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Keeping Kitty Free of Fleas with Catego for Cats

H&C Animal Health//March 1, 2018

Keeping Kitty Free of Fleas with Catego for Cats

H&C Animal Health//March 1, 2018

“Under ideal conditions, one mating female will lay at least 20 eggs a day, half of which hatch to females,” said William Miller Jr., VMD and professor of dermatology at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine, in an article published to the school’s Feline Health Center’s website. “This can eventually produce about 20,000 new adult fleas in 60 days.”

And if pet owners are under the assumption that cats—especially those who reside exclusively indoors—are not at risk for a flea infestation, they’re in for a rude awakening. All cats, regardless of lifestyle, breed or age, may come in contact with fleas, causing a flea infestation. And the list of ways in which fleas and even ticks may enter the home is a long one, from hitching a ride on other pets or even humans to being picked up at boarding facilities or while on walks—an activity that is becoming increasingly popular with cat owners, demonstrated by the number of collars, leads and strollers for cats on the pet market.

“Protecting your cat against from fleas and ticks before they cause more issues will make life much easier,” said Jules Smith, a marketing specialist at H&C Animal Health. “It can also help save and protect your cat from the potential health risks that flea and ticks pose.”

Catego is a flea and tick control system specifically formulated for cats—the only one of its kind made CategoCatandBoxwith the combination of the active ingredients Dinotefuran, Fipronil and Pyriproxyfen, according to the H&C Animal Health website.

“Cats and dogs have different physiologies, which require different ingredients to be effective,” Smith said. “But more importantly, there are some insecticides in dog treatments that can be harmful or even lethal to cats, which makes using cat specific flea and tick product very important… Dinoteruran is a fast-acting adulticide that works quickly to kill adult fleas on cats and kittens by contact with no bite required.”

While many flea and tick treatment or prevention remedies are marketed toward dogs and may also work for cats, Catego was specifically designed for cats and kittens in one low-volume formulation. Each application is able to protect cats and kittens for up to one full month and kills existing fleas within six hours. And since lots of cats are finicky about treatment application, Catego is designed with a solution in mind.

“Catego’s patented applicator makes applying the product easy, drip-free and the shape of the applicator tip minimizes the risk of potential skin abrasions,” Smith said.

Seemingly now more than ever before, fleas, ticks and other parasites can be a serious danger all year round to your cat. Retailers play an important role educating cat owners on proper, preventative care and to dispel misconceptions about their cats’ health risks. And because certain pests—fleas, in particular—are so difficult to fully eradicate once they’ve invaded a home, cat owners will be thankful they took action before an issue arose. For those cat owners, as well as those that will inevitably decide to cross that bridge when they get to it, there’s Catego for Cats.


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