the highest quality protein sources to meet the needs any dog and cat. These recipes also utilize a variety of fruits and vegetables that have been chosen for their unique nutritional values.

The newest products to launch in the PureVita line are the NutriSource PureVita stews and pate-styled dog food featuring limited ingredient, single-source animal protein diets. These nutrient-driven, solution-focused recipes are nutritionally supplemented with taurine to support heart health.

“We are always seeking out and evaluating feedback from our retail partners and consumers to help drive or innovation and growth efforts. And one thing we consistently hear is a desire for more wet pet food products.” said Adam Martodam, marketing director for NutriSource Pet Foods “We are excited about the launch of these new products and the opportunity to continue our growth in this category.”

At the core of each PureVita product is NutriSource’s proprietary Good 4 Life system that includes four key ingredients that work together to support gut health and the overall well-being of pets from the inside out. Good 4 Life is designed to support proper absorption of the nutrients that defend against infection and disease.

Some of the key features of the Good 4 Life system include Bioplex to support skin and coat, Lacto-Sacc for superior microbial digestion and Bio-Mos to support gut integrity and intestinal health.

NutriSource PureVita Dog FoodWet dog foods are seeing a huge rise in demand as pet parents seek an additional source of hydration for their companion animals. According to Chicago-based market research firm IRI, wet dog food sales grew 7.7 percent from 2019 to 2020.

Beyond the desire to support consumer demand in the wet dog food space, NutriSource PureVita offers a more sustainable option in this category with the packaging of its stews and pate-style dog food in Tetra Pak cartons, which are durable, lightweight and space efficient on the shelf and during transportation, allowing them to contribute to a lower carbon footprint. The packaging is also recyclable, with Tetra Pak reporting 61 percent of U.S. households having access to carton recycling program.

“NutriSource understands the increasing importance sustainability has on the decision making of today’s consumers,” concluded Martodam. “And we are excited to be leveraging new offerings to better support these efforts.”


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