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Soggy Doggy Expands Partnership with Phillips

Pet Age Staff//October 12, 2015//

Soggy Doggy Expands Partnership with Phillips

Pet Age Staff //October 12, 2015//

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Soggy Doggy Productions, LLC will expand their partnership with Phillips Pet Food & Supplies.

For over a year, Soggy Doggy and Phillips have worked together through PFX/Gardner on West Coast distribution. This new expanded partnership will bring the Soggy Doggy brand to customers throughout the states managed by Phillips nationwide.

“Phillips recognized that our brand was the originator of innovative, yet practical ‘wet dog solutions,’ and we couldn’t be more excited about what this expanded partnership will mean for our company and customers,” said Joanna Rein, president of Soggy Doggy.

Soggy Doggy distribution in Kansas, Missouri and Texas will continue to be overseen by Bark to Basics, and sales in the Ohio Valley will still be managed by Wholesome Pet.

The brand is most famous for award-winning products including the Soggy Doggy Doormat, Super Shammy, Slopmat, Super Snoozer and Slobber Swabber. Soggy Doggy’s wet dog solutions are made of a super-absorbent and machine washable microfiber material that absorb up to five times more water and dirt than a typical cotton towel or standard doormat.